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One Boat One World 海洋之城 Episode 17 Recap

The bus arrived late, and the guests of the travel agency complained. He Cai warned Tianyue, and if he dared to embezzle the bus privately, he immediately told Manager Ma not to let her do it.

Allen sent a message: Immediately rush to the abandoned shipbreaking yard to assist Ding Kai in rescuing the captain. When Annie Chen woke up, she found that she was locked up with Drake. She immediately leaned against Drake and tried to untie the rope tied to his hand. At this time, the two kidnappers came. They claimed to be fishermen.

They were arguing about how to deal with the captain. Ding Kai arrived. He and the gangster started fighting. Annie took the opportunity to untie the captain’s rope. After a while, Allen arrived. , He quietly told the two gangsters not to involve himself in it, and soon the two ran away. Ding Kai was injured when he escorted the captain and Chen Anni out of the shipyard. Before he got up, the shipyard exploded.

Olsen reported to Captain Grant that the captain and Anne Chen are both missing, and the next port will not give them longer time. Grant instructed Olson to leave the port in one hour and he and the second officer Morgan will set off.

Tianyue couldn’t wait for Ding Kai to be anxious. She sent a few messages without reply. When she was in a state of confusion, Yu Wenli ran over to ask her about Ding Kai. Tianyue lied that Ding Kai repaired the car to the captain, Yu Wenli. Seeing that Tianyue’s expression was wrong, she learned that Ding Kai hadn’t come back after seizing her mobile phone. When she was asking about Ding Kai’s whereabouts, the captain told the tourists to leave the port on the radio.

Soon after, Captain Drake came back and Wang Ziyang told Yu Wenli: There was an explosion in the shipbreaking yard. Ding Kai disappeared after the explosion. The police had already started searching, and Yu Wenli fainted. After she woke up, she insisted on looking for her son. Tianyue stopped her with tears in her eyes.

Wang Ziyang brought dinner and asked Tianyue to leave first. He told Yu Wenli: He had been to the scene after the explosion in the shipbreaking plant. The police had searched for all traces and found no clues. The captain and Chen Anni fainted after the explosion, and they were in the ambulance when they woke up. The police have expanded their search and dispatched search and rescue dogs and lifeboats to inform all ships that if Ding Kai is found, they will be rescued and executed immediately.

Therefore, compared with their actions, rushing has no effect at all. Yu Wenli called her the mother of the crew and asked the ship to send a rescue boat to send herself back to the island to find her son. Wang Ziyang told her that she didn’t have this right, and the same result was to find the captain. Yu Wenli asked Wang Ziyang whether they had Ever thought of a mother’s heart? Then she apologized to the prince again and began to eat in silence.

Standing on the deck and looking at the sea, Tianyue felt very uncomfortable. Wang Ziyang walked to her. Tianyue asked if it was getting dark and the search team could still see it. Wang Ziyang told her that there was a photosensitive setting, but he was worried about the demolition. The shipyard is close to the sea. If Ding Kai floats on the sea, it’s easy to get dehydrated. Tianyue thinks that Ding Kai’s mother’s request is reasonable. Wang Ziyang comforts Tianyue not to be too pessimistic. From the perspective of rescue, Ding Kai is still within the golden 72 hours.

He is just missing, not dead. Tianyue’s expression reminded Wang Ziyang that when the incident saw Chen Annie, he asked Annie to leave the scene. Annie insisted on staying and waiting for Ding Kai. Later, Drake agreed to stay with Annie, saying that he could receive the latest police news and assist at any time. They, Wang Ziyang had no choice but to give up.

Tianyue knelt by the bed, crying and said to Yu Wenli that she was allowed to board the ship this time, just to let her know how good Ding Kai is and how safe the cruise is. She didn’t expect things to mess up herself, she begged Yu Wenli Don’t hurt yourself. Yu Wenli asked Tianyue to sit next to her, thanking her for being so diligent with Ding Kai. Tianyue comforted Yu Wenli by saying that the best rescue team has been dispatched on the island. They are still within the golden 72 hours of rescue time, but Yu Wenli is emotional. Excited, insisting that she should be by her son’s side now, she begged Tianyue to do herself a favor.

As the investigator of the Pleasant Island Incident, Wang Ziyang interrogated Captain Drake: Why did you disembark to the library? Drake told him that he was looking for the letter, but Feng did not bring it back. Wang Ziyang thought that Derek might have found the letter and forwarded it to a place he felt safe. Because he was the investigator of the Blue Star case that year, the case has been closed, and now there is a report letter, and Drake is about to retire, maybe there is evidence against him in the letter, so he doesn’t want to go wrong at this time.

Drake smiled and said that he was indeed the party involved in this matter. Wang Ziyang asked if his kidnapping was a coincidence? Drake said that when he woke up he learned from the kidnappers that they were fishermen.

Wang Ziyang next interrogated Francis. He said that from the departure and return time of Francis, he guessed where Francis could go, and contacted the local rental agency. The dash cam showed Francis went to the library. What happened was: Francis got out of the car with the captain. After seeing the captain taking a taxi, he drove the car rented in advance to follow him. Seeing the captain arrived at the library, he immediately understood that Drake was here to fetch it. So Francis quietly sat down in the corner of the library, overhearing the captain to inquire about the designated book location, and then he found the book in advance before the captain and took the letter away. Francis proposed that Wang Ziyang’s words had no evidence.

The third person Wang Ziyang interrogated was Ellen. He said that Ellen did not return after getting on the pilot boat until he returned with the captain. Ellen explained that he was going to gather with his friends on Plei Island. Wang Ziyang said that when Allen was a freighter crew member, he met some local friends who were not law-abiding. They were doing things with money, so Allen asked them this time to get what he wanted, and they tied the captain together.

After paying the money and delivering the goods, Allen finally took the letter. Because the email involves all the parties involved in the Blue Star, and Olsen and Francis are the survivors, and the email comes from the relatives of the third survivor, so there may be Olsen, Francis, or even Drake’s handle in the letter, who is in charge. With these handles, other opponents can be pinned down in the appraisal, and Allen’s current competitors are the two chief executive officers. Allen claimed that he had nothing to do with the kidnapping case.

Francis told Olsen that Wang Ziyang was investigating all the people who disembarked, paying special attention to Alan. Olsen reminded Francis that he had also been to the library. Francis said he ran for nothing. The letter must have been taken away by Drake. ?

Olsen thought that if Drake got the letter, he would behave abnormally, but he did not respond after he came back? Olsen asked Francis if he really didn’t get it. Because Wang Ziyang is not a fuel-efficient lamp, Ellen doesn’t know what he’s calculating. There are several places where he’s wrestling. If Drake didn’t get it, someone else would have it. Regarding the accident that year, is there anything else that he’s not doing? knew? Francis said that he also wanted to ask Orlin about this.

Tian Yue couldn’t sleep at night, and kept sending Ding Kai messages, praying in his heart that he would come back safely.

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