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Road to Rebirth 爱在星空下 Episode 27 Recap

On the way home, Qi Yue deliberately stopped the car and pretended to be uncomfortable, saying that he had a history of heart disease. Su Xing was shocked and quickly called the emergency center. Qi Yue said that he was about to be unable to hold on any longer. Er asked Su Xing for help. Su Xing couldn’t sit still, so he quickly sent Qi Yue to the back seat and got into the driver’s seat. At this moment, the person arranged by Qi Yue drove over, and then the other party got out of the car and asked to speak. Su Xing was anxious about Qi Yue’s condition, and the other party entangled him to say that he had drunk.

Pete received a call from Qi Yue, saying that Su Xing was taken away on suspicion of drunk driving and he is now in the hospital. Pete hurriedly called the lawyer, and Qi Yue triumphantly called the perpetrator He Yicheng, and asked him to get out of the wind. Su Xing tried to explain the situation to the police, and he did not succeed at all, and he was even worried about Qi Yue’s situation. The drunk driving incident of Su Xing was reported, and Mr. Xue was very angry. Fortunately, the renewal contract with Su Xing had not been signed. He asked Pete to calculate Su Xing’s contract. Su Xing had no chance to retire.

Ye Lang came to Sun Xiaoai with a flower in his arms early in the morning. Just as Ye Lang wanted to formally ask Sun Xiaoai’s opinion, Sun Xiaoai discovered the news about Su Xing drunk driving, and quickly left Ye Lang and ran out. Su’s mother was very emotional, and Sun Xiaoai quickly calmed her down and asked her to call Pete and ask. Pete said that he had already been dealt with by the lawyer. Qingping said aggrievedly about what happened yesterday. Su Xing told Yan Xi that the text message that had been canceled for the dinner had disappeared, and Qingping also realized that it was a trap. Liang Yuxuan hurriedly ran to ask about the situation, Yan Xi comforted her to be in a hurry, and told Qingping not to go back to the company without avoiding Pete and tell Pete everything.

Producer Jiang came to ask Pete what to do now, what should he do if Su Xing becomes an inferior entertainer, and he won’t give any face to anyone. Pete has dealt with one customer after another, and Cheng Ke also sent out a contract. At this time, Qingping came back, Pete was very angry, Qingping came back before Qi Yue could explain. Qingping asked Qi Yue why he went to the event site after the event was cancelled. Qi Yue said that he had gone to rehab. Su Xing called midway and said there was an event. Pete had not received any news of the event cancellation, which was very puzzled.

Pete was worried that Cheng Ke would sue them. Mr. Xue said that this project was signed by Su Xing against the will of the company. He made it clear that he would give up Su Xing. Pete quickly launched Qi Yue and wanted to push him again. The world is still theirs. He can If you hold out Su Xing, you can also hold out the second Su Xing. Pete decided to hold a press conference after Su Xing came out. Mr. Xue asked him not to arrange work for Su Xing anymore. Pete still wanted to fight for Su Xing, but Mr. Xue’s attitude was very firm.

Pete began to review recent events, and then went to Qi Yue’s house. Qi Yue’s series of tricks were so meticulous that even Pete was almost deceived. Qi Yue was still pretending to be stupid, but Pete saw through everything. The biggest beneficiary of these things was Qi Yue. He also warned him not to be smart against being mistaken. This is the best time for Qi Yue to replace Su Xing. The Yelangto people inquired about the news, and then called and said that Su Xing would be detained for fifteen days and his driver’s license would be revoked. This was a blessing in misfortune, and Sun Xiaoai was relieved immediately. Julie came to Qi Yue, and Qi Yue explained to her that Su Xing was driving under the influence to save him. Julie asked him to post on Weibo to clarify, but Pete asked him to wait for company news, so Julie had to give up. Qi Yue said that she would recommend a new play to Julie, so that she would not worry anymore.

Pete dealt with Mr. Wei, and Mr. Wei finally agreed to wait until the press conference was over before deciding whether to terminate the contract. Min Na heard about Su Xing’s drunk driving, and didn’t intend to help. He should have fallen off for such a long time. Yan Xi, Liang Yuxuan and others were very worried about Su Xing, and Qi Yue’s popularity gradually increased. Yan Xi analyzed that the biggest beneficiary of Su Xing’s fall was Qi Yue, so he decided to start investigating Qi Yue.

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