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Good Every Day 明天我们好好过 Episode 9 Recap

When his friend Army was about to get married, Luo Chang recommended He Daye to them. The Army was happy to help, but the bride, Xiaoling, was unwilling. However, at the Army’s insistence, Xiaoling had no choice but to give in and say to check the company environment first. After all, if the hardware is good, the software will not be too bad. But the studio was still in a messy decoration state. In desperation, Liu Dan quietly asked Shi Tao for help and made an appointment with customers. After everyone was off work, Shi Tao, who was still at the Yasha Company, took over and sneaked into the Yasha Company. Temporarily confuse the pass.

He Daye disagreed at first, but couldn’t think of a better way and simply gave in. However, no one knew that their sneaking into the company was all made clear by the surveillance video that Yasha had just installed. At the door, Zhang Meng chatted with the smoking army. He accidentally learned that the army had a complex of “Shu Ke and Beta”, and saw that He Daye and Xiaoling’s conversation were in trouble. Seeing that Xiaoling was about to call the army to leave, Zhang Meng secretly sent a text message to He Daye, revealing the idea of ​​the cartoon theme. He Daye was originally unwilling, but she wanted to stay as a guest too much

Hu, forced by helplessness, had no choice but to try his best, but did not expect that this proposal would be recognized and insisted on by the Army. Xiao Ling refused at first, but finally was helpless.

In this way, with the help of Zhang Meng, He Daye took the first order since the company opened. However, this matter is not that simple. Yasha checked the video, and the fact that He Daye sneaked into the company was revealed. In the face of Yasha, He Daye admitted everything frankly, and awe-inspiringly told Yasha not to involve others, so he was humiliated by Yasha.

He Daye, who came out of the company in frustration, found that Zhang Meng was still waiting at the same place. Zhang Meng said that this place was not easy to take a taxi, so after waiting, a warm current surged in He Daye’s heart. In the Yasha company, after He Daye left, Yasha took out the video and played it countless times to warn everyone. All kinds of slander spread to Shi Tao’s ears, which made him very upset. After thinking about it, Shi Tao sneaked into the Yacha office and deleted the video. , And offered to resign and go to He Daye’s company.

The Shuke and Beta-themed wedding came as scheduled, but the accident also followed as scheduled. The army’s predecessor came to grab the marriage, and the army, who had already shown a sense of fatigue before the wedding, took the hand of his predecessor and escaped from the marriage. This scene plunged He Daye into the painful memories of the past. The bridegroom went without a trace, and the bride was helpless, and the final payment of He Daye’s wedding was gone. If she couldn’t find the army, she could only find Xiaoling. The haggard Xiaoling said that she could pay the balance, provided that she met with the army.

He Daye understood that what Xiaoling wanted was just an apology and an explanation, just like her own back then. So she tried her best to find the army, and the army did not do well after escaped marriage. Misfortune did not come singly. When He Daye was overwhelmed by a bunch of bad things, He Ma called again, and why Daye arranged a blind date.

He Daye went on a blind date, and Zhang Meng followed after seeing the address. Seeing that He Daye and his blind date were about to turn their faces, Zhang Meng hurriedly stepped forward to relieve the siege as He Daye’s boyfriend, and angrily left the blind date man. However, the news that He Daye had a boyfriend also naturally spread to He Ma’s ears. He Ma, who was afraid that He Daye and Luo Chang would be hurt again, resolutely came to Beijing.

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