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Hello Mr. Gu 原来你是这样的顾先生 Episode 13 Recap

After Gu Nanzhou took a shower, with his upper body naked, Zhou Jianqing pressed Zhou Jianqing and poured a glass of water on the kitchen counter. Zhou Jianqing was very nervous. Zhou Jianqing was scolded by the boss. Because of her quarrel with Mr. He, the project was stale. The boss wanted Zhou Jianqing to leave, so Zhou Jianqing left in a fit of anger. The boss asked Zhang Yin to take over from Zhou Jianqing, but Zhang Yin refused. He only followed Zhou Jianqing. Zhou Jianqing and Zhang Yin left together. Zhou Jianqing was very depressed.

Zhang Yin went with him. Zhou Jianqing also blamed herself. Zhang Yin encouraged her to get the game prize, which was hundreds of thousands. Jiang Xiaochuan told Gu Nanzhou that Zhou Jianqing and Mr. He had quarreled because Lu Ziming and Zhou Jianqing had also been fired. Gu Nanzhou immediately blamed himself and quickly opened the competition page and found that the works competing with Zhou Jianqing’s comics were suspected of cheating.

Su Youxia came to Zhou Zixuan again and said that there was something very important to say, but she couldn’t speak at the end of her mouth, so she could only wait for him to get off work. Su Youxia kept waiting for Zhou Zixuan until the evening, Zhou Zixuan wanted to run away from get off work, but Su Youxia caught up with milk tea, saying that he didn’t come to see him, and he didn’t know who to see. If she didn’t go to class, her mother would arrange to go to class . However, Zhou Zixuan directly sent Su Youxia to a taxi and told her not to waste time with herself. Su Youxia was extremely wronged.

Zhou Jianqing discovered that his opponent was cheating, but he was helpless. Gu Nanzhou had already called the organizer and suggested changing to the real-name voting system and recounting the votes. The next day, Zhou Jianqing found out that the vote had changed. A former colleague called Zhou Jianqing to tell him about Gu Nanzhou’s domineering wife protection. Now everyone in the company is helping Zhou Jianqing vote.

Zhou Jianqing deliberately ran in front of Gu Nanzhou. Gu Nanzhou didn’t raise her eyelids. Zhou Jianqing had to change the law and thank him with diligence. Gu Nanzhou asked if she lost her job to help her cooperate. Zhou Jianqing smiled and said she didn’t want to do it a long time ago. Gu Nanzhou knew that Zhou Jianqing’s level was one of the best and could not be delayed. Zhou Jianqing felt recognized immediately. However, after Gu Nanzhou heard Zhou Jianqing treat himself as a friend, his face changed again.

Zhou Zixuan has been promoted as a sous chef, but he heard that the man who had a blind date with Su Youxia already had a girlfriend, and beat him angrily, and then left the restaurant and said that he would quit. Zhou Zixuan sent a message to Su Youxia, saying that the man was not a good thing. Gu’s mother came to Gu Nanzhou and asked him if he was selling off the property under his name and if something happened. Gu Nanzhou said that he was going to a meeting and ran away. Gu’s mother had to ask Jiang Jingxuan, and Jiang Jingxuan said about Yingqi’s divestment. Zhou Jianqing was happy because she was shortlisted in the top 50.

Gu’s mother came and gave her a lot of fruit, and asked her if she had anything to do with Gu Nanzhou, and said that if Gu Nanzhou made her angry, she must be told. Gu Nanzhou came back and ignored the two. Gu’s mother and Zhou Jianqing were chatting happily. When it was too late, Gu’s mother decided to sleep here. Zhou Jianqing and Gu Nanzhou were forced to sleep in the same room. Gu Nanzhou knew that Gu’s mother was deliberate, but he could only let Zhou Jianqing sleep in the bed. Zhou Jianqing wondered why he suddenly became so good.

Gu Nanzhou couldn’t sleep at the floor shop, Zhou Jianqing asked him to change positions with him for 500 yuan, Gu Nanzhou was speechless. Gu Nanzhou asked Zhou Jianqing if it’s not weird to sleep with a man. Zhou Jianqing didn’t care at all. She often slept with Zhang Yin. Gu Nanzhou was depressed and angry when he heard the words. He kept tossing and awake all night.

Seeing that Zhou Jianqing had fallen asleep, Gu Nanzhou carefully helped her cover the quilt, lamenting that she was also very cute at this time. Zhou Jianqing turned over and put her feet out of the quilt again. Gu Nanzhou helped her stretch her feet and was kicked violently. Zhou Jianqing, who was awakened, quickly helped Gu Nanzhou up, but the two of them turned over and rolled onto the bed.

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