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Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 28 Recap

Yingluo presented Liu E with sweet oranges, arousing Liu E’s nostalgia for the city east market. Yingluo was even more able to talk, and suggested that Liu E go ask Yuan Kan to approve her to leave the imperial city, so that the two can go to the market together. Have fun.

Yuan Kan and Jing Zong were walking in the Yuyuan, but they unexpectedly saw Wan’er wearing a tulle and dancing gracefully. Wan’er said that the dance was taught by Liu E, so Yuan Kan understood and arranged for Wan’er to sleep in tonight. . When night came, Yuan Kan looked at Wan’er’s fragrance, thoughtfully, Liu E’s arrangement naturally couldn’t escape Yuan Kan’s eyes. Looking at Wan’er in the candlelight, Yuan Kan seemed to see her. The different side unconsciously fell into the agarwood, showing affection.

Yu Shu was very angry when she learned that Wan’er was going to bed, and that Li Waner’s going to bed must be Liu E’s arrangement. Yu Shu thought extremely angrily, only hoping to see Liu E’s own fruit.

Yingluo stayed in Liu E’s bedroom, and the two talked about each other, and they couldn’t help talking about Yuan Kan again. Liu E couldn’t help but talk about the process of the two first acquaintances. The two met in distress, fell in love in the flames of war, and stood by each other in turmoil. Liu E loves Yuan Kan’s affectionate eyes very much, and even his eyes are filled with happiness. Yingluo was moved after listening, and sighed and fell asleep. While soothing Liu E, he thought of this late at night. He made this plan for Jiangshan Sheji to succeed. I don’t know if Yuan Kan can understand his intentions.

Liu E was admiring flowers in the garden. Who knew Yushu’s daughter Shouan came running crying, Liu E hurriedly hugged Shou’an and comforted, but when Liu E touched Shou’an’s little hand, he found an inexplicable scar Before Liu E asked in detail, Yu Shu hurried over, and after a sneer, he took Shou’an away. At this time, a court lady hurried over and said a few words in Liu E’s ear. Liu E’s face changed drastically, and he hurried to Wan’er’s bedroom.

Originally from the night of the attendant, Yuan Kan couldn’t sleep well. Liu E quickly called the imperial physician. After seeing the imperial physician’s diagnosis, he said worriedly that this time he was hurting the root. When Liu E asked about the method of treatment, the imperial physician was not sure about it, so he could only use silver needles. The imperial doctor didn’t dare to rush the needle, but Yuan Kan’s sleeping appearance made Liu E worried.

Zhang Jingzong informed that the ministers had gathered in the hall, waiting for the upper court before Liu E agreed and asked the emperor to give the needle. After the imperial physician pulls out the silver needle, Yuan Kan’s recovery time is still uncertain. But another basket of memorials arrived. The affairs of the government were so urgent that Liu E could only write down the memorials again.

On the second day, the ministers took away their memorials and saw that the handwriting on the memorials was very powerful and the arrangements were very proper. But Taishi Pan saw that the “emperor” weakened the military power and handed it over to Su Yijian. He was very unwilling, but he could only swallow it in his stomach. In order to find out what happened, Pan Taishi deliberately asked her daughter Yushu to visit Yuan Kan.

Yushu learned from the eunuch that the emperor had never been out of the palace, and then the emperor and Liu E went in, and they never came out again, and couldn’t help but wonder. When Yu Shu led Shou’an to the bedroom, Liu E opened the door to block it, which aroused the doubts in Yu Shu’s heart. Seeing Yu Shu insisting on this, Liu E decided to step aside. At this moment, the nurse also rushed to her. Seeing Yu Shu blocking the door, she proposed to go in and have a look.

Watching the maids say that the emperor did not want to see anyone, Yu Suspicion arose in Shu’s heart, and Zhang Jingzong brought a new box of memorials. He specifically said that the memorial to the emperor had been issued this morning, and Yu Shu was completely scared. Just let the nanny go in for a visit. Dare to provoke Yuan Kan and leave with Shou’an. Seeing Yu Shu leaving, Liu E breathed a sigh of relief and thanked the nurse for her help.

The Da Liao messenger sent back the cotton silk given by Da Song. Unexpectedly, it was mixed with 20,000 defective products. Yelu stayed behind and took the opportunity to get furious, saying that he would attack Da Song to repay the humiliation, but the prime minister thought that there was fraud in it. Who knows Yelu Staying behind, insisting on his own opinion, proposed to attack Da Song. Xiao Chuo watched Yelu staying behind, and his suspicion slowly grew in his heart.

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