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You Are My Hero 你是我的城池营垒 Episode 35 Recap

It is rare for Xing Kelei and Mi Ha to take a vacation together. Xing Kelei suggested that the two of them go out to play together. Mi Ha proposed to go to the beach the day after tomorrow. Xing Kelei agreed. The next day Mi Ha went to work. Xing Kelei packed up things at home and cleaned up for a trip. Preparation, while packing things, Xing Kelei received a call from Team Hao and went back to the team. Team Hao gave Wu Keming’s information to Xing Kelei.

This Wu Keming was an important suspect. Intelligence showed that Wu Keming had returned to Lucheng. He might still have heavy weapons in his hand. He needs the Tigers to support the Interpol. Xing Kelei is not. Dare to neglect, quickly took the information and prepared to go, and sent a message to Mi Yan, saying that he had a task tonight and would not go back, Mi Yan was also busy, and did not see the news.

Jia Li asked Mi Yan to send Shao Yuhan a medical record. Shao Yuhan told her that a family member of a patient had fallen in the emergency department. After understanding, the family member of the patient had just returned from the Middle East. He was suspected to be a patient with Middle East Respiratory Syndrome and had been notified of the disease control. The center was closed, and the emergency department was temporarily closed. Now Mi Tu could only accompany Shao Yuhan in the emergency department to perform operations on the patient.

Xing Kelei met with Captain Xu of the Criminal Police Team. Captain Xu introduced Wu Keming’s situation to Xing Kelei and others. The house where Captain Xu lives is opposite to Wu Keming’s parents’ home. Wu Keming’s parents have long since passed away and they now live in the house. It’s a tenant. The tenant is a woman named Xiang Lulu with a child. Xiang Lulu runs a Taobao store. The child is almost six years old.

They also investigated Xiang Lulu’s background and found no Xiang Lulu and Wu Keming’s contact. After analysis, Xing Kelei decided to start with Wu Keming’s black tribe investigation. They found out the position of the tribe, successfully arrested the tribe, and began to interrogate him. The tribe said what he knew and said that he was vague. Hearing Wu Keming said that they would leave on the 20th, Xing Kelei and Captain Xu hurriedly sent people to look up any major events in the city on the 20th.

Xing Kelei also discovered that Xiang Lulu’s Taobao store had some problems. Xiang Lulu’s Taobao store didn’t make money at all. Xing Kelei and others suspected that Xiang Lulu and Wu Keming knew each other, and that Xiang Lulu’s child might be Wu Keming’s. Xing Kelei sent Shu Wenbo into Xiang Lulu’s house pretending to be maintenance personnel, and placed a mini video recorder in the house. Just when Shu Wenbo was out, Wu Keming’s sister came. Wu Keming’s sister was using to open the door, but after she discovered Shu Wenbo, she hid the key and deliberately stayed in Shu Wenbo. Xiang Lulu was urged to pay the rent, which also aroused Xing Kelei’s suspicion.

After Mi Ha and Shao Yuhan performed the operation on the patient, they stayed in the ward to take care of the patient. Mi Ha did not read the mobile phone messages. They used Shao Yuhan’s cell phone to call Xing Kelei, but Xing Kelei’s cell phone was turned off. Mi Hao was a little worried about Xing Kelei. . Mi Yan was on duty overnight in the isolation room.

Just when she was about to change shifts, Mi Yan developed cough and fever symptoms. She hurriedly withstood the door of the isolation room to prevent Chen Tao and Shao Yuhan from entering, and asked Shao Yuhan to determine whether the patient needed it. Need to avoid suspicion, Shao Yuhan’s face was a little dignified, so Chen Tao hurried to get his protective clothing.

Mi Hao continued to isolate and observe in the isolation room. Wei Lan asked Mi Ha if she needed anything. Mi Ha hurriedly said that he wanted a mobile phone. Soon Chen Tao brought the phone to Mi Ha. Mi Jia turned on the phone and found that Xing Kelei had no more information except for the news that he could not return. She wanted to tell Xing Kelei that she had a fever and was quarantined, but after hesitating, she still did not send the news, but told Ruan Qingxia that she was quarantined.

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