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The Long Ballad 長歌行 Episode 12 Recap

Sima Tu found a crime to be placed on Gongsun Heng, and sent people to collect Gongsun Heng’s soldier talisman. Qin Lao and Chang Ge cooperated in a play with each other. The two claimed that the mansion had been a thief, and the soldiers talisman disappeared, and Wang Shiwei, who came to collect the soldiers talisman, returned without success. How can Wang Shiwei know that this is a play between the two, he only gave Gongsun Mansion a three-day period, if he can’t get the soldier charm after three days, don’t think of peace in Gongsun Mansion.

Simatu kept staring at Gongsun Heng’s soldier talisman. Old Qin sneered. He told Changge that it was Shuozhou’s soldier talisman. Not even the holy jade seal could mobilize Shuozhou’s soldiers and horses, and Shuozhou’s soldiers. The soldiers and horses only recognize Gongsun Heng. Now, Simatu is preparing to open the Shuozhou government treasury. He wants to make peace with Ashele, and Changge is worried about how to rescue Gongsun Heng. She wants to break into the jail, but is prevented by Qin Lao. The break into the jail is only Sima. It’s just under the picture.

At night, Chang Ge thought about knowing the method of saving Gongsun Heng. Old Qin thought that the method of long song was too risky, but it was the only way out. Gongsun Heng didn’t look at the long song. He handed the note left by Gongsun Heng to Changge. The song can move the soldiers and horses of Shuozhou City. Gongsun Heng has always been popular. Now that Gongsun Heng is killed, the two generals in the city listened to the command of the long song. It was only then that the long song understood the sentence that was solid at the beginning.

The seal is just a dead object. Can mobilize the hearts of the world’s soldiers and horses. Changge’s method of welcoming the enemy is different from Gongsun Heng. She sent people to invade Ashele’s camp night and night, but she did not go deep into the account camp, which made the bear master of Ashele’s tribe very annoying. Heng’s method of using troops, he knew that it was not Gongsun Heng who led the troops at this time, but another master.

Chang Ge asked Qin Lao to find a secret room for her. She went to the secret room, and Xu Feng reported the movement outside to Chang Ge. Chang Ge decided to change it, but Xu Feng had to do it. Later, Xufeng went to Gongsun’s Mansion to monitor Simatu’s every move, but was discovered by Simatu that Simatu had attacked Xufengqu, and Xufeng had to betray the long song in order to survive, not only robbed the long song to Simatu, but also At the request of Simatu, the knife was pierced into Changge’s chest.

Simatu listed the list of descending tables and dedicated it to the Ashile tribe. Mu Jin found out that Li Zhubo of Gongsun Mansion had been dealt with. He informed Ashley Falcon about the matter, and Ashyl Falcon worried about Li Ge in his heart. He knew that Tukhashe would lead the bear division to attack the city tomorrow, so he asked Mu Jin to order a team of troops to follow Tukhashe tomorrow, not to let Tukhashe die directly.

The next day, Tukha set up soldiers to come to the city of Shuozhou, Simatu went out of the city to offer a list of surrenders. Tukhashe was proud of her heart, but a long arrow hit the two of them embarrassed, and she saw Changge standing on the wall with a bow and arrow He stared sharply at the Assile tribe, who was staring sharply in front of him, without any fear. Tukhashe did not expect that the incident of Shuozhou’s descent to the city would change. He became angry on the spot and killed Simatu. Changge watched the force of the Assile tribe’s hero. She ordered the arrow to be released and killed the Assile tribe by surprise. Afterwards, Changge played a semaphore and asked the army to rush the Asile tribe to the river. She had set up an ambush by the river as early as the Asile tribe was undefeated and the entire army was wiped out.

Gongsun Heng returned home safely. He thanked everyone for their help. This time, it was thanks to Changge. Without Changge, Shuozhou City would be in danger today. After this crisis, everyone also dispelled their precautions and worries about Changge. Not only did Qin admire Changge, Gongsun Heng also bowed down to Xie Changge on behalf of the people in the city, and Changge was promoted from a master to a light car. The post of captain.

Gao Du came to Shuozhou City. He accidentally discovered Changge hiding in Shuozhou on the streets of Shuozhou City. At this time in the governor’s mansion, Chang Ge and Gongsun Heng’s family had dinner together, and she felt the warmth of home in the mansion. An emergency report interrupted the group. The Eagle Division burned the granary in Shuozhou and officially provoke the city of Shuozhou. The Eagle Division had always been an elite force of the Ashele tribe, and Gongsun Heng had to guard. Now, the eagle has arrived in the eastern swamp, and Changge has asked for an order to fight. She is willing to lead her troops to the east to meet the enemy, and meet the eagle for a while.

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