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Good Every Day 明天我们好好过 Episode 8 Recap

After Luo Chang entered the bathroom, he came out sober. Knowing that he was playing a hooligan here, he washed his face on the washbasin and came out. Liu Dan waited for Luo Chang to come out and hit Luo Chang directly with a baseball bat. After Luo Chang went downstairs, she threw all of Luo Chang’s things down, cursing that Luo Chang was abnormal, and she called the police next time she came. .

He Daye put out the promotion of the store and waited for customers to call to talk about cooperation. However, she did not expect to wait for a customer all morning, which made her very anxious. Liu Dan helped Persuade He Daye. At this time, the customer called, so she lent her car to He Daye and asked He Daye to talk to the customer.

The company did not renew the contract with Zhang Meng. Jiajia tried very hard to help Zhang Meng but it was useless. She could only find Zhang Meng and tell Zhang Meng the truth. Zhang Meng knew that the company refused to renew his contract. He didn’t want to embarrass Jiajia, so he could only plan to leave the modeling circle. When I went to meet Jiajia, Zhang Meng collected all the awards he had previously won as a model, and got in a good mood to meet Jiajia and sign a contract agreement.

He Daye went to see the customer, but she did not expect to wait for a long time but did not wait for the customer. She had to call and look for the customer, but she ran into Zhang Meng in the elevator. When He Daye met Zhang Meng, she happened to be rejected by the client. She felt that she was unlucky when she met Zhang Meng, but Zhang Meng still kindly wanted to give He Daye a ride, but she didn’t expect He Daye to drive the car by herself. .

He Daye was anxious to find a customer, and the car happened to be behind Zhang Meng, but Zhang Meng’s car suddenly ran out of gas and stopped, so she could only brake to avoid Zhang Meng’s car. He Daye braked hard, and the car behind him accidentally ran into her, angrily quarreled with He Daye, and then left He Daye for a call.

After He Daye solved the plucking accident, he angrily argued with Zhang Meng, cursing Zhang Meng constantly, and degrading Zhang Meng’s career. Zhang Meng can accept being insulted by He Daye, but his profession does not allow He Daye to insult, so he couldn’t help but quarrel with He Daye. He Daye claimed that she did not attract customers because her company did not even have a decent studio, so Zhang Meng agreed to He Daye to move.

Zhang Meng made an appointment with He Daye, and then sent Zhang Yangyang to Shu Ying, wanting to send Zhang Yangyang there for a period of time, so that he could find a place to move. After Zhang Meng agreed, He Daye entered into an agreement that the contract was invalid and went to Zhang Meng to sign. Zhang Meng made a few dishes and wanted to have a meal with He Daye, and apologized to He Daye for his attitude today.

Zhang Meng told He Daye that when he was unemployed today, he was in a bad mood and that he had a bad attitude towards He Daye and asked He Daye to forgive him. Zhang Meng knew that He Daye was not easy. He didn’t want to embarrass He Daye, so he agreed to move. He Daye couldn’t help but sympathize with Zhang Meng, so he decided to have a drink with Zhang Meng. Shu Ying didn’t know what was going on with Zhang Meng, so she could only ask Zhang Yangyang.

Only then did she know that someone had come to the house to urge Zhang Meng to move, and she couldn’t help but worry about Zhang Meng. Zhang Yangyang was in Shu Ying’s house and got along very well with Shu Ying’s husband Wang Haitao, which made Shu Ying very happy to watch.

Zhang Meng told He Daye about his divorce and his efforts in the modeling industry over the past ten years. He Daye couldn’t bear it and didn’t want to drive Zhang Meng away. In the contract, He Daye added a few items to Zhang Meng and asked Zhang Meng to help her with a little decoration cost. She can continue to use the house for Zhang Meng, and she only needs the right to use the downstairs during the day. Zhang Meng had no place to move, so he could only agree to He Daye’s request and sign the contract.

In order to retaliate against Liu Dan, Luo Chang squeezed all-purpose glue into Liu Dan’s door lock, but after the incident was completed, he worried that Liu Dan would not be able to enter the house, and he had no reason to retaliate against Liu Dan in this way, so he deliberately found a master unlocker and locked the door.

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