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Good Every Day 明天我们好好过 Episode 10 Recap

He Daye’s arrival caught He Daye by surprise. In desperation, Zhang Meng could only temporarily pretend to be his boyfriend, but everything could not escape He Ma’s eyes. Because Shu Ying was not free, Zhang Meng asked He Daye to go to the school parent-child meeting with Zhang Yangyang. The three people cooperate with each other tacitly, just like a family of three. All of this was seen by Shu Ying, who had temporarily changed her mind and came to the scene. As a result, Shu Ying strengthened her belief in taking Zhang Yangyang abroad.

He Daye’s 32nd birthday arrived as scheduled, and Luo Chang said that he wanted to surprise He Daye by organizing a party for her at KTV. But this party was not successful, and He Daye had a quarrel with Luo Chang and left. The collapsed He Daye realized that maybe Luo Chang was really going to be lost this time.

At the same time, Zhang Yangyang, who didn’t want to go abroad with Shu Ying, deliberately smashed his English test. Shu Ying brought Zhang Yangyang to the door and Zhang Meng formally asked Zhang Yangyang to take away, but He Daye told Shu Ying that Zhang Yangyang had no English. The reason for the test and Zhang Yangyang and Zhang Meng are the people who depend on each other.

Because he did not take good care of Zhang Yangyang, Zhang Meng was very frustrated and gave up on himself. In order to help Zhang Meng, He Daye helped Zhang Meng receive the advertisement. Only when he arrived at the scene, he discovered that it turned out to be a health care product advertisement. Daye went crazy with the director and took Zhang Meng away. Zhang Meng also told He Daye that in fact, he had already looked for Jiajia and might go to the shopping mall to be a model.

Zhang Meng failed in the first battle at the shopping station, but went viral online by accident. Because of the beam formed by Yasha and He Daye, Yasha secretly pierced all the balloons at the wedding scene of He Daye. He Daye, who heard the news, rushed to the scene with Zhang Meng, and at this time Liu Dan also rushed to the scene and brought his new boyfriend Luo Chang. He Daye pretended to shake hands with Luo Chang calmly, but at this moment his stomach tightened and he vomited again.

Zhang Meng, who had met Luo Chang as early as renting a house, immediately understood the relationship between Luo Chang and He Daye, and took He Daye away in the name of going to the hospital. In the hospital, the doctor told He Daye that she was pregnant. Zhang Meng’s first reaction was to think of the wrong night of Shu Ying’s wedding, so he was determined to be responsible to He Daye. Shi Tao was in trouble and didn’t know where to go. And Luo Chang, who she cares about most, just said “congratulations” to her indifferently, which made He Daye feel even more hurt.

Even if life is like this, life still has to be lived. While He Daye struggled with the bride Fang Min’s wedding, He Daye admitted for the first time to Zhang Meng that the child was indeed his, but he was now in a period of rising career and did not intend to have this child. After Zhang Meng’s sincere persuasion and intentional pursuit, He Daye gradually changed his mind.

At this time, Shu Ying found a breast lump during the physical examination. Shu Ying was afraid that her life would be too soon, so she went to Zhang Meng first, but learned that He Daye was pregnant. Shu Ying disagreed that Zhang Meng wanted this child, because if she really had Zhang Yangyang must be taken care of by Zhang Meng. Zhang Meng’s current economic situation is not good and it is even impossible to take care of two children.

Zhang Meng was in a dilemma, thinking about it and deciding to be honest with He Daye, saying that if she really wanted to destroy the child, she could do it. He Daye was extremely desperate about this, thinking that Zhang Meng was a reliable man, but in the end he was completely disappointed.

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