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One Boat One World 海洋之城 Episode 18 Recap

The Pleasant Island police told Anne Chen that no signs of life had been found in the North Island and they had already begun searching the South Island. Annie prayed to Ding Kai that there would be no accident.

Tianyue wanted to accompany Ding Kai’s mother to the South Island. She begged He Cai to help her bring the group. He Cai said that Tianyue wanted ordinary tourists to enjoy the treatment of her VIP group. It simply didn’t work. Tianyue immediately took all the money in the card. It was transferred to He Cai, and he made a soft and hard foam, and He Cai finally agreed.

At this moment, Lai Shen was standing on the deck and praying silently for Ding Kai. Seeing Sumi coming over, Lai Shen invited her to the theater to watch the performance. Only when Su Mi went did he realize that Lai Shen had covered the entire theater for her. He couldn’t help but walked onto the stage and danced lightly. The graceful dance made Laishan fascinated by the graceful dance.

Suddenly, Sumi fell. She desperately said that everything was over, and Leshen encouraged her not to give up her dream. Sumi understands that Lai Shen didn’t bring himself to the theater on a temporary basis. He has already investigated himself? She asked Lai Shen, did she find out that she was a watery woman who was cast aside and kicked out of the dance troupe? Laishan took off his sunglasses and explained that this was not what he meant. Sumi no longer believed it and let him assume that this hadn’t happened.

Tianyue is accompanying Yu Wenli to disembark the ship. The Ocean has received a notice from the Port Authority that they have missed the best time to enter the port. Now the channel is full and cannot enter the port. Drake arranged for Allen to urgently notify the seamen to have a meeting on the bridge. He applied to the headquarters to change this station to a sea cruise, and Captain Grant agreed. Drake arranged for Wang Ziyang to disembark and dock with the Port Authority, while the others performed their duties to appease the tourists.

Tianyue was dining with Yu Wenli and was told to go to the fire area to conduct a fire drill. Only afterwards did he know that the ship could not call the port. Later, David Fang broadcast the news to tourists. For a while, the tourists were emotional, and Drake arranged for Wang Ziyang to deal with it at the front desk when he saw it. At this time, Yu Wenli strongly requested to see the captain. She told Wang Ziyang that her son had disappeared while on duty, and the ship should support her request. At this time, Wang Ziyang received instructions from the captain to take Yu Wenli to the bridge immediately.

Drake told Yu Wenli: A male body was found in South Island with severe facial burns and 80% similarity to Ding Kai in physical features. Pleasant police need her to assist in genetic testing and confirmation in the later period. Tian Yue was in a hurry, patted the table and asked the ship to send a helicopter to take them there immediately, but Yu Wenli was extremely calm. She said that if it was really Ding Kai, the past would be of no avail.

In the corridor, Tianyue cried and bowed to Yu Wenli and apologized. Yu Wenli asked her to stay alone for a while. She went to her son’s dormitory and stroked his photos and every piece of clothing, distraught. Tianyue was worried about Yu Wenli and kept guarding at the door. After learning about the situation, Jia San and his wife in the next room went to the balcony to speak with Yu Wenli. Yu Wenli said sadly, she knew this was the case, why did she try to stop her son in the first place, but didn’t give him a soft word in the end.

After coordination by the headquarters, one hour later, the Ocean was finally able to berth into the port of Bahaman. What everyone didn’t expect was that after disembarking, Chen Anni took Ding Kai and stood in front of them safely! Yu Wenli embraced her son and wept! Tianyue saw Su Mi uncomfortable in the crowd and wanted to help her back to the room, but Su Mi refused.

Tianyue brought the Sunset Red Elderly Group. When she arrived at the shopping street, she reminded the elderly to consume rationally and rest in the car by herself. He Cai, on the other side, was only busy taking care of the Internet celebrity Liang Yingshan. When she heard Liang Yingshan received a call from the company, the company urged her to go for a plastic surgery immediately, saying that her face would not last long and she could not let Qiansi’s investment in the water.

Liang Yingshan had to do nothing. He promised to go as soon as he arrived in Shanghai. He Cai did not expect that the grandfathers and aunts of the elderly group are also very capable of shopping. He Cai was unhappy when he saw the stuff they were buying.

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