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The Long Ballad 長歌行 Episode 10 Recap

Changge arrived in Shuozhou, and saw that Shuozhou was peaceful and the people lived and worked in peace and contentment. This was all because of Gongsun’s honest and caring for the people. Gongsunheng was a famous general in the Sui Dynasty. Changge felt a little worried in his heart, and I don’t know how to persuade Gongsun. Heng helped her raise soldiers and be the king. At this moment, Adou also came to Shuozhou and found the long song. The master and apprentice opened a new chapter in Shuozhou.

Ashyl Falcon returned to the grassland. The Territory of the Xiong Division, Kasu, came to see Ashyl Falcon. He brought the Khan Order. This time, Xiong Jun was solely responsible for the affairs of Shuozhou. He assisted in the leadership of Ashyl Falcon. Eagle master, although Ashyl Falcon knew that Tuka had always been bad, he had no sense of fear.

In Shuozhou City, Gongsun Heng’s wife and daughter met a culprit outside the city. Fortunately, Chang Ge and A Dou managed to rescue them, and the two returned safely. However, Chang Ge and A Dou also entered the Gongsun Mansion and met Gongsun Heng. Chang Ge concealed his true identity and asked Gongsun Heng for a reward. In the morning, I heard that Gongsun Heng was the master of Ji Shiming, and Changge wanted to follow Gongsun Heng.

He only claimed that he was the descendant of General Sui. Gongsun Heng was very vigilant. He doubted whether Changge saved his wife and daughter by coincidence. Unwilling to accept the Long Song and A Dou, but Mrs. Gongsun pleaded for the two, Gongsun Heng had to leave the two first, ready to test the two again.

The next day, Chang Ge and Atou were strolling around in the mansion, but everyone in the mansion was on guard against the two, and they had to go out to have a look, learn about the local customs and find new discoveries. It happened that Changge met Gongsun Heng who was distressed by the people of Shuozhou. She offered her ideas for Gongsun Heng. Gongsun Heng has always cherished talents. When he heard Changge still has some insights on government affairs, she couldn’t help but rejoice in her heart. The trust between Song and Atou is also a little bit more.

Ashley’s Department, Eagle Master and Xiong Master have always had different opinions. Ashley Falcon was unwilling to have more disputes with Xiong Master, only following Xiong Master’s reckless actions, he was ready to sneak into Shuozhou to find out. On the other side of Chang’an City, when Wei Zheng went to Youzhou, he released several of Li Jiancheng’s old men on the way.

Several of them were leaders who could fight. Du Ruhui was quite angry with Wei Zheng’s actions, but Li Shimin was not too surprised. Wei Zheng, on the contrary, solved Wei Zheng’s worries. After discussing the political affairs, Li Shimin asked Fang Xuanling about Le Yan’s news. Le Yan has not been traced so far. Li Shimin is heartbroken. He has lost a long song and cannot lose Le Yan again.

Su Su drunk Hai Lao, she came to Le Yan to wake up Le Yan, let Le Yan help her escape, after she escaped, she would definitely save Le Yan and go with her. Le Yan was kind-hearted. She simply believed in Su Su and asked Su Su to escape from the cave on her shoulder, but Su Su ignored Le Yan and ran away, leaving Le Yan alone in the corner crying. .

Gongsun Heng didn’t doubt about employing people. He didn’t doubt Chang Ge and Atou, but Qin Lao, the housekeeper of Gongsun Mansion, secretly tempted Chang Ge. He deliberately informed Chang Ge about the news from Chang’an City. Chang Ge was indeed in the middle of the night. Visited the study room and fought with Mr. Qin. Qin asked about the identity of the long song, but the long song did not disclose it. Old Qin guessed that the long song came from Chang’an.

Chang’an has always been jealous of Gongsun Heng’s military power. He mistakenly thought that the long song was sent by Chang’an and wanted to take back Gongsun Heng military power. Chang Ge explained that she just wanted to find a place to live in Shuozhou. Old Qin didn’t care about Chang Ge’s past and thoughts. He only warned Chang Ge. If Chang Ge does not move Gongsun Mansion, he will not. Move a long song.

The next day, Le Yan woke up in the wood house. She couldn’t see Eilao, she knew that Eilao had discovered Susu’s escape. Elder Hai caught Su Su back early in the morning, and when Le Yan opened the door, he saw Su Su’s figure hanging upside down on the door, and she couldn’t help but tremble, and was frightened and wept again. On the other hand, Gongsun Heng left Changge and Atou, let Changge stay in Gongsun’s mansion as a master, and Atou was Changge’s assistant. Changge thanked Gongsun Heng for taking in.

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