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The Rational Life 理智派生活 Episode 6 Recap

Qi Xiao worried that Shen Ruoxin would be depressed for too long, and sooner or later he would get mental illness, so he called Su Yang and You Sijia, and the three took her to the playground to relax for a day. Because of the appearance of Qi Xiao, Shen Ruoxin’s world seems to have added a lot of warmth, and even her whole person has been assimilated, becoming more able to express emotions, and learning to sit on the carousel and laugh.

At the same time, good sister Song Ziyan is facing the trouble of being conceived. At first, the mother-in-law could understand her young and playful temperament, so she let the young couple not have children for the time being. But now that he is getting older, if he is not pregnant, he will become an elderly woman. The old man hopes that his children and grandchildren will be full, but Song Ziyan does not understand.

At the critical moment, Qi Xiao rushed over to stand in front of Shen Ruoxin, and defended her, taking her away from the crowd. Shen Ruoxin hid in the bathroom and started crying. Qi Xiao was a little worried, so he let You Sijia in to help comfort. Shen Ruoxin quickly recovered her calm. She arranged for Qi Xiao to clarify the truth on the Internet and investigate the identity and purpose of the rumors by the way.

Qi Xiao watched the video several times and felt that someone deliberately targeted Shen Ruoxin. However, the IP address of the poster was not clear, and it was difficult to find out the detailed information in a short time. Shen Ruoxin asked Qi Xiao to keep an eye on the posts posted by the rumors and keep an eye on the other party’s next move. You Sijia immediately contacted the public relations department and drafted a company response.

After the accident, Zhenpeng Group was pushed to the forefront again. Ruan Ye took the opportunity to file a complaint with Liu Pei, saying that he could have lost money, but he was about to cause a threatening scandal. Liu Pei was worried that this incident would disturb the group headquarters, so he decided to fire Shen Ruoxin to reduce the influence of public opinion.

However, Shen Ruoxin worked in the group after graduating from school. It is now seven years. She has an inseparable feeling for Zhenpeng Group, so it is difficult to remain indifferent. Considering that Shen Ruoxin paid a lot for the group, Liu Pei was still unbearable, and eventually transferred her from the legal department to the administrative department.

The company issued a notice of transfer, and all the employees talked a lot. Qi Xiao and You Sijia were even more shocked and did not know how to comfort them. Qi Xiao looked at Shen Ruoxin’s loss and sadness, and then felt a little at a loss. He simply reported to her that the rumors had posted in a forum to ask questions about how to install monitoring equipment in his wife’s mobile phone.

Before Qi Xiao could finish speaking, Shen Ruoxin immediately interrupted, saying that he was no longer working in the Legal Department, and there was no need to report on these matters. Looking at the group photo on the desk, Shen Ruoxin recalled the days when he had worked hard with colleagues, and finally couldn’t help crying.

That night, just as Shen Ruoxin was about to leave work, he suddenly found Qi Xiao waiting for herself in the office. Originally everyone was going to hold a welcome banquet for Qi Xiao, but he unexpectedly found an excuse to dodge it, and even actively invited Shen Ruoxin to eat supper. Shen Ruoxin readily agreed and personally took him to eat spicy hot pot, one with relish, the other with fear, completely unaccustomed.

When You Sijia heard that the headquarters did not mention Shen Ruoxin at all, she knew that Liu Pei deliberately pressured Shen Ruoxin, and Qi Xiao made an injustice for Shen Ruoxin and promised to find the rumors to prove innocence. After dinner, Shen Ruoxin bid farewell to Qi Xiao and others, and went home alone. When she passed the underground garage, she suddenly noticed someone following behind her.

Shen Ruoxin was so frightened that he hid in the car, only to find that the people behind him were not malicious, but simply stuffed small advertisements into the car windows. Because of this oolong, Shen Ruoxin finally breathed a sigh of relief. At the same time, knowing that he was too nervous, he simply contacted his best friend Song Ziyan and told her about the recent experience.

Qi Xiao takes You Sijia to find Su Yang, and the three get together again, just like they were in college. The next day, You Sijia met Su Yang in the library and looked at him focusing on reading through the bookshelf. The fawn in his heart bumped again. After many years, the secret love still remains unabated.

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