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You Are My Hero 你是我的城池营垒 Episode 36 Recap

Mi Jia has a high fever. She is actually very afraid of being infected, but she can only pretend to be strong in front of her colleagues. She picked up the phone again to check and found that Xing Kelei still did not reply to her, and her heart was even more flustered. While she was crying silently, Ruan Qingxia called Mi Yan. She also saw Mi Yan’s news. She cared a few words about Mi Yan. She was also a little dissatisfied with Xing Kelei’s absence. She also said that she would go to the hospital when she was finished. Come to see Mi Ha. Mi Yan has been unable to contact Xing Kelei, and she was worried that Xing Kelei’s mission would be dangerous this time. She recalled that Xing Kelei always left suddenly because of the mission.

On the 20th, Xiang Lulu took her son out, Xing Kelei took everyone with Xiang Lulu, and found that Xiang Lulu took the child to Jiangning, and also happened to go to Renxin Hospital. Xing Kelei knew about Xiang. Lulu’s son has Kawasaki disease. He should go to the hospital for a review. The hospital is crowded and the police are not easy to control. Wu Keming is likely to appear in the hospital to see his son. The police lurked around and watched Xiang Lulu closely, but Wu Keming never showed up. Everyone could only wait patiently.

Captain Xu received the news that Wu Keming’s car was found five kilometers away from the hospital, but there was no clue in the car. Zhuo Wenjing, who came out of the hospital, told Xing Kelei about the closure of the emergency department, and was a little worried about whether there was anything wrong with Mi Yan. When Xing Kelei was worried, he suddenly got news. Xiang Lulu took his son to the lawn at the back door of the hospital. Before he could think about it, he quickly took someone to the back door and stared at Xiang Lulu.

Soon there will be a deliveryman who suddenly approached Xiang Lulu. Xing Kelei realized that it was wrong and hurriedly led people around. Wu Keming realized that it was wrong and then fled. He also took a nurse as a hostage in the middle. Xing Kelei repeatedly persuaded him. Let him think about his family and children. Xiang Lulu also looked at Wu Keming pleadingly. Wu Keming hesitated for a while, put down the gun and got caught.

Here Mi Ha’s fever subsided, and the isolation was lifted. Ruan Qingxia went to the hospital to pick up Mi Hao and went home. As soon as Mi Hao fell asleep, Xing Kelei came back. Seeing Xing Kelei came back, Ruan Qingxia told him reproachfully that Mi Ha had a fever and was quarantined. After that, Xing Kelei was asked to take good care of Mi Ha, and Ruan Qingxia left. Xing Kelei went upstairs and looked at Mi Ha, feeling very guilty.

Xing Kelei tossed and turned around in the study, and suddenly heard a noise. When he got up, he found that Mi Ha was up. Xing Kele hugged Mi Ha and apologized to her and asked if she was scared when she was in isolation. Mi Ha said that he was a little bit a little bit when she was in isolation. I was afraid, but then I was worried about whether Xing Kelei would be injured or not. Xing Kelei became more guilty. Before Mi Jie asked Xing Kelei to leave her vulnerable side, Xing Kelei now wants Mi Jie not to pretend to be strong in front of him.

Mi Jia took a rest for one night, and went to work in the hospital the next day. Xing Kelei knew that Mi Jia would be off tomorrow, so he explained that the two of them would have a good day. Shu Wenbo went to see Ruan Qingxia after the holiday. The two went to the mountain to see the scenery. Ruan Qingxia leaned on Shu Wenbo and suddenly said that he wanted to marry Shu Wenbo immediately. Shu Wenbo didn’t seem to hear clearly and asked what Ruan Qingxia had just said. Ruan Qingxia shook his head. When Xing Kelei took Mi Ha to the beach the next day, Team Hao suddenly called and asked Xing Kelei to take the task. Xing Kelei could only turn around and go back. Although Mi Ha could understand, he was still very unhappy.

Ruan Qingxia brought a lot of things to Mi Tu’s house to cook hot pot to comfort her. Mi Tu suddenly realized the real problems. They had special occupations and often had unexpected situations. Even if they lived under the same roof, it was time for them to meet. Ruan Qingxia persuaded her not to think so much. The less things she thinks, the more happiness, and Mi Yan no longer thinks too much. When Mi Ha went to work, Shao Yuhan told Mi Ha that the Allen Medical Center had passed Mi Ha’s initial test and will soon conduct a video interview with Mi Ha, but Mi Ha hesitated because of Xing Kelei’s reasons. Shao Yuhan expressed his understanding, but this matter It is very important to Mi Tu’s future development. He asks Mi Tu to think about it and don’t make a hasty decision.

Shu Wenbo planned to propose to Ruan Qingxia, so he took Xing Kelei to the jewelry store to pick a proposal ring. The two looked at the ring and didn’t know how to pick it. Shu Wenbo suggested that Xing Kelei send it to Mi Ha for a look, and let Mi Ha as a consultant. Mi Jie thought it was Xing Kelei who asked for the marriage. After learning that he had misunderstood, he was a little disappointed. After a while, Shu Wenbo picked the ring, and Xing Kelei bought another necklace as a gift for Shu Wenbo and the others.

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