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One Boat One World 海洋之城 Episode 19 Recap

The doctor told Ding Kai after the examination that there was nothing serious about skin trauma. Yu Wenli’s hanging heart finally let go. Tianyue saw the mother and son at the door finally let go of their previous suspicions, and walked away with confidence.

Returning to the room, Yu Wenli looked at Ding Kai’s head hurt and felt distressed. She became more determined that her son’s job was very dangerous, saying that he had fabricated countless leaks in the past eight years, and believed it only because he was his son. When she heard that the police found a corpse that looked very similar to Ding Kai, she desperately thought that her son was gone, but she thought that his son was so responsible and would not leave her job and mother alone.

Ding Kai told his mother that for so many years he regretted his waywardness all the time. If he hadn’t been thinking about studying abroad, his father would not go sailing in order to save money. He died at sea and couldn’t return. He felt that staying at sea was The closest to his father, every time he went to sea, he told his father about his confession.

For so many years, he was particularly afraid of facing his mother and fearing that his mother would blame him. Yu Wenli cried and said that she blamed Ding Kai, but felt sorry for him. She hoped that Ding Kai could face the love of the sea bravely and honestly, instead of hypnotizing herself to do it for her father. She understood Ding Kai’s thoughts. Her father could not return because of the accident. Her son wanted to protect more people and prevent the tragedy from happening again, so she supported his son! My dream finally got her mother’s understanding and support, Ding Kai couldn’t help but hug her mother tightly!

Ding Kai applied to Drake to return to work. Drake sincerely expressed his gratitude to Ding Kai. He admitted that this incident was a chain reaction caused by his own private actions, but the disappearing envelope made him suspect that Allen was involved in the incident. At that time, Allen was beaten outside by the kidnappers, and then there was an explosion. Allen explained that he did not want to entangle the kidnappers too much. Drake suspected that the Blue Star had unknown secrets, but he was about to retire, and he did not want to bring the truth of the matter to the grave.

Ding Kai hoped that Wang Ziyang would have new clues to tell him that he wanted to investigate with him, and Wang Ziyang readily agreed.

At the senior crew meeting, Olsen announced: A female tourist said that the crew had entered her room and sexually assaulted. In order to prevent the situation from getting worse, he arranged for the complaining tourist to be temporarily locked in the room, and the hotel manager Hashmi would take care of her without leaving. Drake asked Wang Ziyang to tell the tourists, and the ship promised to investigate the matter as soon as possible, and if necessary, it would dismiss Laishan, and even hand it over to the local police.

Dress announced that Wang Ziyang would temporarily replace the position of chief executive officer. Olsen asked about Ding Kai. Drake said that he would make arrangements after the matter was dealt with. Olsen suggested that he could use this matter to investigate whether Ding Kai was the captain. He reminded Drake that it is impossible for him to be the captain. Protect Ding Kai.

Annie Chen made the soup and fed Ding Kai herself on the deck. Tianyue had taken the cake to see Ding Kai, but she walked away with mixed feelings after seeing this scene. On the other side, Wang Ziyang persuaded Lai Kun not to get angry and tell the truth. Lai Kun admitted that the matter was done by himself, and requested that it be handed over to the police at the next port. Wang Ziyang reminded him that if the crime is convicted, it will not only involve Laishan’s career, but also go through the criminal process. It will be too late for him to explain. Seeing that Laishan was still silent, Wang Ziyang had to tell him to hand over him to the local police in Hong Kong three days later.

Tianyue went back to the room and threw a coin and decided to give the cake to Ding Kai in accordance with God’s will. Unexpectedly, she ran into Chen Anni again in the corridor. Chen Anni asked Tianyue to deliver the cake to Ding Kai. Tianyue refused. Annie told her crew. There were regulations not to get too close to tourists, and Tian Yue returned to the room with the cake angrily after hearing this.

After Drake heard Wang Ziyang’s report on the investigation, he asked him to write a detailed investigation report to the Shanghai police. Wang Ziyang called out the surveillance and said that he discovered that Ding Kai might have known it because when Laishan was driven out of the room by a female tourist that day, Ding Kay is in the corridor. Olsen pointed out that Ding Kai, as the chief executive officer, should report the matter to the ship as soon as possible. He suggested that Ding Kaishang should be in the probation period to see how he resolves the matter.

When Wang Ziyang went to the room to look for Ding Kai, Chen Anne was also there. He asked Anne to go back to the room to avoid him, and told Ding Kai exactly what the tourist complained about Lai Kun. Then the two went to see Lai Kun together, Wang Ziyang told Lai Shen that if this matter was not clarified, not only he, but also Ding Kai would be affected. Lai Kun then told them the process of his interaction with Su Mi. He said that he had never violated Su Mi. Ding Kai confirmed Lai Shen’s testimony. Wang Ziyang said that if Sumi did not withdraw the lawsuit and insisted that Lai Shen had sexually assaulted, he would still be handed over to the local police for criminal offences.

Ding Kai asked Su Mi to apologize, saying that he should talk to her as soon as possible that day, but the facts Su Mi explained are not all true. If she insists not to withdraw the lawsuit, Laishan will be fired and transferred to the local police. Since then, he has never been able to work as a seafarer that he loves. Sumi was unmoved.

Tianyue was depressed and brought the cake to Mayfair. Mayfair threw away the expired cake. She was also in a bad mood. The two were talking about Laishan and saw the drunk Sumi in the bar. Mayfair knew After that, she was the tourist complaining to Laishan. She was so angry that Tianyue hurriedly helped Sumi back to the room when she saw it.

After arriving in the room, Tianyue persuaded Sumi not to do this, causing Leshen to lose his job and ruining his future. Sumi was angry that they all believed Leshen’s words and thought they were prodigious, so her words were not credible, and she pushed the sky. Yue drove her out. Who knows that Tianyue had just walked to the door when Su Mi suddenly fell to the ground. She curled up and cried and told Tianyue that she used to be a dancer and had a serious bruise on her meniscus. Now she has been implanted. After receiving the artificial prosthesis, the doctor said that she could no longer dance, but she was not reconciled.

Later, she suffered a car accident and her leg was completely broken. At that time, she fought alone in a white team, just hoping to prove that the yellow-skinned herself can dance very well, but she did not expect that once in the locker room she thought of the doctor’s words and burst into tears, but was misunderstood by her colleagues. Having an affair with the manager, and thus questioning her role is also obtained in this way.

She didn’t want to explain, and finally chose to leave the dance troupe. She originally planned to take another look at the stage that belonged to her on the Ocean to end her life. Later, she met Lai Shen, who is different from other men. He really cares about himself. When she wanted to end her life, Lai Shen saved her with his optimism and concern. He woke up Su Mi early that day to let her watch the sunrise.

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