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The Long Ballad 長歌行 Episode 4 Recap

Li Shimin learned of the loss of Crown Prince Xi, he ordered a search of Chang’an City, and must retrieve the long song. Chang Ge took Prince Xi to escape from Hongyi Palace. Seeing her almost exposed her identity, the little beggar Adou who had followed her saved Chang Ge’s life. He wanted to worship Chang Ge as his teacher and work with Chang Ge. Seeing Ado’s resolute attitude in Changge, he also promised to stay with Ado. The story of Changge’s escape from Hongyi Palace was heard by Ashley Falcon, who had only seen long songs of women disguised as men. He was puzzled by the identity of Changge, and his interest in long songs became more and more intense.

The next day, Du Ruhui discussed the matter with Fang Xuanling and Li Shimin. Fang Yiwei did not catch Li Changge on his knees and pleaded guilty. Then Li Shimin ordered a team of elite soldiers to change into civilian clothes to make a secret investigation, find out the long song, and instructed Fang Yi to decide to Long Song brought it back alive. As for Le Yan, he punished Le Yan to think about it behind closed doors.

Now the officials in the capital are watching Li Shimin’s words and deeds, fearing that Li Shimin’s amnesty for the Second Wang Party Yu is just a lie. Fang Xuanling knows Li Shimin’s worries well, so when he mentions Wei Zheng, Wei Zheng can help Li Shimin solve these worries. After the discussion, Du Ruhui summoned his son Gao Du. Li Changge was raised up as a prince, and he believed that military rumors were passed on by Li Changge. If Li Changge is not removed today, it will be a major disaster in the future. Du Ruhui handed over the removal of Li Changge to Gaodu.

Gao Du investigated the spreader of the rumor in the army. He followed the fishy clues on the note and found the fishmonger related to the matter. After inquiring, he learned that this matter may not have been the work of Li Changge. After seeing the fishmonger being caught publicly, Ashley Falcon’s entourage hurriedly reported to Ashley Falcon. Ashley Falcon carefully noticed something was wrong. He concluded that they had revealed their identities, so he planned to leave Chang’an. Before the group of people left, Chang He led people to chase him. Ashley Falcon had to ride a horse to escape. He met Chang Ge on the way.

There was a prince behind Chang Ge who was chasing after him. She had to rob A Shi in desperation. Le Falcon’s horse fled, and Ash Le Falcon had to pretend to be a passerby and hide on the side of the road. Changge accidentally dropped the fish charm while escaping. The fish charm was a property of the Wei family. It was picked up by Chang He and handed over to Gao Du. Gao Du used the fish charm to threaten Shuyu and asked Shuyu to help him catch Changge. .

Changge escaped safely. She and Ah Dou met together, and the two were looking for a way to get out of the city. It was the Assile Falcon’s men who dressed up as the last caravan to get out of the city. Changge and Assile Falcon met again. Changge hopes that Ashley Falcon can help her out of the city, and the two reached an agreement. After Changge leaves the city safely, she is willing to give Ashley Falcon the treasure in her body. A Dou is not a wanted person. Chang Ge hid in Ash Lefalcon’s caravan and went out of the city. She asked A Dou to wait for her at a ten-liting outside the city. If she did not arrive in three days, A Dou would not have to wait any longer.

Gao Du ordered people to stop at the gate of the city. He stopped Ashyl Falcon’s caravan and wanted to search Chang Ge’s figure, but Chang Ge hid extremely tightly, and she managed to get out of the city with Ashyl Falcon’s help. Outside the city, Ashley Falcon accepted Changge’s treasured sword, and he gave Changge a horse, thinking that the two would never see each other again. Changge and Ashley were separated. She rode her horse to Shiliting, where Gao Du and Shuyu were waiting for the long song.

Shuyu was forced by Gaodu, but Gaodu spoke out to provoke the relationship between the two. It was said that this was the long song that Shuyu brought him to capture. They chased the long song all the way and pushed it to a dead end. Long song would rather die than yield. She drove her horse across the cliff and the bridge, and the horse fell off the cliff, she held on to the end. A trace of strength grasped the rope of the broken bridge. Gao Du drew his arrow at the long song. Seeing that Gao always wanted to kill the long song, Shuyu had to shoot a cold arrow at the long song first. Although Shuyu’s arrow would not hit the key of the long song, it also let the long song. Song fell off the cliff.

Li Shimin came to the Wei mansion. He wanted to ask Wei Zheng to come out for help. Wei Zheng was arrogant. He refused to succumb to Li Shimin. Not only did he threw the stinky shoes on Li Shimin, he also uttered angrily and said nothing to Li Shimin. Fang Xuanling listened to this movement outside the door, and he hurried out to stop the two of them. Although Li Shimin was angry at Wei Zheng for not knowing what is good or bad, he also obeyed Fang Xuanling’s words and left first.

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