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Ping Pong Life 荣耀乒乓 Episode 40 Recap

Both Liu Shi and Song Min had their own beliefs, and the two were evenly matched, neither of them would give in, and they also respected each other. It was only at this moment that Liu Shi suddenly realized that the chipper whom he admired in the video was his master Qin Zhen.

As the game continued, Liu Shi’s waist injury also unexpectedly relapsed. He seemed unable to do so but refused to give up. Liu Shi regarded this competition as the last time in his adult life, even if he used his life to fight, he had to finish it, but the pain caused him to kneel to the ground again and again.

Just when Liu Shi felt that he was about to be unable to hold on, Yuan Ran’s arrival and cheering gave him new strength, allowing him to stand on the competition stage again to fight and struggle. Liu Shi exhausted his last strength to cut the ball with one hand, and finally was exhausted and completely lay down on the ground, but this ball brought him victory.

Liu Shi didn’t have rhetoric or romantic arrangement. He only proposed to Yuan Ran with the table tennis that he was playing just now. Liu Shi knelt on the ground, using the simplest items, the most simple marriage proposal, and said the greatest responsibility and promise of his life. Yuan Ran burst into tears and accepted the table tennis. This scene also made the people around him happy for them.

Although Liu Shi won the game, he was not ready to play in the World Table Tennis Championships. He knew very well that his waist injury would only become a burden for the national team. Liu Shi used his persistence to complete the last game, proving that he has the strength to enter the World Table Tennis Championships, proving that chopping is the king of singles, and he has no regrets.

Liu Shi’s choice also made Qin Zhen feel the resentment for many years. As a coach, he knew how embarrassed he would be if Liu Shi persisted. Now, Qin Zhen put aside the past, determined to quit drinking, and welcome the new future.

In the training ground, Xu Tan was the only one doing the warm-up. Although Yu Kenan had the intention, he could not be the active person until Xu Tan offered the invitation. In this practice, Yu Kenan learned that Xu Tan had an injury on his right knee, and he suddenly realized that he hadn’t just practiced and played for a long time.

Yu Kenan turned off all the activities that day, and he wanted to prepare for the World Table Tennis Championships. There seemed to be some unerasable melancholy in his heart. Yu Kenan drank with his agent and had mental arithmetic and unintentional. Yu Kenan confessed his feelings and accidentally revealed Xu Tan’s knee injury, and his agent was Jia Yu’s eyeliner.

The story of Jia Yu used the means to temporarily change the person who played against Xu Tan in the Super League, and on the grounds of tactics, people were prompted to ask Song Min to play Xu Tan on the right side. In the Super League, although Xu Tan succeeded in winning the championship, Song Min’s behavior made his knee injury worse.

After a hospital inspection, it was found that Xu Tan’s knee ligament was strained. Surgical treatment is recommended. Recovery takes half a year. The World Table Tennis Championships are held every two years and the Games are held every four years. Xu Tan has reached the final stage of his career. He has no time to waste, and naturally he will not choose to undergo surgery. Xu Tan’s greatest wish is to go to a world-class competition and compete with the person who most wants to fight in his heart.

Lei Cheng and Fang Yue had thoughts to advise, but they couldn’t change Xu Tan’s mind. Even though Xu Tan is sitting in a wheelchair, he wants to practice tapping against the wall. Liu Shi and Ma Chuan brought Wu Kai and Su Shun to visit Xu Tan. Liu Shi deliberately explained why Yu Kenan did not come, but Xu Tan didn’t seem to care.

Song Min only thought that playing the right side was a tactic. He never thought it would cause such a result, and even more so when Xu Tan was admitted to the hospital, he stood by the door alone. Now, Liu Shi led people to visit Xu Tan, but Song Min did not dare to appear in front of Xu Tan.

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