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The Long Ballad 長歌行 Episode 14 Recap

Ashyl Falcon sent people to Daizhou, and Tukashe was ready to send troops after learning the news, but Ashyl Falcon ordered someone to send a note, asking Master Xiong not to act rashly. Tukhashe was reluctant to succumb to Ashyl Falcon, but Atou sneered and urged Xiong Shi to send troops without authorization, and used him as a bargaining chip to bring him to the front of the battle.

Before the battle between the two armies, Tukhashe escorted Ado to him. He bullied him in every possible way. Chang Ge did not expect that Ado would fall into the hands of the Ashele tribe. She cried out to save Ado from the city, Xufeng When others stopped Changge, Xiong Shi was separated from the city gate by only one city. If Changge opened the city gate, Shuozhou would fall. At this time, Atou knelt in front of the battle. He did not ask Changge to open the gate to save him, but was willing to sacrifice before the war and become a true general.

Chang Ge could not go out to save Ado. She could only cry in her heart and came to Ado. She wanted to take Ado back, but Ado still knelt in front of the city gate. He was not a greedy person and fear of death. Becoming a general has always been his greatest wish, and he died without regret. Afterwards, Ado had lost the defense of Daizhou and called out that there was no reinforcement. Tukhashe killed Ado. He also knew that Ado’s surrender at this time was false and the intelligence sent was true.

Ah Dou died in front of the battle, but a man dressed as Tang Jun came in the distance. Chang Ge knew that it was a reinforcement army disguised by Ashele’s ministry. She ordered 10,000 soldiers to be deployed and the city gate opened to meet the enemy. A bloody battle at the gate of Shuozhou City, Changge fought hard to meet the enemy, Tang Jun desperately killed the enemy, Ashele’s team missed the opportunity, Ashele Falcon ordered to retreat, although Changge personally beheaded The person who killed Atou was in pain. She once again lost the person she cared about.

After Adam’s death, Gongsun Heng and Chang Ge and his party personally worshiped him and followed him back to the city with a general salute. From then on, Adam was no longer an unknown person, but the general Dou of Shuozhou City. Now that there is insufficient food and grass in Shuozhou City, Gongsun Heng thought about a strategy to retreat from the enemy. He wrote a letter and put Xufeng in the hands of Ashley Falcon, and Chang Ge also thought about a strategy to retreat from the enemy.

Coming to offer advice to Gongsun Heng, Shuozhou City can take advantage of Dongfeng to fight against the Assile Buddhism. Gongsun Heng knows that Long Song’s plan will be able to retreat from the enemy, but now he will make the people become refugees. This is exactly what he does not want. When he saw the scene, he did not defend the city for Li Tang, but for the people.

In the evening, Gongsun Heng came to see Ashyl Falcon, Ashyl Falcon went to the appointment alone, Ashyl Falcon has been leading the falconry for so many years, Gongsun Heng has heard of Ashyl Falcon more or less, but he is not like him. Others in the Ashele tribe are generally cruel and bloodthirsty, so Gongsun Heng is willing to dedicate the city sincerely. He only hopes that Ashele Falcon can protect the thousands of people in Shuozhou City and protect them well. In order to express his sincerity, Gongsun Heng also said He would give the Ashele tribe a satisfying gift. Ashele Falcon is not a militant person. Now Gongsun Heng is willing to surrender. He promised Gongsun Heng without hesitation and wished to protect the people of Shuozhou City.

In Gongsun’s mansion, Gongsun Heng took a family dinner to say goodbye to the people. He decided to present his head to the Assil tribe to protect the safety of the people in Shuozhou City. Mrs. Qin stayed with Gongsun Heng for many years. He knew Gongsun Heng’s thoughts as soon as Gongsun Heng spoke. Mrs. Gongsun also knew that Gongsun Heng wanted to dedicate her life to Shuozhou City. The couple wanted to accompany Gongsun Hengtong for many years. When he went, Gongsun Heng mentioned his daughter Yuanniang, hoping that Mrs. Gongsun and Yuanniang could live well. After that, Gongsun Heng called Changge to the study room. He handed over all important things such as the soldier talisman and the defense plan of Shuozhou City to Changge.

He already knew that Changge was the identity of the lord of Yongning County. Changge had a heart for the people. Shuozhou City was handed over to Chang Ge, and he was very relieved in his heart. At the same time, he also told Chang Ge of his plan. He was willing to sacrifice for the people of this side, and only asked the people of Shuozhou to live and work in peace. Now he has his wish. The only thing he can’t let go of is his wife and Yuanniang. He entrusts them to Chang Ge, hoping that Chang Ge can take care of them on his behalf.

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