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Ping Pong Life 荣耀乒乓 Episode 36 Recap

After nearly two years, Xu Tan returned to the national team again, facing many new faces and the progress of his former players, his mood became different. Xu Tan is still immersed in training every day, occasionally contacting Wang Siheng, every day hope is to get a place in the next World Table Tennis Championships.

Since winning the Grand Slam, Yu Kenan has completely become a star in the sports world, and there have been a large number of fans chasing him everywhere. Among them is a fat and short man who wants to sign Yu Kenan to enter his sports company.

Yu Kenan just took the picture and got in the car to pick him up, only to realize that his driver was the fat man. Yu Kenan realized that it was too late for him to take the wrong car. Taking advantage of Yu Kenan’s inability to leave, the fat man lobbied in various ways and seemed to understand the basic situation of Kenan’s family, and persuaded Yu Kenan to sign a contract with him.

Since returning from London, Liu Shi has been at the door of the infirmary, waiting for Yuan Ran to return before waking him up. Before Liu Shi ever asked Yuan Ran’s feelings, he wanted to officially introduce Yuan Ran to his friends as a girlfriend. With Liu Shi’s stupid head, Yuan Ran deliberately teased him, but also tacitly acquiesced in the love relationship between the two people.

Su Shun always felt that Fang Yue was partial to Xu Tan and never took himself to heart. This time through Su Chang’s relationship, he introduced him to Jia Yu. Jia Yu is more sophisticated and sleek than in the past, and he is more hypocritical. He learned some news about Kenan and Xu Tan from Su Shun, and deliberately provoke the relationship from it.

Su Shun felt frustrated, but after encountering Fang Yue in the cafeteria, he received encouragement and approval from the other party. He pretended not to care, but actually turned his face and smiled secretly. All this was seen by Wu Kai, deliberately teasing him, but also advised Su Shun to stay away from Su Chang.

Today is Christmas, Liu Shi and Yuan Ran are ready to enjoy the first two-person world. Who knows that Liu Jie failed to make an appointment with Qin Zhen, and they were depressed. Yuan Ran dragged Sister Liu to spend the holiday together. During the period, she analyzed Qin Zhen’s thoughts with her, and she liked Qin Zhen but couldn’t say how it was. Finally, she said that Sister Liu was soft-hearted.

Sister Liu is also a straightforward woman. After hearing this analysis, she immediately went to look for Qin Zhen again, thinking about sending warmth to the other party. In fact, all of this was secretly matched by Liu Shi and asked Yuan Ran to persuade Sister Liu not to give up. He also hoped that Qin Zhen could find someone he likes, let go of his knots, and face the future well.

Wang Siheng also rushed to Beijing to give Xu Tan a surprise. She just wanted to visit Xu Tan. Who knew it was Christmas today, so she bought a few pairs of socks on the carpet. Such socks may stun a few people in a day, but Xu Tan is still a little sweeter in desperation.

In order to be able to accompany Xu Tan, Wang Siheng has begun to think about things after graduation, and even wants to be Xu Tan personally as an assistant. Two people enjoy the future. In the sweet period, Wang Siheng does not want to be separated from Xu Tan for a moment.

After a period of hard work, Xu Tan managed to squeeze into fourth place. He thought he could finally qualify for the Paris World Table Tennis Championships, but the team still gave the sixth place to Yu Kenan. Fang Yue has the heart to fight for Xu Tan, but Fu Chuanzhi still considers that Xu Tan has no experience and believes that the Grand Slam winner Yu Kenan is more secure.

Fu Chuanzhi hoped that Xu Tan should show more dazzling results and let him grow slowly. He seemed to be a little worried that being too frustrated would make Xu Tan repeat Fang Yue’s mistakes. But Xu Tan couldn’t accept such a result. When he left two years ago, he listened to these words. Now when he comes back, he still can only hear the result.

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