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One Boat One World 海洋之城 Episode 16 Recap

Wang Ziyang reported to the captain that the Ocean was about to arrive at Plai Island in four days. They had just passed through the waters where the Haixing freighter wrecked in 2004. Captain Dres told everyone that very few ships have damaged their external transmitters like the Seastar, so after sending out the distress signal, it can only be resigned, because it takes less than two hours from the ship’s fire to the sinking and explosion.

Wang Ziyang pointed out that everyone on the bridge is related to the Seastar incident that year: the captain was the investigator of the year, the deputy captain and chief engineer Francis were the survivors of the crash that year, and Ding Kai was the son of the victim. Dress called Ding Kai to the deck alone and told Ding Kai that his father was a very upright person. He hoped that Ding Kai and his mother would have a good talk, because his mother was very determined.

After seeing Ding Kai in the corridor, Alyssa also persuaded him to have a good talk with her mother. She lamented that it was not easy for her mother. If her son was still alive, he would be as old as Ding Kai. When Ding Kai passed Sumi’s room, the door was not closed. He heard the conversation between Sumi and Laishan: Sumy complained about Laishan’s coldness and warmth to her. When he was tempted, he did not dare to admit that he was the weakest person he had ever seen. ,

Lai Shen retorted that he was not like her, there was a principle and bottom line, Sumi was angry that Lai Shen was investigating himself and kicked him out of the room. Ding Kai warned Laishan that he has now been suspected of violating the crew regulations. At this time, Ding Kai received an order: the boat is windy and he wants to evacuate the tourists on the deck immediately.

Ding Kai came to the deck and saw her mother Yu Wenli said to the sea: This is the first and last time Lao Ding has been so close to him since he left. I am grateful to his son for reuniting them, but his temper is too stubborn and so big. It’s also a failure of her motherhood. She was afraid that if one day her son floated in the sea like Lao Ding, what would she do? At this time, Ding Kai received an email about the investigation of the Sea Star in the public mailbox. The sender Andre claimed to be the nephew of the Blue Star crew member Eric. The uncle passed away not long ago.

He found something in his uncle’s remains. The letter delivered to Captain Drake was sent to the public mailbox of the senior crew of the USS Ocean because he did not know the private postal bank of Dalake. Andre said that this letter may involve the Blue Star shipwreck in 2004, so he would put the letter in a book, and put the book in the next port they are about to arrive in Plei, if Captain Drake wants If you pick it up, you have to use your private mailbox to reply, and you will tell him the address then.

Francis ran to Olsen anxiously and asked him what to do. Olsen asked him to find the letter before the captain. Francis wanted to use Allen. Olsen said that Allen would not be a big deal, and this time his The assessment results are very dangerous, and you can’t become one of them if you don’t get promoted. The conversation between the two was overheard by Alan at the door. He realized that this letter would become a bargaining chip in the campaign for deputy captain, and was determined to get it.

When the Ocean was still 8 hours away, Anne Chen reported to Drake that the fishermen only agreed to temporarily cooperate with the cruise ship, but there were some fishermen deliberately making trouble. Drake arranged for Ding Kai to take the pilot boat to help Annie first. All fishing boats intercepted with nets left to ensure the smooth entry of the Ocean. Ding Kai couldn’t help asking about the captain’s mail, and the captain promised to talk about it when he returned.

After Ding Kai left, Olsen also asked Drake about the e-mail. Drake told him: Although the case has been closed, the real cause of the explosion of the freighter has not been ascertained.

In order to save costs, Baohua Travel Agency combined Tianyue’s tour with He Cai’s tour. Tianyue was worried that their tour only visited scenic spots, while He Caidai’s tour was just shopping. Sure enough, on the bus, He Cai exaggerated the promotion of local specialties, causing dissatisfaction among tourists.

Captain Drake replied to the e-mail immediately after disembarking. Eric also kept his promise and told Thaksin where he was in the library, but the captain’s whereabouts had already been secretly monitored. On the other side, Ding Kai couldn’t stop Laishan, so he got off the boat and ran away. Ding Kai checked at the front desk and learned that Sumi had disembarked and his mother was still on the boat.

Under He Cai’s vigorous publicity, the old people in the Tianyue group also followed her to the shopping street. Before leaving, Tianyue specially reminded them to consume rationally.

Drake went to the library to find the letter according to the directions stated in the email. On the other side, Ding Kai found her mother with a letter of resignation, saying that she did not want to work against her, but hoped that the communication between the two would respect each other. He loves this job, and her mother should not give the letter of resignation to the captain.

After Drake came out of the library, the taxi was nowhere to be found. Soon a van drove over, and the two kidnappers knocked Drake unconscious and took him away. This scene happened to be seen by Tianyue who was taking pictures, Tianyue hurriedly Let the bus driver pull her to chase the car, and she also called Ding Kai to tell him that the captain had been kidnapped. When Yu Wenli saw that her son answered the phone, she asked him to go home with her immediately after the trip. Ding Kai told her mother that after finishing the trip, she would find a chance to have a good talk with her.

The van turned into a place with a height limit and Tian Yue was lost. She immediately called Ding Kai for help. Ding Kai reported the incident to Olsen before leaving. After the kidnappers in the van and the masked trader met, the trader only wanted the letter to oppose them to kidnap the captain, but the kidnappers refused to give up after getting the money and pulled the captain away.

The Ocean broadcast instructed the senior crew to gather at the bridge for a meeting. Olsen told everyone about the captain’s kidnapping and arranged for Ding Kai to contact the Port Authority immediately. Wang Ziyang assisted Ding Kai and blocked the news to avoid unnecessary panic among tourists.

Ding Kai called Chen Anni to contact the port authority to help check the van information. Chen Anni just received the vehicle information and ran into the van head-on. She immediately borrowed the Port Authority Howard’s motorcycle to catch up and sent the location to Ding Kai. .

Ding Kai told the Ocean to send Anne’s shared location to the police as soon as possible. Mr. Tang was very worried after learning that Anne was chasing the culprits. Wang Ziyang asked to replace Annie, but Orson disagreed, saying that Ding Kai and the police had passed and it was unnecessary. For wasting resources, Mr. Grant was very annoyed and said that an investigation would be launched after the incident subsided.

Chen Anni fell over too fast, and her mobile phone could not communicate after being broken. When she caught up with the van, the culprit had dragged the captain into a small alley. Chen Anni used Howard’s walkie-talkie to contact Wang Ziyang. She had just told Wang Ziyang where she could see the North Star, so she was taken from behind The attack stunned.

After Wang Ziyang told Ding Kai of the content and time of the call with Annie, Wang Ziyang found Chen Anni’s location under Ding Kai’s guidance, and Ding Kai drove there immediately.

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