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Sunshine of My Life 若你安好便是晴天 Episode 31 Recap

Even if the operation was successful without the slightest accident, Fang Qian thought she could not survive the postoperative chemotherapy, which would make her alive and dead. Fang Qian refused to discuss this topic with Fang Xiaoyu again on the grounds of basking in the sun. Instead, she was more concerned about whether Fang Xiaoyu had talked about his girlfriend.

When Fang Qian mentioned the word “like”, Fang Xiaoyu would naturally think of the bits and pieces of getting along with Murphy, but he no longer cared about his love life, or that he had given up. At this moment, Fang Xiaoyu only cares about Fang Qian’s safety, and his sister’s happiness is the top priority in his heart.

Since Fang Qian was admitted to the hospital, Lu Dan has always felt guilty. She found the best brain doctor for Fang Qian and was also responsible for all expenses, but she was unwilling to visit Fang Qian. However, Lu Dan couldn’t hold back Tang Qiren’s insistence, so she had to go to the hospital. The moment Lu Dan faced Fang Qian, Lu Dan was still somewhat embarrassed.

Since Fang Qian’s illness, Lu Dan felt that Tang Qiren and his son attributed Fang Qian’s illness to her, and there was a lot of blame in his words and deeds. Lu Dan felt a bit wronged during this period, but in the midst of this grievance, she hoped that the Fang family would not embarrass Tang Mingxuan anymore.

The Symphony Yunyan Show is in the rehearsal, and Murphy is also paying attention to the work, but what everyone did not expect is that Shen Jiaxi chose to deliberately steal the “Water Color” design draft because of Bai Xiaoman’s provocation.

Since Murphy returned from France, Shen Jiaxi has always been jealous of Murphy’s achievements and emotional sweetness subconsciously. Shen Jiaxi looked at clothes that she was not qualified to try on. The prices on the clothes discouraged her, but Bai Xiaoman glamorously appeared in front of her and bought her just a few pieces of clothes.

Shen Jiaxi looked at the clothes in her hand, and recalled that she had helped Murphy wronged her righteously before, and seeing how Bai Xiaoman treated her so well, Shen Jiaxi suddenly felt a sense of guilt. Shen Jiaxi couldn’t compare to Murphy in every way, and was in the absence of wealth and emotion, and was easily persuaded by Bai Xiaoman to choose to be a commercial espionage for a sum of money.

Murphy accidentally hit his forehead with a high-altitude object for rescuing Lu Zhu. Although there was no major problem in the initial examination, he suffered a slight concussion and was forced to stay in the hospital for observation. Tang Mingxuan was too busy recently to see anyone, and Mo Fan was also stepping up rehearsals to excel. Mo Fei did not want to worry them, so she asked Lu Zhu to conceal his hospitalization.

Fang Xiaoyu looked at Tang Mingxuan taking care of Fang Qian every day. On the one hand, he didn’t want Fang Qian to see Tang Mingxuan and remember the pain he had suffered, and he didn’t want Tang Mingxuan to ignore Morphy’s feelings because he cared for Fang Qian. Although Tang Mingxuan refused to admit defeat, he was still reflecting on this issue, but when he called and prepared to confess to Murphy, Lu Zhu deliberately interrupted the call in order to cover Murphy.

Murphy felt lucky when she sent Tang Mingxuan away, and was about to return to the ward. When she saw a girl sitting in a wheelchair, she suddenly felt a little familiar. Murphy is a familiar character, she and Fang Qian hit it off and became good friends. It’s just that Fang Qian told him by her English name, so that Mo Fei could not recognize the woman in front of her, Fang Xiaoyu’s sister.

After a short chat, Murphy had long recognized Fang Qian as the woman who was looking for Fang Xiaoyu in France at the time, but Fang Qian didn’t seem to remember her anymore. Although Murphy was curious, she was not involved in this matter. More tangled.

Since then, Murphy will often go to Fang Qian’s ward to accompany her, until the day she was discharged, she deliberately came to Fang Qian’s ward to say goodbye to her. Before leaving, Moffitt gave Fang Qian a handkerchief embroidered specially to Fang Qian.

At the same time, on the first floor of the hospital, because Lu Zhu was accidentally exposed, Mo Fan learned that Mo Fei was hospitalized. Today, Mo Fan accompanied Lu Zhu to pick up Murphy and leave the hospital, but they saw Fang Xiaoyu walking towards the hospital on the first floor. Although I was reminded, but Murphy’s mobile phone couldn’t get through, and Mo Fan and Lu Zhu could only pray that they would not run into it.

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