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Ping Pong Life 荣耀乒乓 Episode 35 Recap

A friend of Liu Shi’s hometown opened a restaurant in Beijing, and he also invested in stocks. This time Liu Shi wanted to take advantage of everyone’s free time and Fu Jingchun would also officially leave the national team. Everyone had a good time to get together. Xu Tan took Wang Siheng and Lin Haozhi to join Liu Shi, and the moment he saw Yu Kenan, he still couldn’t help being a little stiff.

Liu Shi hopes to take advantage of this opportunity to secretly persuade Yu Kenan and Xu Tan to let go of the past, and at the same time it can be regarded as a practice for Fu Jingchun. The brothers who hadn’t seen each other for half a year sat back to eat together, and everyone pushed their cups and changed their cups.

As things passed, Zheng Hao had also resigned, and Fu Jingchun’s grievances gradually let go. He was only disappointed that he regarded Zheng Hao as a relative. As a result, Zheng Hao did not stand firmly by his side. Only then would Fu Jingchun collapse and laugh at everything. He is self-righteous. Xu Tan felt this emotion in the same way, and at the same time looked towards Yu Kenan.

Ma Chuan was as cheap as ever, and when the alcohol was on his head, he began to blame Yu Kenan for disrespecting Zheng Hao and forced the other party to resign. Yu Kenan understood that everything Xu Tan meant implicitly, and could finally take this opportunity to confide in his own helplessness. When the only opportunity was placed in front of him, he had no choice.

Although there was no direct communication, both of them uttered what they wanted to say the most, which also made each other understand the helplessness and bitterness in their hearts. Yu Kenan left angrily, the atmosphere fell into embarrassment, but Xu Tan received a call from Fu Chuanzhi.

In 2012, Xu Tan’s opportunity came, he re-entered the national first team, and the real turning point in his life also opened. Fang Yue became a team coach. Xu Tan and Su Shun were assigned to him. Xu Tan still remembered the towel Fang Yue gave him and every word he had said to him.

Xu Tan hung the towel in the room, he still wanted to win, wanted to win the Grand Slam. Xu Tan had thought a lot, but most of them were fantasies, which did not allow him to make substantial progress, but now he has put his ideas into reality.

This time Xu Tan re-entered the national team and looked at the familiar place and the familiar table with a lot of emotion. The difference is that Xu Tan used to be full of vitality and affinity, but now Xu Tan is more stable, but also has a sense of distance.

The first team came with a newcomer Wu Kai, who seemed to have the same affinity as Xu Tan in the past. He was assigned to Teng Biao, and he was serving as a sparring partner for Yu Kenan every day. Wu Kai was not unhappy, but worried that Yu Kenan would concentrate on training and forget to eat.

The list of representatives for the London Olympics has come out. Yu Zhenxin, Leng Yi, and Yu Kenan have replaced Ma Chuan and accompanied the team to practice Liu Shi. There is still no name for Xu Tan. Fu Chuanzhi specifically asked Fang Yue, Xu Tan is very thoughtful and needs to be polished, Fang Yue is also confident that he can see Xu Tan’s name in the next competition list.

On the day of departure, Yu Kenan looked around the bus as usual, hoping to see Xu Tan’s figure. It was not until Yu Kenan got into the car disappointed that he saw Xu Tan standing not far away, and gestured to him as a symbol of cheering. It may be difficult for them to get back to where they were when they were together, but their hearts to bless each other and cheer for each other have not changed.

During the chat, Wu Kai and Su Shun accidentally revealed that Xu Tan had praised him for playing like Yu Kenan, but he had been serving as a sparring partner for Yu Kenan. The speaker was unintentional, and the listener was intentional. Su Shun had long felt that Xu Tan seemed to have changed himself. He also deeply remembered this sentence.

At the end of the London Olympics, Yu Kenan finally became the fastest table tennis player to win a Grand Slam. He is like a rising star, stopping at the highest point to make people look up.

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