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Hello Mr. Gu 原来你是这样的顾先生 Episode 11 Recap

Gu Nanzhou’s slow mind was always kissing Zhou Jianqing, and he was worried that Zhou Jianqing used his toothbrush to brush the toilet and hurriedly hid the toothbrush. The next day, the atmosphere between Gu Nanzhou and Zhou Jianqing was weird. Zhou Jianqing suddenly happily said that his cartoon was selected as a high-quality work, very excited, but Gu Nanzhou threw away her hand and said that she shouldn’t do anything to herself. She kept social distancing, Zhou Jianqing was speechless.

Zhang Yin accidentally saw Zhou Jianqing’s account book, and was worried when she saw that she wanted to make a living on her own to pay back the money, thinking that Gu Nanzhou could not protect Zhou Jianqing. Gu Nanzhou found that Zhou Jianqing was very angry when he was eating snail noodles at home. He would throw it away when he picked up the takeaway. He also accused Zhou Jianqing of not wearing such short pants.

Zhou Jianqing, who missed snail noodles, had to go to Su Youxia’s house to eat. Su Youxia was a little unhappy because her mother always let her go on blind dates. Gu Nanzhou turned to Zhou Jianqing’s Weibo and found that she was a warm man who likes sunshine and humor, and angrily scolded Jiang Xiaochuan. Jiang Xiaochuan didn’t know why.

Zhang Yin and Zhou Jianqing were walking on the side of the road. Gu Nanzhou suddenly drove Zhou Jianqing to get in the car, saying that she needed her to carry a bag to go to the supermarket. Zhang Yin was very distressed and couldn’t speak. Gu Nanzhou asked Zhou Jianqing if Zhang Yin was interesting to her, Zhou Jianqing quickly explained that he thought Gu Nanzhou was violent at home. Zhou Jianqing took a mouthful and called Party A, and Gu Nanzhou was very upset. Gu Nanzhou bought a lot of snacks, Zhou Jianqing quickly thanked Party A’s father, Gu Nanzhou’s expression changed suddenly.

In the evening, Zhou Jianqing prepared dinner. Gu Nanzhou immediately felt a warm feeling, but he still asked her whether it was from Party B or another position. Zhou Jianqing promised that he would never mean anything other than Party A and Party B. Gu Nanzhou slammed Zhou Jianqing and asked her if she would be moved like this, getting closer and closer to Zhou Jianqing, Zhou Jianqing quickly put her head aside, and firmly stated that it was absolutely impossible. Zhou Jianqing didn’t understand what was going on with Gu Nanzhou today. He wouldn’t like her anymore, but Gu Nanzhou said a lot of her shortcomings and said it was absolutely impossible. Zhou Jianqing was too angry to eat.

Gu Nanzhou’s phone kept ringing, and people didn’t know where it was. Zhou Jianqing picked it up. It was Jiang Xiaochuan. Zhou Jianqing found out that he drank all the medicine on his bedside. Jiang Xiaochuan quickly asked her to find Gu Nanzhou. The medicine was sent to the hospital for gastric lavage. Zhou Jianqing worried that Gu Nanzhou fainted and went in the bathroom quickly. Unexpectedly, Gu Nanzhou was just taking a bath. Zhou Jianqing screamed and ran out quickly. Jiang Xiaochuan said that Gu Nanzhou has been under great pressure recently, and Zhou Jianqing is asking him to find a way to take him to a psychiatrist.

So Zhou Jianqing drove Gu Nanzhou to the heart clinic. Gu Nanzhou refused to get off the car. Zhou Jianqing dragged him out of the car and staged a bitter drama that caused crowds to watch. Gu Nanzhou became ill again. Zhou Jianqing quickly helped Gu Nanzhou stabilize and then pulled Gu Nanzhou into the car. The heart clinic. The psychiatrist told Gu Nanzhou that Zhou Jianqing cared about him very much and that he was lucky to have such a girlfriend by his side. The psychiatrist told Gu Nanzhou to close his eyes and follow his heart to the deepest place.

Gu Nanzhou returned to the Rubik’s Cube when he was a child, and the two brothers eager to pick up the Rubik’s Cube. Gu Nanzhou began to get excited. Zhou Jianqing outside the door saw that the situation was wrong and rushed in. Gu Nanzhou was excited and took Zhou Jianqing into his arms. It seemed that this was the only way to feel relieved. Before Zhou Jianqing could react, he was hugged even tighter.

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