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Road to Rebirth 爱在星空下 Episode 30 Recap

Su Xing was worried about whether Sun Xiaoai was embarrassed by others, and Sun Xiaoai was also worried about Su Xing. The two sat on the terrace and watched the stars together, feeling a lot of emotion in their hearts. Julie came home early in the morning and saw Sun Xiaoai’s dress very angry because Julie gave Su Xing the heart, and she embroidered the heart on it.

Sun Xiaoai quickly explained that she had helped Su before. Xing took a bath and wore his clothes accidentally getting wet, but Julie was very angry. She had liked Su Xing for many years, but Sun Xiaoai was eating out by the water. The two were super intense. Sun Xiaoai hoped that Julie could help. Helping Julie, Julie felt that Su Xing was doing this because of Sun Xiaoai.

Sun Xiaoai decided to move with Sun Yihang. Su Xing has taken good care of Julie for so many years, but after these few disturbances, Julie only cares about interests, not feelings. Sun Yihang found that Liang Yuxuan would never come to the bar on Thursday, and he was very puzzled. Liang Yuxuan came to Sun Yihang and asked if Sun Xiaoai was familiar with Su Xing. Sun Yihang quickly explained that the photos of Su Xing and Sun Xiaoai were misunderstandings.

Only then did Liang Yuxuan know that the person taking photos with Su Xing was Sun Xiaoai. Sun Yihang gave Liang Yuxuan a gift and said that she picked it up with Julie. After Liang Yuxuan accepted it, she told him not to spend money in the future. Sun Yihang asked her to go to a movie again. Liang Yuxuan said she had time every day except Thursday.

Julie came to see Pete. Her contract expired in half a year, so she planned to renew her contract with Pete. Pete was very pleased to come up with a ten-year contract. He had a lot of drama in his hands, and Julie still signed the contract. . Julie hoped that Pete would help him arrange a role in Xijiang Lengyue, and Pete agreed. Su Xing packed up the gifts from the fans and sent Qingping to the orphanage in a moment. Xiao Puding’s teacher called and said that he had beaten a classmate. Su Xing hurried to the school. The other parent was very angry.

Xiao Puding said that the other party was saying bad things about Su Xing, so he beat him. The teacher criticized Su Xing and Xiao Puding together. Xiao Puding didn’t understand why they said that Su Xing was a bad person. Su Xing taught him not to make mistakes like himself. Even if he made a mistake, he should dare to admit it. Although Little Pudding is young, he knows everything, and recent events have made him understand the changes in his family.

Sun Xiaoai started looking for a house to move out. Ye Lang said that she had a friend’s house that was empty and she could live there. Sun Yihang was found following Liang Yuxuan, and Sun Yihang was embarrassed. Sun Yihang told Liang Yuxuan that the company seemed to abandon Su Xing and let him fend for himself. Liang Yuxuan was very anxious. Qi Yue took Mr. Yu’s daughter out to play, and Ye Lang took Sun Xiaoai and Sun Yihang to see the house. Sun Xiaoai was very satisfied. Ye Lang said that the rent does not matter, and even willing to rent out for free.

They can also move in at any time, Sun Xiao Ai immediately decided to move in today. Su’s mother came back with Little Pudding and met Sun Xiaoai and Sun Yihang moving. Little Pudding was very reluctant to bear her. Julie waited for him to come back at Qi Yue’s house. Qi Yue came back with a bunch of flowers. I heard that she was worried about signing with the company for ten years, but Julie couldn’t help it. After all, she could only rely on Pete without Su Xing. Julie smelled perfume still on Qi Yue, and Qi Yue quickly explained that they were in a meeting and they did not go out alone.

Su Xing heard that Sun Xiaoai had moved away. Mother Su thought she might be at odds with Julie. Su Xing sighed instead. It’s not a bad thing for Sun Xiaoai to stay away from herself. When Sun Xiaoai and Sun Yihang had just moved, Ye Lang came to deliver food to them, but when Julie returned home, she found that Sun Xiaoai and Sun Yihang were not at home, and felt a little uncomfortable for a while. Pete gave Su Xing a sum of money. This was the only thing he could help as a friend. Su Xing hoped not to hurt his family. Pete comforted him to help him find some small roles when the wind passed.

Yan Xi inquired about Qi Yue in the gym. The fitness coach did not remember that Qi Yue had a heart disease. Besides, he had a physical examination at the beginning of the job. Heart disease is impossible. Sun Xiaoai came to give Su Xing something. Su Xing asked her if she had a conflict with Julie, but Sun Xiaoai didn’t speak.

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