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Hand in Hand 陪你一起长大 Episode 12 Recap

Lin Yunyun was a little anxious, thinking that Gu Jiawei should not blame herself, but should consider New Moon. Gu Jiawei wanted to stop all Lin Yunyun’s credit cards, thinking that she had discounted the bag she had finally queued up to buy, and accused her of being a petty citizen. Lin Yunyun burst into flames and suddenly burst out the resentment she had accumulated for many years, saying that every penny she spent was for this family, Gu Jiawei was so good-faced, too stingy, and always let herself act as Mrs. Kuo. Gu Jiawei was speechless and let Lin Yunyun get out. Lin Yunyun slammed the door without anything. Gu Jiawei said she had no quality.

Gu Jiawei only had to teach New Moon homework by himself. New Moon wanted to learn ancient poems, but Gu Jiawei didn’t know how to explain it. As a result, he flashed his waist. He could only support it because there was no help from Lin Yunyun. Lin Yunyun left home alone, drinking beer and was sad. She called her mother and wanted to go home for a day. Lin Yunyun felt that no one cared about her when she heard her mother playing mahjong. Her mother had to deal with her and told her not to quarrel with Gu Jiawei, whoever should let this make money.

Gu Jiawei was suffering from low back pain. He was lying on the sofa alone and couldn’t bear to call Lin Yunyun, but he couldn’t get through. Lin Yunyun returned to the door and saw that the phone did not have Gu Jiawei’s WeChat. She felt that he didn’t care about herself at all. Gu Jiawei opened the phone to find the location and found that Lin Yunyun was at the door of the house, pretending to be calm, and prepared a self-heating pot to wait for her. Lin Yunyun saw that Gu Jiawei had twisted her waist, she took the initiative to confess her mistake to Gu Jiawei, and even stepped up to the coax Gu Jiawei. Gu Jiawei told Lin Yunyun not to sell the things she gave her in the future, because they were carefully selected.

Shen Zihao sent a message to Gu Jiawei, saying that he had arranged it. Su Xing pretended to make coffee and asked Shen Zihao about the arrangement of the educational institution. Siyuan gave Zi Ning what she liked and asked her to take her to play drums. Zi Ning asked Si Yuan to keep it secret. He Jinghua was a little worried when he saw that Si Yuan was always taken out by Zi Ning, but he thought that he was a brother and sister after all. He Jinghua is more curious about Jiang Bo’s gossip about Lin Yunyun’s family affairs.

Wake up to the private maternity shop introduced by Gu Jiawei to check the situation and prepare to design soft furnishings, but the clerk was very anxious to open the business. Wake looked around and thought that the decoration materials were too bad, and recommended to do interior decoration testing before opening. He Jinghua told Su Xing about the dismissal of Lin Yunyun’s aunt, but she did not know anything about it.

Jiang Bo couldn’t find his makeup brush everywhere, and finally found that Siyuan had used it as a drum beater. Wake up to find the mobile phone from Xi Bin’s previous annual meeting, and want to give it to Aunt Yang’s daughter and ask her to be her own aunt. Lin Yunyun gave Aunt Yang the two-day salary. Aunt Yang revealed that she was going to wake up to be an aunt. Lin Yunyun deliberately said that she was very popular and was a high-end housekeeper.

Shen Zihao gave the decoration test report of the maternal and child store to Su Xing. Su Xing believed that it seemed to be a fake. Shen Zihao suggested that Shen Zihao go to the scene to check it. Otherwise, the excessive formaldehyde would be a hidden danger to parents and children who come in in the future. He hopes to put a formaldehyde test box. Observed. Shen Zihao was unhappy, saying that he followed up with the soft outfits of this maternal and child shop.

Wake up and receive a text message, Aunt Yang can’t come to their house anymore. Shen Xiaoyan delivered food to Su Xing and apologized to Aunt Yang who she helped to find, but she was upset. Awakening does not blame Shen Xiaoyan,

He Jinghua blamed Zi Ning, thinking she shouldn’t take Siyuan to the game hall, and refused to listen to Zi Ning’s explanation at all. Zi Ning was angry, thinking that He Jinghua didn’t understand what he and Siyuan wanted.

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