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The Arc of Life 她們創業的那些鳥事 Episode 15 Recap

No one in the world can look down on you, except yourself. Daejeon was kidnapped and the kidnappers demanded a ransom of 5 million. When Meiji begged Xiaoto to lend her money, Ade searched for the place where Datian was. When everyone rushed to save the people, they found his true identity. Meiji was so angry that he started fighting. However, the ugly photos are spread on the Internet, destroying the money, true love, and image that Meiji cares most about, and staying at home for a while. James blamed the righteous man for destroying his sister Jiang Mingmei’s life, and the two fought. When the righteous man came home, Jenny helped him wipe the medicine without asking…

The little girl, Xiao Hina, came to Little Bird to sign up to learn painting, because the school had to hand in a portrait of her mother, but she did not have a picture of her growing up and her mother… Xiao Tsuta held back her tears Still reluctant to admit that he is his mother, Lin Chuan wants to watch from a distance… Father Xia’s shop was smashed. It turned out that Sister Feng borrowed money from an underground bank in order for her autistic son to attend classes in a special institution… ,

Father Xia feels in love… Lin Chuan wanted to give a picture of Xiao Su and Xiao Hin’s mother and daughter, but Xiao Su angrily tore up the painting, don’t Lin Chuan want to remind her that she has a child! Lin Chuan wanted to leave with a sad heart. The Yihaodian was in a mess because the manager asked for leave. Xiaotao visited Mi Ji to see her dejected look and angrily told Mi Ji that no one in the world could look down on her, except for herself! Because Yi Nan helped Jiang Mingmei, he finally got the evidence that Chief Ding took bribes…

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