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Road to Rebirth 爱在星空下 Episode 29 Recap

Someone splashed ink on Su Xing’s poster, and Pete was very angry. He asked people to change the poster first and then let the wind go, saying that Qi Yue would play the male number one instead of Su Xing. Qi Yue didn’t understand the behavior of Pete’s sticking Su Xing. Pete said that he just wanted to maximize the value of Su Xing, not to ruin him. Su Xing was facing huge compensation. Qingping complained about the company’s lack of loyalty, but Su Xing was unexpectedly calm.

Yan Xi and Liang Yuxuan watched Qi Yue’s video together. Yan Xi decided to go to the gym Qi Yue frequented to investigate and let Liang Yuxuan comfort his fans. Su Xing planned to count the assets and return the money, but he refused to sell the house because he wanted to protect the life of Little Pudding. Of course Su’s mother expressed her support for Su Xing.

After all, they are a family, but she inevitably felt a lot of emotion in her heart. After Pete let out the wind, netizens resisted Qi Yue’s role as the male number one. Pete said meaningfully to Qi Yue, saying that Mr. Yu had asked them to finish dinner and told him Mr. Yu’s daughter had returned from abroad. , Qi Yuexin understands.

Sun Yihang asked Julie how Su Xing was doing recently. Julie never went to see Su Xing recently. She kept saying that it was not to drag him down. The pressure on the company was also great, and Julie couldn’t help but listen to them. This time Su Xing was involved in the law, not the lace news. This time, Pete couldn’t help but to praise Qi Yue. Sun Yihang sighed that Su Xing used to be beautiful, and the ups and downs were too exciting. Julie was able to see and told Sun Xiaoai to stay away from Su Xing. If she was photographed in the same frame as Su Xing, she would suspect that Sun Xiaoai was Pepe. Sent to harm Su Xing.

Su Xing’s presidential suite in the hotel expired, and Su Xing was kicked out and had to pay a damage fee. President Yu brought his daughter to dinner with Pete and Qi Yue. President Yu asked about the voice of boycotting Qi Yue on the Internet. Pete quickly explained that President Yu told Qi Yue not to be swayed by others. Yan Xi went to the gym to inquire about Qi Yue, but Qi Yue was no longer here as a fitness trainer. President Yu’s daughter has not returned to China for four or five years. Pete took the opportunity to match up Qi Yue and President Yu’s daughter. Qi Yue is also very good. Ye Lang took Sun Xiaoai out for a drive. Su Xing was in a depressed mood recently.

Su’s mother quickly comforted her. She always believed in Su Xing. Su Xing looked at the house of gifts given to him by fans. He was in a complicated mood. He opened a live broadcast and thanked the fans for their company. He said that he would work hard and would not disappoint everyone’s support. Sun Yihang accidentally found Liang Yuxuan on the street and quickly followed. President Yu’s daughter and Qi Yue came to the cafe for coffee together. President Yu’s daughter, Qi Yue, had a great affection, and the two of them had a very happy chat.

Su Xing’s bar has suffered a lot from operating for so many years, because Su Xing’s friends always sign orders every time they come, and no one comes to pay back the money. Pete has always known about this, because the people who sign the orders are partners, and he thinks it is worthwhile to use this little wine to pay back the resources. Su Xing sighed and decided to close the bar. Pete said he would pay the money and he would open the bar himself.

Su’s mother decided to sell some valuable things and let Uncle He do it for help. It was inconvenient for her to do this kind of thing. Uncle He said that she would give her savings to Mother Su. Mother Su knew what he wanted, but she could no longer hire Uncle He. She gave him a card saying it was compensation. Uncle He refused to take it or leave them. Uncle He was alone. He had already regarded them as a family, and even followed them without salary. Mother Su had no choice but to let him live a hard life with them. .

Sun Yihang asked Liang Yuxuan what he was doing today. Liang Yuxuan had discovered that he was stalking herself. Sun Yihang pretended to be a fool and told Liang Yuxuan that it was difficult for Su Xing to stand up. Julie asked Qi Yue if he had helped her fight for a role with Pete. Qi Yue said he didn’t have time to talk about it, but he would definitely find a chance to talk about it. Julie smelled the perfume on Qi Yue. Qi Yue said it was Mr. Yu’s daughter, but they just had a meal together.

Julie didn’t say anything, but when she proposed to open a relationship with Qi Yue, Qi Yue found a reason to prevaricate. Said that the play will be released once it is finished. Su’s mother wanted to stop Pudding’s fencing class. Su Xing was unwilling to affect Pudding’s life, so she said he was okay. Sun Xiaoai came to give Su Xing mung bean soup, and Su Xing asked if anyone embarrassed her recently.

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