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Ping Pong Life 荣耀乒乓 Episode 41 Recap

Xu Tan moved his knees in the hospital, and suddenly there was an illusion of recovery from the injury, but Fang Yue and the doctor who entered the ward afterwards had an unusually dignified expression. It turned out that after further examination by the doctor, it was discovered that Xu Tan’s knee ligament was not torn, but completely ruptured. If there is no surgical treatment, it will cause severe disability.

Xu Tan decided to conceal the truth about the injury and resume training, but he couldn’t hide it from Lei Cheng. After more than ten years of mentoring and apprenticeship, Lei Cheng never thought that Xu Tan would be so desperate, nor did he expect that his life only cared about himself. Lei Cheng hoped that Xu Tan could not regard ping-pong as all of his life, but at this moment, Xu Tan has nothing but ping-pong.

Xu Tan returned to the national team and listened to the team captain screaming. As a person who had never participated in the three major tournaments, he was somewhat ashamed of his position as captain. Xu Tan didn’t want to be the most useless captain in history. Fang Yue understood his feelings and agreed to hide it for him.

Ping-pong is reformed again. The new plastic is a test of the athlete’s endurance, and it is also the most suitable style of play for Xu Tan. Times make heroes. This is Xu Tan’s last chance. Perhaps this reform will bring him good luck.

Tomorrow is the day when Liu Shi leaves. He accompanies Yu Kenan and Xu Tan to drink, and asks them not to make a fuss anymore. Originally, Yu Kenan and Xu Tan finally showed signs of releasing their suspicions, but Song Min apologized, like Xu Tan explained that he was temporarily replaced on the court that day, and was told of the tactics of attacking Xu Tan’s right.

Song Min’s words made Xu Tan understand something instantly. He ignored his knee injury and came to the training ground, playing table tennis to vent. Only Yu Kenan knew about Xu Tan’s injury, and he couldn’t imagine anyone other than Yu Kenan who could count on himself behind his back.

In this World Table Tennis Championships, the coaching staff considered Xu Tan’s injury and didn’t want to use him on the field. However, Fang Yue, who knew Xu Tan’s situation well, was excited to fight for Xu Tan’s chances, and he rarely lost his sense. . In the end, Fu Chuanzhi decided to judge Xu Tan and Su Shun by this German Open. Whoever scores better will get the chance of the Open.

In the semifinals of the German Open, Song Min faced Su Shun. Originally, Song Min had no confidence that he could beat Su Shun. However, after Xu Tan’s seemingly casual reminder, Song Min succeeded in mastering Su Shun’s weakness and the normal rhythm of the game. Finally won.

Song Min won Su Shun and stopped in the semi-finals, Xu Tan has already won Su Shun, not to mention that according to Song Min’s results, it is impossible to beat Xu Tan. The German Open finally ended with Xu Tan winning the championship. The coaching staff also mistakenly thought that Xu Tan’s injury was well and he could deal with the World Table Tennis Championships.

In this Open, Song Min could beat Su Shun and made him stand out a little. However, looking at Su Shun’s disappointed expression, and mentioning that this competition was an assessment of Su Shun and Xu Tan, Song Min suddenly realized the problem. Focus. Song Min didn’t reveal anything in front of Su Shun, but searched for Xu Tan alone for an answer.

Song Min has always regarded Xu Tan as an example. He never thought that Xu Tan would use himself, and he didn’t want to believe that his example would be so scheming. Although Xu Tan did not admit it, he did not deny the facts. What’s more, Song Min won the victory without any loss, and he was praised by the coaching staff.

A roster record on the bed caught Song Min’s attention, and it clearly marked the ranking and elimination of the game. Obviously, this piece of paper is enough to prove that Xu Tan’s help to Song Min was a conspiracy.

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