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The Long Ballad 長歌行 Episode 15 Recap

Changge tearfully promised Gongsun Heng that she would take good care of Mrs. Gongsun and Yuanniang. After Gongsun Heng confessed what was going on, he asked Qin Lao and Xufeng to follow Changge in the future, believing that Changge would be able to protect the people of Shuozhou City. Gongsun Heng had made up his mind, so Qin and Chang Ge couldn’t persuade them, so they could only watch Gongsun Heng draw his sword and slay himself.

The blood of Zhongliang splashed on the delicate flowers, and the long song burst into tears. Mrs. Gongsun came to the study. Although she was deeply saddened by Gongsun Heng’s departure, she also knew that Gongsun Heng was not a sacrifice. This is Gongsun Heng’s greatest guard as a defender of the city. glory.

There was heavy snow in the city of Shuozhou, and Mrs. Gongsun accompanied Gongsun Heng on the last journey. She loved Gongsun Heng. Since Gongsun Heng died for the city of Shuozhou, she followed Gongsun Heng’s steps. She would not let Gongsun Heng go on Huangquan Road. Going alone, as for Yuanniang, she was a bit selfish as a mother, and left Yuanniang to leave. The movement in the study awakened Chang Ge and Qin outside the room. Chang Ge watched the Cishi and his wife martyred with great pain, but Qin asked Chang Ge to think carefully about what is home, what is a country, and what is in Changge’s heart. What kind of Tao is the Tao?

The next day, Ashele Falcon came to the city of Shuozhou, waiting for Changge to come out to surrender, only to see Changge kneeling in front of Gongsun Hengling in mourning clothes alone. As the head of the Tang Dynasty, she must do her best to protect the people of Tang Dynasty. If Gao Du stopped her at this time, it would be against Datang.

Changge knew that Gao wanted to kill her, and now everyone around her died, and the place where she was born and raised her also drove her into exile. She had long been better off than death. After she finished the big event, Gao would kill her again. It’s not too late. Later, after Chang Ge gave Gongsun Heng a heavy gift, he held Gongsun Heng’s head and prepared to go out of the city to offer surrender.

The city of Shuozhou is about to surrender, and Chang Ge is afraid that the city of Shuozhou will change again after the surrender. She asked Qin Lao and Xufeng to take advantage of Ashley Falcon’s entry into the city to take all the homes of Yuanniang and Gongsun Heng away. As for This Shuozhou city is guarded by her, she has lost her home, and will never lose Datang again. Afterwards, Chang Ge came out with Gongsun Heng’s head alone to surrender.

Even though A Shi Le Falcon was wearing a mask, Chang Ge still recognized Mu Jin’s voice. A Shi Le Falcon knew his identity was discovered, and he also Taking off the mask, Chang Ge saw the true face of Ashley Falcon, and couldn’t help being shocked. Long Song resisted the pain of being deceived. After she surrendered, she begged Ashele’s tribe to let go of the people in the city.

The soldiers of Ashile’s tribe refused to agree, and Long Song was not afraid of it, if the Ashile tribe thought For the lives of the people in Shuozhou, she would burn all the people in the city with Ashele. The long song is not unreasonable. Ashele Falcon agreed to the request of the long song, but the condition is that the long song must be surrendered to him, serve him as the master, and be driven by him. It is for Ashley to be his slave. In order to protect the long song, the seller of the long song Xiancheng will not stay in the city, but this is only a humiliation for the long song. For the people of Shuozhou, the long song had to endure the humiliation and agreed to the Ashyl Falcon.

Asle’s ministry entered the city, and Changge was tied to the vegetable market. The people in Shuozhou City regarded Changge as a traitor. Changge stood among the people without a single excuse. Mu Jin announced on the spot that Asile’s ministry would not Harming the people in the city, the people in the city cheered in a sigh of relief. No one would remember the long song as well. The long song remembered Gongsun Heng’s sacrifice for the people, thinking that everything was worth it.

Ashyl Falcon let the people of Shuozhou go without permission, and Tukhashe came to find Ashyl Falcon to settle accounts. So far, there has never been a saying that defenders and people have been left in the grassland war. Ashley Falcon mentioned that Tukhashe had violated the plan without authorization. He suppressed Tukhashe’s dissatisfaction with strict force and asked Mu Jin to go out and put up a notice saying that Li Changge was dead and secretly protected Li Changge.

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