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Ping Pong Life 荣耀乒乓 Episode 37 Recap

Yu Kenan won the world championship again, but Xu Tan was still standing still, which made Xu Tan a little difficult to face. He used training to paralyze himself every day. At the national table tennis celebration, Xu Tan looked at Yu Kenan under the shining stars and deliberately avoided the opponent.

On such occasions, Yu Kenan could not avoid meeting Jia Yu, how he grew up, he was no longer the one who couldn’t help his temper when he saw Jia Yu. In the face of Jia Yu’s hypocritical catering and flattery, Yu Kenan can still smile, and deliberately stay away from each other with a few polite words.

Yu Kenan drank a lot of wine at this celebration. After being helped back to the hotel by the fat man’s agent, Yu Kenan collapsed on the sofa, confused and unconscious. Taking advantage of Yu Kenan’s drunkenness, the fat man took out a contract, saying that he had found a particularly capable sports company for him and promised to pack Yu Kenan in various ways.

Yu Kenan was not interested in this kind of things, but he couldn’t stand the fat man’s continuous persuasion. The fat man forced the pen into Kenan’s hand and chattered in his ear. Yu Kenan was not defending against the fat man. In addition, he had no clear consciousness when he was drunk. In order to shut up the fat man, Yu Kenan signed the contract without even seeing it.

Before Xu Tan left the national team, he was dismissed as having poor physical fitness. Xu Tan tried desperately to contact his physical fitness. He thought that his attack power was not enough, so he tried his best to practice attack power. He thought that his backhand was not good, so he tried to practice backhand, but in the end he still had no chance to participate Table tennis. The national team believes that they cannot participate in the competition without experience in the competition. This sounds like an endless loop, which makes Xu Tan no longer see hope.

Wang Siheng has already found a job in Beijing, thinking that he can spend more time with Xu Tan. It is her belief and encouragement that made Xu Tan regain his confidence. Xu Tan asked Fang Yue for an opportunity, and he was willing to participate in any competition, just to make up for his lack of experience.

Fang Yue fought for a Shijiazhuang invitational tournament for Xu Tan. Xu Tan looked down on this kind of commercial tournament, but in order to accumulate experience, he had to agree. Many players from the same period as Fang Yue participated in this kind of competition. After Xu Tan actually came on the field, he discovered that the real competition and training were even completely different from the last Universiade.

Xu Tan lost the game by three points. At this moment, he understood what the so-called competition experience means. If this is a World Table Tennis Championship, then Xu Tan will probably fall into a tie after losing because of his bad mentality. The same psychological shadow as Fang Yue.

On the Dragon Boat Festival, Lei Cheng specially invited Xu Tan to come to the house for the festival, and let him see Lei Lei’s overseas Chinese boyfriend. Xu Tan and Lei Cheng are more familiar and more at ease, but Lei Cheng’s few words made Lei Lei’s boyfriend a little uncomfortable.

During this time, Xu Tan has been participating in various types of competitions, gradually accumulating experience in the competitions, and his mentality has become stronger. On the contrary, Yu Kenan participated in various activities and appeared in various TV programs during this time, which not only affected the training, but also spread scandals, which had a great impact on the team.

Xu Tan will soon participate in the Japanese game again. Before the game, he hopes to meet Wang Siheng. Unexpectedly, because Wang Siheng couldn’t adapt to the current life, she even got a plaster on her leg injury. In order not to worry Xu Tan, she would rather hide and cry than see Xu Tan. After Xu Tan officially participated in the competition, Wang Siheng also deliberately refused to answer the phone.

Since Xu Tan participated in various competitions and won many championships, not only Ma Chuan and others felt that he became more indifferent, even Fang Yue also noticed the problem. It’s just that Xu Tan himself doesn’t think he has any problems with his state, as if he won the championship, nothing matters.

The Asian Championships are about to be held, and Yu Kenan is the only one in the list of participants. Teng Biao wanted to fight for Yu Kenan, but the scandal-ridden Yu Kenan made Fu Chuanzhi very dissatisfied.

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