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Ping Pong Life 荣耀乒乓 Episode 39 Recap

As the Asian Games champion, Xu Tan ranks first in the world. The three major tournaments are just around the corner, mainly because Song Min has had enough of Yu Kenan as a sparring partner. When Ma Chuan insisted that Yu Kenan would become the new captain, Song Min remembered that Xu Tan was not indispensable, and was willing to become Xu Tan’s sparring partner.

Yu Kenan has many champions in his hands, and he has a lot of exposure in the media. Watching Yu Kenan’s growth step by step, Teng Biao also believes that he is gradually mature and fully qualified for the role of captain. Fang Yue naturally believes in Xu Tan more. Fu Chuanzhi pays more attention to the characteristics of Xu Tan. As the captain, it is obvious that a strong sense of responsibility and a strong psychological quality are the best candidates.

After Xu Tan became the captain, he celebrated with Liu Shi. Hearing that Liu Shi focused on Yuan Ran instead of being a table tennis champion, he suddenly realized that he had never considered Wang Siheng. Xu Tan wanted to take advantage of Wang Siheng’s birthday and specially prepared a birthday surprise for her, but Wang Siheng had already chosen to break up.

Everyone finds their own pursuit, and Wang Siheng once thought that her pursuit was to be Xu Tan’s assistant. Since the last time she was injured in the rain, a person came home and looked at the leaking water pipe with nothing to do. The feeling of helplessness invaded her heart and made Wang Siheng unable to hold on.

In 2015, the Suzhou World Table Tennis Direct Ranking Tournament has begun. Xu Tan was emotionally frustrated again, but it did not affect his concentration in playing table tennis. It was just a knee injury that affected his strength. He was finally defeated by Su Shun and stayed in fourth place. Yu Kenan’s shoulder injury could not be healed, and it also affected his performance in the game. This time Yu Kenan ranked second.

Liu Shi’s waist injury also recurred again. This time the injury is the most eye-catching, Yuan Ran is very clear that if he continues to fight, there will be unpredictable and serious consequences, and will even permanently affect the second half of his life. As a result, Liu Shi and Yuan Ran had a disagreement and quarreled. Yuan Ran hoped that Liu Shi could give up the game and retire, at least he could return to a healthy body and stop the loss in time.

Liu Shi cares about Yuan Ran’s feelings. He wants to take care of Yuan Ran, rather than becoming a burden to the other party in the second half of his life. Liu Shi took the initiative to submit an application to withdraw from the team, even Xu Tan could not accept his choice, let alone Liu Shi’s master Qin Zhen.

Qin Zhen was temporarily kicked out of the game because of his injury. Even if he insisted, Fu Chuanzhi, the coach of Qin Zhen, did not give him another chance. Qin Zhen thought he could put his beliefs and regrets on Liu Shi, but Liu Shi had to give up because of his injuries.

Liu Shi looked at the trophy on the wall, recalling the scene when he first came to the national team. Liu Shi used to like to play table tennis so much. Now, with the help of his own efforts, he asked himself if he really gave up the opportunity to participate in the World Table Tennis Championships?

Liu Shi’s heart was full of struggle and pain, but when he walked outside the infirmary and listened to the conversation between Yuan Ran and Liu Jie, he finally couldn’t help crying silently. Although Yuan Ran quarreled about worrying about Liu Shi, she knew Liu Shi’s wish. No matter what choice Liu Shi made, Yuan Ran would unconditionally support and take care of him for life.

When Liu Shi came back to the arena to play, Qin Zhen also resolutely asked Fu Chuanzhi to give Liu Shi a chance. Even if Qin Zhen was given up back then, he never asked, but this time, Qin Zhen didn’t want Liu Shi to repeat the same mistakes.

Liu Shi qualified for the competition and his opponent was Song Min. Song Min is looking forward to winning the game this time so that he can get rid of the fate of being a sparring partner. He wants to win no less than Liu Shi. However, Liu Shi had the opportunity to enter the national team precisely because of sparring. His career started from sparring.

Liu Shi started playing table tennis since he was a child. It was table tennis that gave him the meaning of life and allowed him to feed his grandmother. As one of the few chippers in the world, Liu Shi squeezed into the second national team as a training partner, watched countless game videos, taught himself chipping tactics, and therefore had his own master. Liu Shi has his own beliefs. He is unwilling to stop the trials easily and lose his only chance to participate in the World Table Tennis Championships.

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