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The Arc of Life 她們創業的那些鳥事 Episode 14 Recap

Mei Ji went out and chatted with Grandma. The coaxing grandma was very happy, let Xiao Min see that Mei Ji is amazing! The righteous man follows Director Ding’s woman Jiang Mingmei and helps her out. Mingmei knows that the righteous man is for Ding Zhijie and asks him not to show up again. At the press conference of Lin Chuanxiang’s painting class, Xiao Tiao announced that the designer of Nassiius had resigned and created his own brand.

He will cooperate exclusively with Little Bird and reveal the true face of Peng Jie’s internal traitor. When it’s time for Meiji to propose a match, the matchmaker that appeared was Jenny who had asked her privately. Datian called her second uncle in a critical condition, but Xia Zhi saw Datian riding the hot girl, but Meiji said she wanted to trust the person she liked.

Ding Zhijie smashed something, so that the righteous man staring outside heard the movement, worried about Jiang Mingmei’s situation, encouraged her to use her pottery skills, and introduced her to Xiaoxiao to promote tableware development cooperation. Xiaoxiao and Aunt Hua met during fitness, and the two started a physical competition. Aunt Hua talked about the loneliness of being a boss, Xiao Tiao felt the same way, and seemed to understand Aunt Hua. Xia Zhi became increasingly unable to understand Xiaoxiao’s arbitrariness at work, so she asked Jenny for advice, and when she looked at Jenny who was talking about work, she suddenly understood the different Xiaoxiao.

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