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The Long Ballad 長歌行 Episode 6 Recap

Changge went out to inquire about the news, and saw that the gate of the Dudu Mansion was closed. Changge had to fight good news with the soldiers outside. He learned that Li Yuan had been closed since Li Jiancheng’s accident. It can be seen that Li Yuan is also a kind of love. man of. On the other hand, Aro, the ore transporter arranged by Ashle Falcon, really attracted the attention of the goalkeeper. He opened his mouth to ask Aro for two thousand stone ores. When the ore was obtained, he deliberately removed Aro and came to a god. Unconsciously.

Li Changge ran into Ashley Falcon outside the gate of the Governor’s Mansion. The two tacitly concealed what they had done, and only prepared to go back to the inn. Who knows, the two are extremely fate, not only are they going to the same place, but they also live in the same inn. It’s just that Ashley Falcon lives in Shanghaoya Room, while Changge lives in a dilapidated wooden room.

Ashley Falcon returned to the room, he couldn’t help but smile when he thought of the figure of Chang Ge. In surprise, Yaluo also reported the two thousand stone ore that Wang Junkuo wanted to Ashley Falcon, and Ashley Falcon was going to meet this long-awaited acquaintance for a while. On the other side, Le Yan saw Gao Du and Shuyu leaving. She was worried that Shuyu was in danger. She hid in the carriage, but was discovered by the two on the way. Gao wanted to send Le Yan back to Luoyang. Le Yan wanted to follow her. At Shuyu’s side, Shuyu had to take Le Yan with him, taking full responsibility for Le Yan’s safety.

At night, Chang Ge wrote a letter in the wood house. She stamped the seal of the prince in the letter, and she had a way to save herself. Ashley Falcon brought Alor to see Wang Junkuo. Wang Junkuo was angry that there was nothing on the Ashley Falcon carriage, but Ashley Falcon revealed his identity, saying that he could make Wang Junkuo alive. Youzhou is no longer the Youzhou it used to be. Wang Junguo secretly hid ores privately to raise troops for the purpose of privately casting iron tools.

In order to subdue Wang Junkuo, Ashele Falcon showed the horses of the Western Regions. As long as Wang Junkuo is willing to cooperate with him, the horses, weapons, and grasslands will be endlessly provided to Wang Junkuo. Wang Junkuo did not agree to Ashley Falcon, but secretly sent someone to find out where Ashley Falcon was stationed, but Ashley Falcon had been prepared for a long time.

Suishe returned to the grassland on the order of Ashyl Falcon to report to the Great Khan about the city of Chang’an. But before Suishah saw the Great Khan, the little Khan snatched Ashyl Falcon’s letter and refused to let him. Suishe sees the Great Khan.

In Youzhou City, Chang Ge sat alone on the roof thinking about his mother. Ashyl Falcon came to Chang Ge’s side. He asked why Chang Ge appeared in the capital. Chang Ge concealed his identity. She did not want to reveal her true identity, nor did she inquire about the identity of Ashley Falcon. Ashley Falcon only treated as if she did not know the daughter of Chang Ge.

The two chatted, Chang Ge looked at Ashley Falcon’s treasured sword, and couldn’t help but remember that she had followed Li Shimin to learn art since she was a child. All the past came to mind, Chang Ge was sad, and only prepared to get up and go back to the room. Knowing that, Chang Ge staggered and almost fell to the roof. Ashley’s eyes quickly hugged Changge. Chang Ge looked at Ashley’s eyebrows, and he couldn’t help feeling a little bit enthusiastic in his heart.

Li Shimin summoned Du Ruhui again and asked about the whereabouts of Changge. Du Ruhui truthfully claimed that Changge had gone to Youzhou, and Youzhou was the gateway to the Tang Dynasty. Li Shimin was a little bit sad that Changge had to fight him to the end. Changge was still young and could not distinguish between good and evil. She also had Prince Seal in her hand, Du Ruhui Let Li Shimin choose between Changge and Jiangshan Sheji as soon as possible. If someone who wants to use the crown prince in the long singer to do something unfavorable to the Tang Dynasty, the consequences will be disastrous.

The next day, Le Yan and his party arrived in Youzhou. Shuyu wanted to send Le Yan back to the inn to rest. Gao was deeply afraid that Shuyu would go to see Changge in secret, and he blocked it. Le Yan knew Gao Du’s mind, she stopped Gao Du as a princess, let Shuyu go to work, and Gao Du personally protected her at all times.

Gao didn’t refute Le Yan’s words, but left the personal guard to Shuyu, secretly monitoring Shuyu’s every move, and personally sent Le Yan back to rest. On the other hand, Chang Ge visited the Dudu Mansion again. She revealed her identity. Li Yuan was very pleased that Chang Ge was still alive. He wanted to protect Chang Ge’s thoroughness, but Chang Ge was not here to seek asylum this time. Come and help Li Yuan.

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