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Sunshine of My Life 若你安好便是晴天 Episode 30 Recap

Tang Mingxuan accompanied Murphy around Suzhou, looking for inspiration for their theme “Water Color”. Although Cheng Yang deliberately used splash ink to present it, Murphy still felt that the overall design did not have enough charm. A few words from Tang Mingxuan inspired Murphy, and he also took the opportunity to get a reward of love.

Fang Qian’s condition suddenly worsened and was pushed into the emergency room. Fang Xiaoyu was anxious and nervous, and she was even angering Fang Weiguo. In particular, Fang Weiguo called Tang Mingxuan to inform him of Fang Qian’s situation, and actively asked Tang Mingxuan to come and visit.

Fang Xiaoyu didn’t want Fang Qian to contact Tang Mingxuan again, for fear of hurting her sister again. But Fang Weiguo knew that the first person Fang Qian wanted to see when she woke up was not her father or brother, but Tang Mingxuan, who she missed unforgettable.

Fang Weiguo hopes to use Fang Qian’s illness to force Tang Mingxuan not to be heartbroken anymore. He hopes that Tang Mingxuan will accompany Fang Qian through the most difficult days. Tang Mingxuan was also unable to accept the news for a while, so he rushed to the hospital to accompany Fang Qian. Although there is no love, he sincerely cares about Fang Qian with his brother’s mentality.

When Tang Qiren and Lu Dan learned about Fang Qian’s illness, they also wanted to help, but Lu Dan seemed to be reluctant to face Fang’s family because of previous events. Lu Dan has always felt guilty, but with Tang Qiren’s persuasion, he should always do what they want.

After Murphy returned to Shanghai, she couldn’t get through Tang Mingxuan’s phone call, but she believed in Tang Mingxuan’s love for herself and his personality. When Mo Yuxin saw that Morphy had already thought about it, she no longer asked too much. She only hoped that she could let her see her future son-in-law as soon as possible.

Tang Mingxuan has been taking care of Fang Qian in the hospital, and Fang Weiguo has always “forced” Tang Mingxuan to stay in the hospital at all times. Fang Weiguo has lost his son. He can no longer bear the pain of losing his daughter. Knowing that Fang Qian loves Tang Mingxuan, he wants to soothe Fang Qian in this way forever and give her the motivation to live.

Fang Xiaoyu still couldn’t accept Fang Weiguo’s self-assertion, and now Tang Mingxuan had a girlfriend, even if he could neglect Morphy for Fang Qian, he would still hurt Fang Qian in the end. Fang Xiaoyu also didn’t believe that Fang Weiguo needed sleeping pills and headache medicine every night because of the loss of his children.

Fang Xiaoyu deliberately rushed to the door of Murphy’s house, solemnly apologized to Murphy, and confessed to Fang Qian’s illness, that would make him drunk and talk nonsense. Murphy accepted Fang Xiaoyu’s apology, but his attitude was still cold.

Since Haiyao’s power was handed over to Bai Xiaoman, it caused dissatisfaction among all shareholders. The company was in a state of incompatibility, and Bai Xiaoman was also unable to convince the crowd. However, Zhu Haitian’s status as a major shareholder was suppressed. This time Mingyuan grabbed Haiyao’s fabric, and Bai Xiaoman directly announced that a press conference would be held, hoping to overwhelm Mingyuan’s limelight.

Ming Yuan also began to prepare for the Symphony Cloud Show. Cheng Yang and Murphy have full confidence in the “Water Color” series. Tang Mingxuan and Xia Xueling are in charge of the site control, and some of the intimate actions between him and Murphy no longer deliberately avoid Xia Xueling.

Fang Xiaoyu still suffers from her sister’s illness, and Fang Qian chooses to give up the operation. When Fang Qian was abroad, he had seen too many people with brain tumors. How low is the chance of success of this kind of surgery and how unlikely is the chance of recovery after surgery.

What’s more, after the operation, it is very likely that a small mistake will make her invisible or inaudible. Fang Qian didn’t want to take risks, but in exchange for a life of no quality, she would rather face death in the most healthy state in her limited life.

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