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The Long Ballad 長歌行 Episode 8 Recap

Wang Junkuo led his troops to the Chaifang, and he escorted the long song, preparing to take the Prince’s Seal from the long singer. Ashley Falcon knew that Prince Xi was on Ado, and he asked Ado to wait for him outside the city, and then he would find another way to rescue Changge. In the dark, Ashley Falcon learned from Wang Junkuo’s words that Changge was actually the lord of Yongning County, but now Wang Junkuo guards Changge very seriously, he can’t hold on, he can only rescue Changge out of his mind.

Wang Junkuo tortured Shuyu and prepared to threaten Changge with Shuyu’s life. Changge and Shuyu were locked together. She learned from Shuyu that Gao Du was also with him, and the two had arranged a time to meet at the gate of the city. When Changge had an idea, she called for a meeting with Li Yuan, dragging the time to the rendezvous, saying that the crown prince was in the hands of her entourage, and asked Li Yuan to take Shuyu with her to meet with her entourage. Gao Du was always smart. He and Le Yan happened to see Chang Ge when they arrived at the gate of the city. Chang Ge was stared at. Gao Du told Le Yan not to get out in the carriage, and he went to catch Chang Ge back.

Wang Junkuo was not Gao Du’s opponent, and Chang Ge used Gao Du to successfully escape, but he also fell into Gao Du’s hands. At this time, Ashley falcon held Le Yan and came forward. He asked Gao Du to play a long song. Gao was unwilling to play a long song, but he could not watch Le Yan accidentally. In addition, Le Yan pleaded, Gao. They had no choice but to let go of Long Song, and watched Long Song leave with A Shile Falcon.

Ashley Falcon knew the identity of Changge, and Changge also guessed that Ashley Falcon had something to do with the grassland. She persuaded Ashley Falcon to leave Youzhou as soon as possible, and she does not need Ashley Falcon to take care of her affairs in the future. Ashley Falcon mentioned that Youzhou’s situation is not peaceful, and does not want Long Song to stay in Youzhou, but Long Song does not appreciate Ashley’s love. This is Datang, and she would never look at Ashley’s people. Come to harm Datang. Listening to this, Ashley Falcon had no choice but to stop demanding, and only left the treasured sword to Changge for self-defense.

Chang Ge came to see Gao Du. She told Gao Du that Wang Junkuo had colluded with Ashyl Khan. Shuyu was locked in a dungeon at this time and Youzhou was about to fall. She hoped that Gao could cooperate with her to save him. Youzhou is in water and fire. Gao Du’s first task was to bring Chang Ge and Le Yan back to Chang’an. He was unwilling to mix with Youzhou’s affairs. Chang Ge reprimanded Gao Du.

As a court official, he did not even care about Youzhou’s safety. Du Ruhui had this right. Zizhen is ashamed. No matter how Long Song reprimanded him, Gao insisted on completing his mission. He tied Long Song and left the city before Wang Junguo closed the city gate.

Le Yan didn’t understand why catching the long song was more important than Shuyu’s life and the safety of the people in Youzhou City. Gao Du frankly told Le Yan that it was the most effective way to go out of the city to light a beacon and tell the court that the three of them couldn’t save it. Shuyu. Changge was locked in the inn. Atou found Changge with his own cleverness. He returned the crown prince to Changge. Changge came to see Le Yan and asked Le Yan to return to Luoyang as soon as possible, while he was going to rescue the soldiers. , Save Youzhou.

At night, Changge used the identity of Shuyu to move rescue troops to Duwei Shen, but Duwei Shen did not believe in Changge until the beacon in Youzhou City was lit by Gao Du, and Duwei Shen knew the seriousness of the matter when he saw the wolf smoke. Point soldiers to Youzhou to rush to help. The news of Tang Jun’s aid reached the ears of Little Khan, who emptied the things in Youzhou Mansion and prepared to leave Youzhou.

Ashley Falcon secretly blended, and he shot an arrow at the horse, causing Little Khan to attract the attention of Lieutenant Shen Du. In order to avoid revealing his identity, Little Khan had to abandon the wealth of Youzhou Mansion Treasury and leave. He saw the figure of Ashyl Falcon in the dark and couldn’t help but remember Ashyl Falcon even more.

Le Yan was alone in the inn waiting for a long song to save Shuyu back. Her beauty was stared at by the gangsters, but Gao was not by Le Yan’s side, and Le Yan was stunned by secret design.

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