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Hand in Hand 陪你一起长大 Episode 9 Recap

Lin Yunyun quickly confessed her mistake and said that she would cook dinner for Gu Jiawei. Gu Jiawei told Xinyue to listen to Lin Yunyun, and she loved her. He Jinghua went everywhere looking for the guidance books bought for Siyuan, but Jiang Bo took it to pad the pot. He Jinghua urged Jiang Bo to make Siyuan practice more frequently, but he didn’t expect to get angry when checking the textbook.

When the mother-in-law heard He Jinghua quarreling with her father, Jiang Bo kindly persuaded him that his father-in-law told him not to take care of his family affairs. Jiang Bo only had to go downstairs to buy popsicles, while sitting alone in the car to breathe. Zi Ning went home and saw Jiang Bo, knowing that the house was furious.

Lin Yunyun asked the teacher to write out the test papers for Xinyue to make up the test. The teacher said that it was impossible to write the test papers for her alone. Lin Yunyun was very angry and thought that Xinyue should not be demoted. At that time, Xinyue missed the exam because of illness, and she wanted to go to another institution. The teacher disagreed, thinking that Lin Yunyun could quit the class quickly. Lin Yunyun didn’t fight, and was speechless.

The kindergarten is over, and the parents complained that someone unconsciously brought the sick child to the school, and the whole class was quarantined. Lin Yunyun took the lead, and she and other parents believed that Shen Xiaoyan was deliberate, because Li Feifei was the first to suffer from hand-foot-mouth disease. Shen Xiaoyan felt aggrieved, but the parents of several family committees all besieged her and she could only apologize. Wake up really can’t see it, she stood up and said something to Shen Xiaoyan, Lin Yunyun was unhappy, thinking Wake up was aggressive.

Lin Yunyun went home to complain to Gu Jiawei, thinking that the agency did not give Xinyue a chance. Gu Jiawei thinks that Lin Yunyun is the mother of Niuwa. Let her go for more grinding. Lin Yunyun was unhappy, thinking that she had to reflect on her own.

Lin Yunyun came to the institution again and asked the teacher to help Xinyue make up the exam. The teacher said that she could do nothing. If Xinyue really has the strength, she can participate next time. Lin Yunyun was very angry. She just came to this institution when she came across Wake. She said without a word that awakened children could not go to such a school because she said something to Shen Xiaoyan when she was after school. Lin Yunyun was not satisfied with her waking up.

Shen Xiaoyan came to wake up and expressed gratitude for the day’s things. I heard that wake up was looking for a nanny, saying that she could wrap her up. Lin Yunyun called Gu Jiawei and heard that Gu Jiawei had arrived in the parking lot and deliberately pretended to be sick in front of him. Gu Jiawei feels a little bit painful, but can’t help much, Lin Yunyun asks Gu Jiawei to make up for Xinyue’s homework.

Gu Jiawei gave Crescent Moon a time to study. Crescent did not do a question, saying that the answer from the teacher of the educational institution was correct. Gu Jiawei was very angry when he heard that, thinking that the organization was lacking in quality and misleading the children, and said that he wanted to change to another organization.

When Su wakes up to send her children to school, Shen Xiaoyan introduces several aunts to Su Xing, and she happens to chat with other parents. Everyone is talking about children’s schooling in institutions. He Jinghua said that Zi Ning’s repetition class is completely inferior to ordinary schools, and Zi Ning exposed it after hearing it. Lin Yunyun gloated over the misfortune, and talked with other parents a lot, regaining her morals.

Boss Mo went to wake up to arrange work, so he couldn’t take Xi Wang to the class and called Xi Bin. After Shen Zihao heard it, he reminded him that training institutions for young and young students are in short supply now. Xi Bin brought Xi Wang to sign up for the trial class. Xi Bin didn’t know if Xi Wang could register. After all, this institution was very popular.

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