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The Long Ballad 長歌行 Episode 7 Recap

Changge analyzed the current situation for Li Yuan. Now Li Shimin is embarrassed on all sides, and the army will be scattered and guarded. If the Youzhou army can also attack it in two ways, then the two armies will not be prosperous, and the world will be settled. After hearing the words of Changge, Wang Junkuo couldn’t help but admire the quality of the dragon and the phoenix of Changge. Changge also took out the decrees she had written.

The decrees were covered by the seal of the prince. She wrote the decrees under the name of Li Jiancheng. Let Li Yuan lead his troops into Chang’an and kill the traitor Li Jiancheng. At this time, the messenger from Chang’an came to the mansion, Wang Junkuo wanted to take the messenger down, in order to invigorate the army, Changge came with Wang Junkuo, unexpectedly discovered that the messenger from Chang’an was Shuyu.

Shuyu did not expect that Changge would help Li Yuan in rebellion. He hoped that Changge would return to Changan and confess his guilt. Li Shimin would definitely spare Changge’s life. Changge sneered. She would never repeat the mistakes of the Donggong, even though Changge did not kill uncle. Yu, but took Shuyu to prison.

Changge was wounded in her hand because of fighting against Shuyu. She left the Dudu’s Mansion. Li Yuan sent people to follow Changge secretly. When the scene was seen by Ashley Falcon in the dark, Ashley Falcon was puzzled. Not only did Li Yuan send people to follow the long song, he studied the instruction in his hand and found that the seal was a new one, and the crown prince had been placed among the long singers. Wang Junkuo also decided to cooperate with Ashley Falcon, and he sent people out of the city to wait. The arrival of Hou A Shile Falcon.

Chang Ge returned to Chaifang, and she knew that someone was following her secretly today, but she had no basis, and now she is the only one relying on Li Yuan. At night, Ashyl Falcon came outside the wood house. He remembered all the deeds since he encountered Chang Ge, and couldn’t help but admire Chang Ge’s kind of strategy and fearless strange woman. Later, Ashyl Falcon knocked on the door of Changge.

He saw Changge’s eyes with tears, and he couldn’t help feeling pity. He lied that he was in a bad mood and went out with Changge for relaxation. I can feel better for the long song. Now that Youzhou City is not peaceful, Ashley Falcon wants to let Changge leave as soon as possible, but Changge thinks that he has enough self-protection ability, but persuaded Ashley Falcon to leave early after doing business, and Ashley Falcon also only Nodding their heads in response, the two still hid themselves to each other.

In order to hold Gao Du, Le Yan asked Gao Du to stay with herself at all times. Even if Gao felt uncomfortable because she was alone with her widows in the middle of the night, Le Yan kept pulling Gao Du, no Stop talking to Gao Du. In the end, Gao Du couldn’t bear to turn off the light and hugged Le Yan back to bed to rest. He stood alone in front of Le Yan’s bed, accompanied by Le Yan.

Little Khan came to Youzhou City, he brought news about the Great Khan, and he took care of the affairs of Youzhou City. The Great Khan transferred the Ashyl Falcon to Shuozhou, and Ashyl Falcon was heartbroken. Some are unwilling, but they have to take their orders. Now Chang Ge has taken refuge in Li Yuan, she decided to live in the Dudu Mansion, but the Prince’s Seal in her hands is of great importance. She had to be careful to hide it. A Dou and Chang Ge did not live together. He asked Chang Ge to take the Prince’s Seal. Putting it in his custody, Chang Ge believed in A Dou, and after hesitating for a few minutes, he gave the Crown Prince’s Seal to him for safekeeping.

Ashley Falcon set off to leave Youzhou. Before he left, he remembered all the things and guessed that Changge was carrying the Crown Prince’s Seal. Worried about Changge, he decided to return to Youzhou. In Youzhou City, Chang Ge found Wang Junkuo’s figure in the inn. She followed Wang Junkuo to the outside of the city. She accidentally discovered that Wang Junkuo had betrayed Li Yuan and was preparing to become a private soldier.

Since Wang Junkuo chose to betray, the first target was Li Yuan. Chang Ge was deeply afraid of Li Yuan’s death. She went back to the Dudu’s Mansion to save Li Yuan without saying anything, but Wang Junkuo also rushed to the mansion with troops, and he planned to encircle and suppress the two nephews and uncles. Fortunately, Ashele Falcon assisted in secret and saved both of them.

Chang Ge took Li Yuan to the place where she lived. She was looking for A Dou, but Li Yuan showed flaws and wanted Chang Ge to find things out. Changge increased his vigilance, drew his sword and faced Li Yuan, and Li Yuan told him the truth. He already knew that Prince Xi was on Changge. Wang Junkuo’s betrayal was performed by them in order to let Changge come out.

Prince’s Seal. At this moment, Atou was about to go back to his room. He was very happy to see the figure of Chang Ge. Before Ah Dou came forward, Ashley Falcon quickly stopped him. Chang Ge had already scored. If At this time, Atou stepped forward. , Prince Xi must fall into Li Yuan’s hands.

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