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The Arc of Life 她們創業的那些鳥事 Episode 13 Recap

I think happiness seems to be near, but I still have a sense of distance. Lin Chuan wanted to use cheap means to maintain the heat with anger, but the two broke up unhappy, but Xiaosu’s goal was achieved but he couldn’t be happy. Xia Zhi accompanied Meiji to pick a wedding dress, but Daejeon did not show up. It turned out to be to save the case. Meiji felt that this man was a hero… Xia Zhi looked at the happy Meiji and felt that the situation was different, but couldn’t tell why…

Yiman followed James to one In this luxurious mansion, the Dong Niang Lora of Ziqun Construction also appeared, and then Chief Ding got out of the car and entered the house with his arms around the woman who came to greet him. The righteous man was stunned. When Meiji was working and preparing for the wedding until she was overwhelmed, Daejeon came with photos of her warm nest after marriage, and Meiji was excited to pay the down payment immediately.

The righteous man came to Lora to seek evidence to gather evidence, but the truth embarrassed herself. Jenny cares about the righteous man, and the righteous man chooses not to say anything… Little Bird was reported by the upstairs resident Grandma Liu for being noisy. Reasonable but to no avail, when Mei Ji asked Xiao Tiao to be the matchmaker, but Xiao Tiao asked Mei Ji to get her grandma. Let’s talk about the overseas cooperation case. Xiao Tiao temporarily decided to go on a business trip. Xia Zhi was dissatisfied that Xiao Tiao did not communicate with him. Xiao Tsuta thinks that the boss decides just fine, and the two broke up unhappy.

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