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One Boat One World 海洋之城 Episode 20 Recap

Su Mi told Tianyue: Lai Shen told her that the moment when the sun rises from the sea level is the most beautiful picture in the world. The sunrise is like their life. Every day is a new beginning. It’s still too late to find happiness. , His words poured into his heart like a warm current. When she was taken to the theater by Lai Shen, she knew that she was finished. Lai Shen’s investigation scared her, and his good intentions moved herself, but she couldn’t forgive Lai Shen for lying to herself?

Wang Ziyang told Ding Kai that if Sumi insisted on being violated, he could only go through legal procedures, but the ship would not like to fight such a lawsuit. At this moment, Sumi asked to see Wang Ziyang, and he asked Wang Ziyang to take her and Lai Shen to confront each other.

In the meeting room, Sumi and Laishan were accompanied by the captain, Wang Ziyang, Ding Kai and others throughout the conversation. Sumi said that Lai Shen lied that he was blind from the beginning, and that he must have been premeditated. Later, he trusted him too much and changed his clothes in front of him. Lai Kun explained that he had no other purpose, but was worried. Su Mi’s safety, Su Mi announced that she would withdraw the lawsuit.

Ding Kai told Laishan that he would not be punished as long as he admitted that he had no affair with Sumi. Olsen believes that Sumi is also responsible for the withdrawal of the lawsuit against Laishan, while Drake said that crew management must be in accordance with regulations as well as humane. Lai Shen told everyone that he had no affair with Sumi, because he was quite sure that he had fallen in love with her and was willing to resign and disembark for her.

Sumi was moved and cried. She got up to leave. Lai Shen stopped her and held her hand. Holding the diamond ring, he said: He came to the Ocean as a seaman to fulfill his dream and to find the owner of the diamond ring. He knelt on one knee and held the diamond ring in hand to propose to Sumi, hoping that she would become the owner of the diamond ring! In an instant, warm applause rang out from all around, and everyone sincerely wished the two lovers!

Wang Ziyang is going to return the post of chief executive officer to Ding Kai. Ding Kai said that the captain kidnapping case has not yet come to an end. On the other side, Francis and Allen came to Olsen’s office. Francis pointed out that Allen had been utterly unwilling since returning.

Drake said at the retirement dinner that he did not expect so many things to happen before his retirement. He arranged for Wang Ziyang to announce the results of the kidnapping case to everyone: the perpetrator was a fisherman protesting on Plai Island, and he is still at large. Notify them. The results of such investigations disappointed the captain and Ding Kai.

The internet celebrity Liang Yingshan in the He Cai regiment had a serious reaction to the prosthesis after plastic surgery. The doctor told her that the best result was that the prosthesis fell out on its own, and the worst was that the prosthesis and the body were ulcerated together. He Cai comforted her and said during the live broadcast. She is still the most popular anchor when the lights are on.

Out of the infirmary, Liang Yingshan suddenly went to the bathroom to remove her makeup and started a live broadcast. She told the fans that she was the real herself. Her face was fake and her body was fake. She was alive wearing a mask every day. Too tired, she is not the goddess and Bai Fumi in the fans’ minds at all. Liang Yingshan couldn’t help crying in front of the camera as she spoke. He Cai behind her was very surprised when she saw this scene.

It was about to disembark, and Jia San and his wife thought that the fruits on the boat were not sold this time, and they were still a little bit lost. Tianyue told Mayfair about Laishan. Mayfair admitted that she thought she would be jealous and go crazy if she knew about it, but nothing happened. Tianyue told Mayfair that she didn’t like Laishan. Mayfair saw Ding Kai. Came over, and immediately avoided. Ding Kai said that the captain kidnapping was thanks to Tianyue’s help. He apologized to Tianyue for his previous attitude. He used to say that it was a joke to let her move out of the house. Looking at Ding Kai’s gentle eyes, Tianyue ran shyly. opened.

Ding Kai asked Wang Ziyang if he was sure that the captain kidnapping was the work of the fishermen, and Wang Ziyang told him that this was the result everyone wanted. Captain Drake went to the deck to apologize to Yu Wenli and told her that Ding Kai was an excellent crew member. He hoped that Ding Kai could retire as the captain. Yu Wenli was relieved and said that people cannot be attached to the past. Lai Shen and Su Mi walked over to say goodbye to the captain and Ding Kai. Lai Shen said that his dream of a seaman must be fulfilled by Ding Kai. I wonder if Aunt Yu allows it?

Yu Wenli smiled and said that they knew that they were afraid that they would take Ding Kai off the boat. She was not an unreasonable person, and everyone was finally relieved. Immediately afterwards, Dika and Mayer and all the crew came to see off Captain Drake and Laishan. Everyone talked about it, the new captain might be Olsen, and I heard that he will be the acting captain on the next voyage.

Lao Zhu went to the port to pick up Yu Wenli and Ding Kai. Yu Wenli enthusiastically invited Tianyue to go to Chongming Island to play in the future. Chen Anni was a little disappointed when she saw them so familiar. When Annie Chen came back, Mr. Tang was in the office. He told Annie that he had greeted the leader. From now on, Annie will only work in the office. He is going to adjust the department for Annie. Her current marketing department is not suitable for girls. Chen Anni hopes that Mr. Tang will not interfere with herself. work.

Baohua Travel Agency has finished evaluating the stars, and Manager Ma called the lawyer to confirm that there are no problems left by Tianyue’s termination of the contract. He planned to fire Tianyue immediately. Unexpectedly, after the travel agency sent the shopping list of the group tour, Manager Ma accidentally discovered that Tianyue’s revenue was nearly double that of He Cai. He immediately changed his mind and praised Tianyue for being the dark horse leader of the trip. Let He Caiduo and Tianyue learn how to bring the Sunset Red Group into a gold medal shopping group. He Cai curled her lips, dismissing it.

David Fang invited He Cai to dinner, claiming to be a mid-range meal, and He Cai readily agreed. Leshen on the other side happily lay down outside the classroom window and watched Sumi teach the children to dance.

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