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Hello Mr. Gu 原来你是这样的顾先生 Episode 14 Recap

Zhou Jianqing pressed Gu Nanzhou, the eyes of the two were extremely nervous, Zhou Jianqing hurriedly got up, let Gu Nanzhou sleep on the bed, she slept on the ground. Gu Nanzhou silently moved to the other side, saying that this bed was large enough to accommodate two people. Zhou Jianqing lay on the other side of Gu Nanzhou. The next morning, Gu’s mother came to wake them up and prepared egg water for breakfast.

Gu Nanzhou and Zhou Jianqing were very resistant. Gu Nanzhou quickly found an excuse and ran away, leaving Zhou Jianqing alone to deal with Gu’s mother. Gu’s mother gave her a lot of supplements. Things, Zhou Jianqing complained not to fall. When Zhou Jianqing was rushing for the manuscript, Gu’s mother came to give her fruit, and she was still sitting aside. Zhou Jianqing was uncomfortable and could only agree to Gu’s mother to go shopping with her.

Gu’s mother held Zhou Jianqing’s hand and said that she wanted to have a grandson. Zhou Jianqing was embarrassed and hurried to the supermarket to buy vegetables. Gu’s mother told her to eat more seafood, saying that it would help to prepare for pregnancy. Zhou Jianqing was even more embarrassed. At the checkout, Gu’s mother made an excuse and left, leaving Gu Nanzhou’s secondary card to Zhou Jianqing for her to check out. Zhou Jianqing hurriedly sent a message to Gu Nanzhou and asked him for the password. Zhou Zixuan thought of the scenes with Su Youxia and was very entangled. He drank one can of beer after another.

Gu Nanzhou started to save money, even Jiang Xiaochuan had to return the suit he ordered, asking him to choose some cost-effective clothes in the future. In the evening, Gu’s mother prepared the food. After eating, Zhou Jianqing wanted to help clean up. He was rushed to the sofa to watch TV with Gu Nanzhou. Zhou Jianqing said that the crisis was perfect contact and asked him to buy time for himself and go back to catch up with the draft. Gu’s mother asked if something was wrong with Gu Nanzhou’s company. Gu Nanzhou said impatiently that it was not.

Gu’s mother said that she would go to Zhou Jianqing to chat. Gu Nanzhou quickly said that she wanted to watch TV with her mother. Gu’s mother deliberately opened the love show to let him learn something. . Gu Nanzhou returned to the room, Zhou Jianqing was already asleep, with a notebook beside him. Zhou Jianqing slept on all sides, Gu Nanzhou had to shrink carefully in the corner, Zhou Jianqing turned over and put his arms directly on Gu Nanzhou, or put his legs on him, and finally kicked Gu Nanzhou directly.

The next day, Zhou Jianqing woke up and found that Gu Nanzhou was asleep on the side of the bed and blamed himself. Zhou Jianqing and Zhang Yin were rushing to the coffee shop together, and the waiter’s eyes were always strange when they saw them. Zhou Jianqing was too excited to be in the top ten competition. Gu Nanzhou was also very happy to see the finalists. He made a video call to her, only to find that Zhou Jianqing and Zhang Yin were together. Zhou Jianqing said that he wanted to celebrate with his friends, Gu Nanzhou became even more depressed, and he went all out to help. Zhou Jianqing received a phone call from his senior who said that he had been cheated, and asked her to pretend to be his girlfriend on the condition of tutoring the graduation project. Zhou Jianqing immediately agreed.

Today is Jiang Jingxuan’s birthday. Gu Nanzhou gave her a bracelet. Jiang Jingxuan thought he had been caring about her. Gu Nanzhou said it was Jiang Xiaochuan’s choice. Jiang Jingxuan asked Gu Nanzhou to help herself put on the bracelet, and also invited him to dinner at night, saying that she was talking about investment companies. In the evening, Jiang Jingxuan and Gu Nanzhou came to a restaurant. Gu Nanzhou was busy looking at his mobile phone, so Jiang Jingxuan chose the couple set meal. Gu Nanzhou asked Jiang Xiaochuan to buy the cake, which will be there in a while. Jiang Jingxuan specially framed the bracelet with Gu Nanzhou, and then took a photo.

Zhou Jianqing and his senior came to the restaurant. Zhou Jianqing saw that Jiang Jingxuan and Gu Nanzhou were next to him. They were very scared and quickly took the menu to hide their faces. Zhou Jianqing cooperated with the brother to show his affection, and the brother’s ex-girlfriend was very angry when he saw this. Jiang Xiaochuan, who came to deliver the cake, was very surprised to see Zhou Jianqing.

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