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Road to Rebirth 爱在星空下 Episode 31 Recap

Su Xing went to find a friend and asked him to help him make an appointment with the boss, but the friend was kicked out for helping him talk. Su Xing blamed himself very much because he was tired of his friend. Su Xing looked for a lot of clients who had asked him for filming before, but they were rejected for various reasons. Su Xing was very frustrated, thinking of the various gaps between the previous and the present, Su Xing collapsed even more.

Su Xing unwillingly called Pepe and asked her to meet, Pepe agreed. Pepe saw Su Xing’s attitude very kindly. Su Xing embarrassedly talked to Pepe about his current situation, hoping that Pepe could help him with some low-key activities in his own name. His contract with Pete has not expired yet, so Don’t do activities with fanfare. Pepe held up the injustice for Su Xing and said that he had a private banquet in the evening for Su Xing to come together.

Liang Yuxuan and Yan Xi met. Many of Su Xing’s fans left. Sun Yihang followed Liang Yuxuan to the coffee shop. He thought that Yan Xi was Liang Yuxuan’s lover. He was very embarrassed when he found that Yan Xi was a girl. Yan Xi saw that the situation was wrong and left. Now, Liang Yuxuan didn’t bother to talk to Sun Yihang.

Su Xing went to a private reception and found that Pan Jianing was also there, and everyone was booing to make Su Xing drink. Su Xing was embarrassed. Pepe asked Su Xing not to carry it too much. After all, it was different now, so it would be easy for him to turn over these gold masters. Su Xing had to bite the bullet and drink, but Peipei quietly took the phone and recorded the video of him drinking with Pan Jianing.

Pete was very angry when he saw the video. Now that the matter was posted on the Internet, Pete didn’t know what to do. He could only remind Su Xing that he is still a contracted artist of the company, and the results would be unthinkable if he carried the company behind his back. Su Xing broke into Pepe’s office and asked her why she did this. But he came to her with sincerity, but Peipei still held a grudge against Su Xing before rejecting her own affairs. Su Xing’s heart suddenly became cold.

Su’s mother couldn’t reach Su Xing’s phone and was very anxious, and her heart became flustered. Uncle He comforted him Su Xing’s measure and asked Su’s mother to go upstairs to rest first, and he waited for Su Xing’s return. Ye Lang asked Sun Xiaoai to accompany him to a forum tomorrow and reminded her to pay attention to her body. The next day, Su’s mother went downstairs and found that Su Xing hadn’t come home.

She was so anxious that she quickly called Sun Xiaoai and said that Su Xing was gone. Sun Xiaoai hurriedly comforted Su’s mother, and then immediately went out to find someone. Su’s mother was also very anxious, Uncle He hurriedly stopped her not to go out, it would be no good if something happened. Sun Xiaoai went to the company and asked if Julie Su Xing had been to the company. Qi Yue was very angry when he saw that. After driving Sun Xiaoai away, he started to complain that Julie was full of Su Xing all day.

Sun Xiaoai went to many places, but did not find Su Xing. Finally, he went to the bar. Liang Yuxuan was worried when she learned that Su Xing ran away from home, so she went out to find Su Xing regardless of the performance. Sun Xiaoai finally found Su Xing on the rooftop. Su Xing was in a depressed mood. No one could protect him. Mother Su had to worry about him at such an age. Pudding was bullied because of him. Even Sun Xiaoai was bullied. Can’t protect. Sun Xiaoai was a little dizzy because he had been looking for Su Xing all day. Su Xing was still in a depressed mood, and Sun Xiaoai fainted before he finished speaking.

Sun Xiaoai was sent to the hospital. Ye Lang was angry because of this. Sun Xiaoai had been looking for Su Xing under the big sun all day, but he was a little dehydrated. Ye Lang asked Su Xing to go home and report peace to Su’s mother. Whether he was qualified to protect Sun Xiaoai was not the final decision. If Su Xing couldn’t even take care of himself, he wouldn’t deserve to be on the starting line with him. Qi Yue and Mr. Yu’s daughter watched the drama and drank.

Pete said by the way that Xijiang Lengyue’s script was not satisfied, and Mr. Yu’s daughter immediately asked for help. Pepe and Pan Jianing came to the bar to talk about things, and asked Pete Pan Jianing and Qi Yue about the CP, and Pete took the Su Xing matter back. Su Xing came home and saw Mother Su sitting outside the door waiting for him to fall asleep. When Su Xing came back, he cried. No matter what happened, Su Xing has Mother Su and Little Pudding. He is not alone. .

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