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Twelve Legends 十二谭 Episode 14 Recap

Although Xiaotao is reluctant to bear the sisters in the dance hall, she hopes to grow old hand in hand with Yin Qing. It was with such a beautiful long-cherished wish that Xiao Tao decided to bid farewell to everyone. The sisters objected, thinking that Yin Qing was not suitable for Xiao Tao, but Ye Ming supported her choice.

Bai Jingang was asked by his superiors to re-investigate the murder of the dancing girl, so he took people to the Xinxin Song and Dance Hall to learn about the situation. However, he was attracted by Ye Ming on the stage. He became emotional and went to the backstage to talk to Ye Ming alone. However, Ye Ming realized that Bai Jingang was not a good person and kept a distance from him. However, Bai Jingang used public for personal gain and claimed to send her home every day to ensure her personal safety.

As usual, Lian Xuan and Xiao Qing watched and protected Ye Ming near the dance hall. They did not expect to hear the gossip of the dancers and learned that Bai Jingang liked Ye Ming. Even though Lian Xuan pretended to be disguised every time he went out, he was still spotted by the police, so scared that he ran away with Xiaoqing, and then hid in the alley.

Thanks to Xiaoqing’s help, Lian Xuan finally escaped, and after he returned home embarrassed, he took the initiative to talk about Bai Jingang’s harassment of Ye Ming. Sure enough, just as Lian Xuan expected, Jin Xingjian was calm and rational, and was calm about everything. Only Ye Ming would make him look like an ordinary person, full of emotions and flesh and blood.

Xiaotao packed her bags and prepared to leave with Yin Qing. Ye Ming reluctantly said goodbye. In the days that followed, she went to the dance hall to perform as usual, but she was left at home, which seemed particularly deserted. Jin Xingjian gave Ye Qingchun’s clothes to Ye Ming. Ye Lina knew that she was Jin Xingjian’s sweetheart, and she was shocked.

Ye Ming knew Ye Lina’s mind, so he said that he had no feelings for Jin Xingjian. Ye Lina believed it was true, and Jin Xingjian took the initiative to put a coat on Ye Lina in front of Ye Ming, showing his concern. That night, Jin Xingjian sent Ye Ming home, during which he talked about Bai Jingang. He was afraid that Ye Ming deliberately Bai Jingang, and wanted to find Yu Shaobai through his connections.

Because of Jin Xingjian’s appearance, Bai Jingang couldn’t get close to Ye Ming. Thinking of his good deeds that he had badly done many times, he immediately tried to find a chance to get revenge. On the other side, Ye Ming couldn’t let Jin Xingjian tell the truth, so he walked forward in anger and almost fell. Fortunately, Jin Xingjian helped her in time.

When he came to the door, Jin Xingjian wondered whether truth is important to Ye Ming, and he believed that even if he tells the truth, he is not trustworthy in Ye Ming’s eyes. Ye Ming refuted Jin Xingjian’s thoughts, because she valued her younger brother very much, so she wanted to know the truth urgently, even if Jin Xingjian was unspeakable. However, Jin Xingjian still couldn’t reveal a word, Ye Ming was a little disappointed and turned upstairs. Seeing Ye Ming’s departure, Jin Xingjian felt heavy, because he was afraid that after Ye Ming knew the truth, he might be more painful than he is now.

Xiao Tao wore a red dress, dressed up as a bride. Yin Qing seemed to be fascinated, even if he was happy, but also worried, and at the same time guilty that Xiaotao would be isolated from the world here. But for Xiaotao, nothing is more important than Yin Qing. She is willing to stay, looking forward to a better life after marriage.

On the night of the wedding day, Xiaotao woke up and found that Yin Qing was not by her side, so she hurriedly got up and went out to search. At this time, Yin Qing was meeting Yin Hao in the garden pavilion, still rejecting the other’s request and refused to harm humans. When Xiao Tao found her, Yin Qing pretended to suffer from sleepwalking. Not only did Xiao Tao not dislike it, but tied her and Yin Qing’s hands together with a red string, promising to stay with her forever in the future.

Yin Qing was very moved, but in the middle of the night, Xiao Tao found that he had disappeared again. However, this time Xiao Tao was not as lucky as she was before. She came downstairs and ran into Yin Hao, and was so scared that she fainted on the spot. Yin Qing was afraid that her brother would hurt Xiaotao, so she immediately promised to help the family return to the king’s side. After finally persuading Yin Hao to leave, Yin Qing was in a complex and heavy mood. He was lying next to Xiao Tao, not knowing what to do next. Xiao Taozuo suddenly woke up, thinking that she had encountered a bat monster, but Yin Qing lied to her to have a nightmare.

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