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One Boat One World 海洋之城 Episode 21 Recap

Principal Huang told Laishan that Su Mi taught very well and they knew each other before she went abroad. This is also a stage. Su Mi can continue her dancing career in other ways. Lai Shen tells Sumi that he will accompany her to realize her dream, and the two of them will take care of the difficulties together. Sumi embraces Lai Shen with tears in his eyes.

Ding Kai sent an email to Andre, saying that he was commissioned by the captain and hoped that he could send the Blue Star survey data to himself, because the captain went to the designated place last time and found nothing. Ding Kai received an invitation from the Locomotive Che Youhui in his mailbox to let him participate in the activity.

Chen Anni kept her promise and ran around to help fishermen find a market, but things did not go well. Wang Ziyang suggested that she do what she can to help others, because she is not thankful in doing so, and failure to do so will also affect the company’s reputation. Maybe the company will punish her instead of doing nothing for nothing. Chen Anni bluntly said that Wang Ziyang only cares about her own interests, and they are not the same. She advised Wang Ziyang not to worry about her affairs anymore.

Ding Kai quickly received a reply from Andre, saying that he was fortunate to have a record. Tianyue on the other side was going to find a house to move, and to see the house with an agent, and met Lai Shen delivering food. Lai Kun said that he wanted to stay in this city and had to have a visa. The food delivery company could help him solve this problem.

Sumi doesn’t know this job yet. He plans to use his savings to set up a dance studio for Sumi. Tianyue envied Laishan’s gratitude for Sumi’s dedication. Lai Shen asked why Tianyue wanted to find a house. Tianyue said that she was afraid that living together would affect Ding Kai’s date. Laishan guessed that Tianyue also liked Ding Kai.

He advised Tianyue to seize the opportunity to show Ding Kai’s feminine charm. . After returning home, Tian Yue dressed up and quietly walked out of the bedroom. She specially brought Ding Kai a cup of tea. Ding Kai looked up at her dress and couldn’t help laughing, joking that she was going to give Grandpa Jiang. Be a partner! Tianyue was so angry that she changed her home clothes, but Ding Kai told her that she was still looking good when she left.

Francis told Wang Ziyang that the appointment of the new captain was about to come down. Wang Ziyang was also the target of the Asian Talent Program. Francis said that Drake was kidnapped before. Allen was very calm. Wang Ziyang reminded him that he also felt that Ellen. Francis reminded him that the black hand was on their boat. How could Wang Ziyang not have a clue?

Ding Kai came to the Hong Kong Cargo Association to find relevant information about the Blue Star. The staff told him that someone had come a few days ago, but the information about the Blue Star was no longer available. On the other side, Tianyue accompanied Lai Shen to find a house. She helped Lai Kun bargain and saved him a lot of money. Lai Kun heard that Tianyue and Ding Kai were not making progress, and suggested that she could do Ding Kai’s mother’s work. At this time, Tianyue just received a call from Yu Wenli and invited her to play.

Yu Wenli wants Tianyue to tell herself Ding Kai’s life as a seaman. The two are chatting, and Chen Anni is here. She brought Yu Wenli a contract, and Tianyue waited in the yard. After a while, Chen Anni came out. The two were sitting in the yard and chatting. Yu Wenli saw this scene with emotion. Both girls were very good. Old Zhu called a smart and virtuous and a practical man, but they all knew the mother-in-law policy. It is to respect Ding Kai’s choice. Parents cannot impose their wishes on their children.

Tianyue sent a message to Ding Kai. Knowing that he was going home for dinner, she made a large table of dishes to wait for him, but she didn’t expect Ding Kai to ask him for information about the pseudoscorpionfish after get off work. After the two discussed the work, Annie deliberately I took a photo with Ding Kai and sent it to Tianyue. After seeing it, Tianyue was so angry that he dumped a prepared dish into the trash can.

Tianyue woke up in the morning to see that Ding Kai still went out before returning. After arriving at the travel agency, Manager Ma told her good news: the company can provide Tianyue with staff dormitories, and the cost is very cheap, Tianyue promised to consider it. After Ding Kai came back for dinner, he sent an email to meet the sender Andrea. When Tianyue returned home, seeing Ding Kai had returned, he called him. Ding Kai said that he went to his mother’s house last night and was about to board the plane and hung up. So Tian Yue made up his mind and asked Laishan and Sumi to help her move.

Ding Kai went to Macau to find relevant information about the Blue Star. The staff said that the information could not be found. He would contact Ding Kai as soon as he found it. After Ding Kai left, the person immediately called and told him: Ding Kai came to check the Blue Star to check the freight list.

Wang Ziyang asked Dika to make the fish into Chinese dishes, but Dika still cooked it according to Western dishes. After tasted it, Fang Qiang thought it should be made into a spicy flavor. Under the agitation of the chefs, Fang Qiang After frying spicy fish with delicious color and flavor, he told everyone: Chinese food is the best. Wang Ziyang heard Fang Qiang say that spicy fish can also be canned, and thanked him for helping him a lot.

The staff of the travel agency told He Cai that Manager Ma assigned Tianyue to the dormitory. The two may have an unusual relationship. After Tianyue came, He Cai questioned him face to face. Tianyue asked Manager Ma about the cause of the incident. Then Manager Ma told her that the dormitory was Annie rented it with money, who knows it’s going to go wrong.

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