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Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 30 Recap

Wang Qinruo said that he had taken all the guilt on behalf of his son-in-law and was accused by Yuan Kan. Ding Wei sighed as he watched Wang Qinruo’s carriage go away. Liu E approached Zhang Jingzong and asked about the situation in the hall, and learned that Yuan Kan was still negotiating in the hall. Liu E ordered Zhang Jingzong to notify Su Yijian to stop Yelu from staying behind and the others. Yuan Kan was still in the hall and Kou Zhun and others thinking about how to stop Yelu from staying behind.

Everyone’s arguing voices caused Yuan Kan to have a headache, but when she really asked about the countermeasures, they fell silent again. If you let Yelu stay behind to worship Xuanyuan. Emperor, you will surely make progress in the future. There was really no way, Yuan Kan suddenly felt ashamed of his ancestor, so he came to the Taimiao and took off his crown. Wan’er and Yu Shu came at the same time, but Yuan Kan was stopped by the door. Leave one person kneeling in front of the tablet.

Su Yijian stopped Yelu staying behind according to Liu E’s will, and Liu E hosted a banquet to talk with Yelu staying behind. Yelu stayed behind thinking that Xiao Chuo would like to hand over the objects to Liu E, so he presented it. After Liu E opened it, he discovered that it was the shroud worn by Zhao Ji with a letter from the prime minister. Liu E did not expect Xiao Chuo to have such a shroud. After painstaking efforts, he proposed to sew a phoenix robe for Xiao Chuo. Yelu was not easy to shirk, so he agreed to stay for another five days.

Liu E heard that Yuan Kan had been kneeling in the Taimiao for two hours, so he hurried back to the Taimiao to report. After Yuan Kan heard this, he let out a sigh of relief. Kneeling at the entrance of the hall, the ministers got a notification from Zhang Jingzong. Then Kou Zhun stood up, and Kou Zhun asked who had successfully left Yelu to stay. Zhang Jingzong only then said Liu E’s name. Kou Zhun sighed. , It is no match for a German concubine.

Liu E summoned the female relatives of many officials. It turned out to be asking everyone to sew the phoenix robe. Everyone learned about the ministers kneeling at the gate of the hall yesterday, and even more aware of the importance of the phoenix robe. But Yu Shu on the other side deliberately escaped the hardship on the grounds that Shouan was infected with wind and cold. Liu E’s selection of cloth products to experience in person’s work has impressed all the female families.

Yuan Kan was still discussing expedient measures with the ministers in the hall. Taifu Pan was the main battle and was accused by the emperor. Cao took advantage of the use of Yelu to keep good arrow skills and a combative personality. It is better to try the arrow skills with him and let him stay the same. Losing arrows, so there is a reason to keep Yelv staying. Although it sounds ridiculous, Yuan Kan has no choice but to take this approach.

When Yuan Kan came to Taimiao, he saw Wan’er praying. After learning that he had been in a coma for a few days, Wan’er had prayed in the Buddhist hall. After seeing it with his own eyes, Yuan Kan was moved and hugged Wan’er tightly. Liu E, who happened to be here to give the cloak, saw the two of them, and walked away silently with Yingluo. In front of the emperor’s heir, Liu E silently returned to the clothing room to sew the phoenix robe.

The strategy was just as Su Yijian and Cao took advantage of their expectations. Fortunately, Su Yijian’s archery skills are good and he has repeatedly beaten Yelu to stay behind. However, after a long time, Su Yijian will definitely not be an opponent, so he has to shorten the competition time and drag it to tomorrow again.

Wang Qinruo lost the right to go to the court, showing a desperate look, and even put on the official mansion in her own home. Madam Wang looked worried, and saw Wang Qinruo walked straight to the door. Before everyone stopped, Wang Qinruo was already sitting. Leaving in the sedan chair, I don’t know where to go…

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