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Ping Pong Life 荣耀乒乓 Episode 38 Recap

Liu Shi met Yuan Ran’s mother formally. He was solemnly wearing a suit and still couldn’t hide his silly look. He also looked nervous and at a loss when facing Yuan Ran’s mother. Yuan Ran’s mother did not embarrass Liu Shi, but because she had long known that he was an orphan, she was willing to take care of the marriage.

Yuan Ran’s mother deliberately gave a valuable watch to Liu Shi. This watch was also a wedding gift given to her parents by Yuan Ran’s grandfather. From the engagement to the marriage of Yuan Ran’s mother, everything was carefully planned for Liu Shi, so that he could take good care of Yuan Ran.

In this meeting, Liu Shi just listened from start to finish, without saying a word, but he took Yuan Ran’s mother’s words to heart. Liu Shi is already twenty-five years old, and there is no future in his career, not to mention that there are still families who need him to take care of. Liu Shi has already planned to retire, he can work hard while he is still young, and take good care of Yuan Ran.

Su Shun met again with Jia Yu at Su Chang’s request, but he didn’t give Jia Yu a good face this time. Seeing Jia Yu’s hypocritical smile, listening to him provoke the relationship between the players, and promised some empty checks, Su Shun was impatient.

He didn’t persuade Su Chang to stay away from Jia Yu until the two Sushun brothers were left. Su Chang entered the society a few years earlier, suffered all kinds of hardships, polished his water chestnut long ago, and began to be sophisticated and slick for success. Su Shun understood Su Chang’s painstaking efforts, but he couldn’t agree with this approach, especially watching Xu Tan’s hard work step by step to the present achievements, Su Shun wanted to defeat the opponent by his own efforts, rather than relying on some side scheming.

In the Busan Asian Championships, Xu Tan’s racket was artificially damaged, and the game will continue. He can only choose to use Su Shun’s racket. Everyone’s racket is different, but Xu Tan believes that people are playing, not the racket. Even with an uncomfortable racket, he can firmly counterattack and successfully win the championship for the Chinese team.

This kind of turning defeat into victory has never happened in the history of Chinese table tennis. Xu Tan gained popularity in this game. Because of Xu Tan’s rapid rise in the world rankings, the ITTF awarded the Best Breakthrough Award.

Xu Tan won the championship this time, and Yu Kenan, who has been in a negative state, also re-examined himself. And Su Chang, who has never looked down upon Xu Tan, cheered for him in front of the TV series. Looking at the racket on the table, Su Chang recalled the inexhaustible life back then, and looked down upon Xu Tan’s self, and a tear fell on the racket.

Fatty still brings Yu Kenan two activities, and also brings a signal of invitation to female stars. It’s just that Xu Tan’s achievements this time allowed Yu Kenan to clear up his mood and return to the training ground. Soon, although Yu Kenan has declined compared to before, his whole state is still in the top position in the first team.

Ding Zhenxin’s retirement left the title of captain of the first team empty. Fu Chuanzhi deliberately asked the coach to ask the wishes of their players and began to ponder the candidates for the next captain. Fang Yue and Teng Biao knew very well that the only people who could compete for the captain were Yu Kenan and Xu Tan. After Ding Zhenxin left, the glass room training room was also opened for Yu Kenan and Xu Tan.

Wang Siheng took the initiative to meet Xu Tan, but the atmosphere between them was a bit wrong. As early as three months ago, Wang Siheng changed an internship, and he never mentioned it to Xu Tan. Wang Siheng believes that there is a problem in the relationship between her and Xu Tan. The relationship that is too busy and cannot protect each other will always encounter more tests.

When Song Min was working as a sparring partner for Yu Kenan, he felt so tired that he was about to collapse, but he still did not choose to give up. Fang Yue saw all this in his eyes. He believed that if Song Min could improve the technical problems, Song Min’s upper limit would inevitably be higher than Kenan. If Xu Tan can have a sparring partner like Song Min, then his own abilities will also be improved.

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