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Twelve Legends 十二谭 Episode 16 Recap

When Xiao Tao woke up again, she was already in the cave. It was difficult for her to accept Yin Qing’s identity as a monster, and it was even more difficult for her to accept the other party’s deception. Although Yin Qing told everything truthfully, Xiaotao’s cognition of blood bats was still at a strange and terrifying level. She had never fallen in love with someone so recklessly. She thought it was hard work, but was told that the other person was not a human being.

Just as Xiaotao was crying and she was deeply in sorrow, unable to extricate herself, but Yin Hao unexpectedly walked from the entrance of the cave, seemingly seriously injured. Yin Qing subconsciously protected Xiao Tao, and broke with Yin Hao for her, claiming that he would never return to the family, but to choose the life he really wanted.

Because of Yin Qing’s remarks, Xiaotao gradually calmed down her inner conflicts. She knew that she was not wrong in love, even if she was destined to have a different way. Seeing Yin Qing leaving with Xiao Tao, Yin Hao was deeply saddened. He called his brother’s name piercingly, but it was a pity that there was no response.

After stepping out of the cave, the eyes are all cliffs and abysses. Yin Qing hugged Xiaotao without hesitation, and jumped, without the imaginary feeling of falling, but as if flying in the air. Xiaotao opened her eyes and found that Yin Qing had a pair of huge wings on her back. She raised her head and looked up. She was between the sky and the earth, as if she could reach out to touch the full moon.

Yin Qing promised to take Xiao Tao away from this place of right and wrong. From then on, Xiao Tao held him tightly without hesitation, no matter the ends of the world. At the same time, Yin Hao personally returned to the one-eyed general, but as soon as his voice fell, the one-eyed general shot his soul and took the demon pill as his own.

Even if Yu Shaobai regained his freedom, his body was like rotten wood, unable to see the sun, and extremely weak. Ye Ming couldn’t figure out why Jin Xingjian didn’t kill Yu Shaobai, but sealed him in the painting. Yu Shaobai took the opportunity to instigate the relationship between her and Jin Xingjian, falsely claiming that Jin Xingjian had long since become distorted because of love, and even unscrupulously wanted to break them up.

Including the battle ten years ago, Yu Shaobai was brought back to life by Ye Ming. At the same time, the monsters coveted it and wanted to seize his inner alchemy. Due to the great power of the inner alchemy, the blood bat snatched fruitlessly, but was swallowed, making Yu Shaobai transformed from a human to a demon, and then fell into the magical way. Jin Xingjian will seal Shaobai in the painting in the name of Tianxingdao, in fact, he wants him to die.

Yu Shaobai spoke perfectly, and Ye Ming was half-convinced. He happened to see Jin Xingjian standing at the gate of the courtyard and couldn’t help asking him again the truth of the year. However, Jin Xingjian never defended himself, and then returned to Huaxuezhai, only to find that all the seals in the study had disappeared and Xiaopi fainted to the ground.

Ye Lina learned about Ye Ming from Jin Xingjian, and couldn’t help but wonder why he let Ye Ming leave. After all, she had been locked up for ten years. However, Jin Xingjian said that Ye Ming loved the prosperous world and liked the noisy world, so he couldn’t bear to see her trapped here, depressed all day long.

Lian Xuan was shocked and helpless when he learned that Yu Shaobai had sent someone to steal the seal, which meant that he would have a bigger plan of revenge next. At the reminder of the one-eyed general, Bai Jingang immediately led the team to Huaxuezhai to arrest people. Lianxuan was locked in a cell and tortured, and refused to follow the other party’s arrangements to frame Jin Xingjian.

Xiaoqing sneaked into the cell to save people. He didn’t expect that Bai Jingang had already laid a net, and announced that he would be shot at noon tomorrow. Inside the cell, Xiaoqing knew that the time limit had come, and simply showed his love to Lian Xuan, and by the way, he said the scene when he first met him. Because Xiaoqing was so badly injured, she fainted without saying a few words. No matter how Lian Xuan called her, she didn’t have any response.

Jin Xingjian heard that Lian Xuan was about to be shot, and immediately went to the study to engrave the seal. It was not completely done until midnight. At this time, Yu Shaobai took the initiative to find him, claiming that he wanted him to treat Ye Ming kindly. Seeing Yu Shaobai turning black and white so upside down, Jin Xing couldn’t help but act. At the critical moment, Ye Ming appeared to stop him.

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