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Hand in Hand 陪你一起长大 Episode 8 Recap

Su wakes up to see that Boss Yan is very satisfied with the design, and chats with Xi Bin, thinking that parents have paid too much for their children’s education. Xi Bin told Su Xing that he had reported to Xi Wang a training organization from Uncle Zou’s remarks, and the time was 10 o’clock tomorrow morning. Su Xing and Xi Bin came to the mall with Xi Wang. Su Xing asked Xi Wang to take the initiative to answer questions.

They didn’t expect to get on the elevator and found that this training institution turned out to be an entertainment hall. Reawakening was surprised. She just wanted to learn English. The shopping guide introduced that this is a comprehensive learning paradise, specializing in cultivating children’s growth, and Xiwang couldn’t wait to run in. Wake up frowning, thinking it was a training institution.

Siyuan and Zi Ning were in the room. Hearing He Jinghua’s voice, Siyuan pretended to be sick, and became energetic as soon as he heard the cartoon. He Jinghua asked Siyuan to study quickly, thinking that both children must study at this stage. Zi Ning said that her dream was not to study, and Siyuan said that she did not want to go to kindergarten. He Jinghua continued to nag, Zi Ning didn’t want to hear anything, and together with Si Yuan, he got He Jinghua out of the room.

Wake up at home and feel depressed, Xi Bin knows that Wake is not happy, and wants to take Xi Wang to go to the Chong Chong club. Su Xing thought that the place was played by children under three years old, and would never listen to Uncle Zou’s advice in the future.

Li Feifei was uncomfortable sleeping in the middle of the night. He woke up and walked out of the room. Li Xiang played a game in the living room and saw Li Feifan say that he was uncomfortable, so he quickly gave him medicine. Wake up to Xiwang to check her homework, and a set of arithmetic questions, Xiwang did wrong again, and she became unhappy again, and she didn’t have the patience to criticize Xiwang. However, Xi Wang still couldn’t understand. Xi Bin saw that Xi Wang hurried over to defend Xi Wang and encouraged Xi Wang to be creative. Xiwang’s eyes are full of tears, and I feel aggrieved. I wake up and feel my head is big.

Xi Bin moved his awakening away from the room and played a game of chicken with Xi Wang, wanting to combine work and rest. After Wake saw it, let the two of them rest quickly, and Xiwang played somersaults again to stop Wake from getting angry. When he wakes up and leaves the room, Xi Bin leads Xi Wang to continue playing the game. Lin Yunyun checked the new moon homework and found that the arithmetic problem was wrong again, and Gu Jiawei saw it.

In front of the new moon, Gu Jiawei accused Lin Yunyun of always protecting the new moon, which caused the new moon’s learning to regress. Lin Yunyun said that she was wholeheartedly counseling Xinyue, and Xinyue hoped that Gu Jiawei would not accuse Lin Yunyun, and Gu Jiawei would cast his anger on Xinyue again.

He Jinghua went to the dessert shop to relax. He was angry with the two boys at home, and met Su Xing and Lin Yunyun. The three women were unhappy because of their children’s education and sat together to complain about their husband and children. He Jinghua thinks that both Wake and Lin Yunyun’s husband and children are great, and that his family is not good at all. Sooner or later, he feels that one day he will be mad into the hospital. Lin Yunyun also complained, thinking that Gu Jiawei was too demanding of the new moon. Wake up and sneer at nothing, and even her husband is also calm.

The three of them are complaining about their children’s education, and now training institutions don’t worry about the source of their students. Shen Xiaoyan also came to join in the fun, they were all wondering if Li Feihua made up lessons, but Li Feihua was sensible. At this moment, Xi Bin sent a message to the group of parents to wake up and go home quickly. Everyone laughed happily.

Wake up and return home, thinking that Xi Bin deliberately sent the news to the group of parents. Xi Bin looked innocent, and hugged her and kissed her in order to calm her awakening. Shen Xiaoyan returned home and saw that Li Feifei was soaked and had a high fever. She hurriedly questioned Li Xiang. Li Xiang thought she had taken medicine for the child. Shen Xiaoyan asked Li Xiang to take good care of her children at home, but Li Xiang said that she had an appointment and Shen Xiaoyan wanted to take leave of her children, but Li Feifei did not want to, and still wanted to go to kindergarten.

When he came to the kindergarten, Li Feifei’s mental performance was not very good, and a rash grew on his hands. Lin Yunyun saw at a glance that this was a hand-foot-mouth infection. At this time, many parents’ children showed symptoms of hand, foot and mouth disease, which made parents worried that they could not sleep. Lin Yunyun checked Xinyue’s homework.

Seeing that she had made so many wrong questions, she had to continue studying when she was sick. Gu Jiawei was happy to enter the door, but his face suddenly changed when he saw Xinyue’s wrong question, so Xinyue was not allowed to ask for leave and not to delay the course study. Lin Yunyun said that this would affect other children, and Gu Jiawei did not show her good face.

He Jinghua couldn’t find the counseling book he bought from Siyuan. He didn’t expect Jiang Bo to use it to lay the pot. He Jinghua was very angry and reported many counseling classes to Siyuan to no effect at all. Grandpa believes that it is unnecessary. If a child is not taught well, it means that there is a problem with the person who teaches. Jiang Bo kindly persuaded him, but his mother-in-law called him a flatterer.

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