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The Long Ballad 長歌行 Episode 18 Recap

Changge rescued Mimi from the hands of two soldiers. Mimi was sent to Ashler’s tribe. She mistakenly thought that Changge was a man. She looked at Changge’s look full of admiration. Changge knew Mimi’s pity and also took Mimi back to her residence, so that Mimi could change into a new dress. Mimi was used to hardships. She stole something but was found by Changge. But instead of queeing Mimi, Changge left Mimi behind.

The next day, Changge woke up. She remained on guard with Mimi, only to find that Mimi was just sorting out things for her. Mu Jin came to the Changge account camp. He thought that Mimi could not stay. Mimi bit Mu Jin. Mu Jin wanted to drive Mimi out, so Mimi had to hide behind Changge and begged Changge to stay with her.

Just then, Ashler Falcon also came to the account camp. The long song opened his mouth to leave Mimi to Ashler Falcon. Asler Falcon responded to the request of the long song and only let the long song control the Mimi well. Long song coughed endlessly. Mimi brought hot soup to the long song. The long song only let Mimi drink it herself. She asked Mimi to stay in another bed to rest.

He would not move Mimi, and Mimi did not need to be wary of her. Then, Changge went back to the bed to rest. She kept shouting for Niang in her sleep. Seeing that Changge was sleeping unsteadily, Mimi took the initiative to go to bed and sleep with Changge. The next day, Mujin came to look for Changge, but accidentally bumped into Changge sleeping in the same bed with Mimi. He unnaturally walked away. Mimi went out to catch up with Mujin to ask for food. She was not a weak female. After Mu Jin refused to give food, she only kicked Mu Jin and robbed the grain from Mu Jin.

The story of Mujin being beaten by Mimi spread in the grassland. Mu Jin was angry from the bottom of his heart. He came to the river to settle accounts with Mimi, but was splashed with cold water by Mimi. When Mimi looked at Mujin, Mujin couldn’t help beating faster. He was moved and didn’t know it. Mimi mistakenly thought that Changge was a man and threw himself on Changge.

Embroidery workshop is rushing to a big business of a Hu Langjun. Le Yan is clumsy. Instead of helping, she helps. Mrs. Chai angrily kicked Le Yan out. Le Yan stood outside all night. She took the initiative to admit her mistake to Mrs. Chai, hoping that Mrs. Chai could stay for a few more days. Mrs. Chai refused to stay Le Yan again, and also satirized Le Yan’s uselessness. Le Yan’s nose was sore and her eyes were red.

Le Yan heard what Mrs. Chai said. She wanted to find a tree to hang herself, but Mrs. Chai appeared beside Le Yan. She knew that her words were too heavy, so she apologized to Le Yan. At the same time, she also told Le Yan that her life needs to be in her own hands, not two or three sentences from others to determine her life and death. Le Yan knew the kindness of Mrs. Chai.

She hugged Mrs. Chai in tears and went back to the embroidery workshop with Mrs. Hu Langjun came to inspect the goods. He saw a batch of unevenness of fabric. He was a little angry. He accidentally saw the embroidery embroidered by Le Yan. He was very happy and was willing to order more Le Yan’s embroidery, and Le Yan also got it. The reuse of the wooden lady.

Asler Falcon took the long song out to eat the roast leg of mutton. He said that he had known the identity of the long song for a long time, but he still saved the long song again and again, and even he could not explain the affection. The long song sat beside the Ashler Falcon to eat the leg of mutton, but suddenly leaned against the Ashler Falcon. The Ashler Falcon mistakenly thought that the long song was to promise with his body, but when he saw the long song pale, he immediately sent the long song back to the account camp.

Changge is pale because of the next month. Mu Jin happened to be in Changge’s account camp. He also knew that Changge was a woman’s identity. Ashler Falcon did not deliberately hide it, but asked Mu Jin to send a goat to make up for Changge.

Mimi didn’t expect that Changge was actually a woman. She wanted to entrust the rest of her life to Changge, but Changge’s womanhood completely broke her fantasy. Changge smiled softly and only let Mimi treat her as a relative. After that, Mimi and Mu Jin went to the riverside to get water. Mu Jin accidentally stepped on the nail, and Mimi helped Mu Jin back without saying a word. On the other hand, Changge patrolled the camp with the Asler Falcon.

After the patrol, the Asler Falcon took the Longsong to see the firefly. Looking at this natural beauty, the Changge couldn’t help sighing where it will be next year and today. Asiller Falcon promised the Longsong on the spot. As long as long as the song wanted to see the firefly, no matter the end of the earth, he would definitely go to the appointment. .

Long song smiled bitterly. Ashler Falcon was able to make an appointment, but she was afraid that she could not do it. Such a beautiful thing as a firefly was fleeting, so she should not have expectations.

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