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Hand in Hand 陪你一起长大 Episode 10 Recap

Xi Bin accompanied Xi Wang to the trial class, let him listen to the class obediently, and wait for him outside. After Xi Bin went out, he asked the teacher of the institution whether his son could register. The teacher heard that Xi Wang was already in the kindergarten class and asked him to go home and wait for news. Xi Bin sent a message to Su Xing, reassuring her that she was delayed on the road due to traffic jams.

Xi Bin teaches Xiwang to ride a bicycle, and Xi Wang said that he did not want to go to an educational institution. Xi Bin told him to go there, so that he can wake up happy. He didn’t expect that Xiwang hit a pillar while riding a bike. Wake up and return home, and see that Xi Bin and Xi Wang are playing the role of a pirate captain, and Xi Wang is still injured. He had to vent his emotions when he woke up, thinking that he was like no husband, Xi Bin always tossed around with ridicule. Xi Bin was also very angry and couldn’t help but wake up with a roar, and the two were almost about to quarrel.

Jiang Bo coaxed He Jinghua to be happy, thinking that Zi Ning would definitely do the questions seriously, and one day he would be admitted to university. He Jinghua found that the drawer was opened. Fortunately, she didn’t lose anything. Jiang Bo personally helped her massage with essential oils.

Su Xing brought Xi Wang to kindergarten and told him not to let other children touch their injured eyes. Xi Bin gave the captain of the island props to Xi Wang, and he woke up and became angry again, thinking Xi Bin was too naive. Xi Bin said that he can take care of his siblings, and he can also do housework at home.

Xi Bin knew that Su Xing had always wanted to find an aunt, so that he could save trouble in bringing the children, and his colleagues volunteered to remind him to read the announcement in the group. Xi Bin saw that the company required employees to voluntarily cut salaries due to operational difficulties. Xi Bin didn’t understand, thinking that the company’s salary cut under the banner of overcoming the difficulties is unreasonable.

Shen Zihao introduced to Gu Jiawei the final design and decoration made by Jingce. Gu Jiawei said that he liked the design of awakening. He wanted to surprise awakening, but he did not give a chance to awaken. Gu Jiawei wanted to introduce Shen Zihao to private life, but he felt that it was hard to deal with waking up, so he had to deal with this matter in a low-key manner. Shen Zihao said that it was left to himself.

Shen Zihao returned to the company and strongly appreciated his wake-up strength. Boss Mo asked the two to cooperate sincerely. Shen Zihao thanked Su Xing for the gift she chose, because Gu Jiawei liked it very much and conveyed Gu Jiawei’s appreciation to Su Xing. Shen Zihao told Su Xing that Gu Jiawei had a private job.

Regarding the soft outfit design of the Maternal and Child Club, he hoped that Su Xing could participate. Wake up doesn’t care, doesn’t want to take any private work, if there is something for Boss Mo to talk to himself. Shen Zihao exchanged things about the educational institution with Xie, saying that he had a way to let Xi Wang in, and he readily agreed after he woke up and listened to it.

The kindergarten teacher taught the children to dance, and Siyuan directly hit Li Feifei’s face with his hand, and Li Feifei had a nosebleed. Li Feifei kept crying, and Jiang Bo didn’t know how to comfort him when he came to kindergarten. It was useless to take biscuits. Jiang Bo directly took out his assassin and showed his ability to make magic, just to make Li Feifei happy. Li Feifan took a fancy to the lipstick in Jiang Bo’s makeup box and said that his mother liked it. Jiang Bo gave Siyuan the lipstick and asked him to coax Li Feifean, and the two children shook hands and made peace.

Shen Xiaoyan came to the kindergarten and asked Teacher Zhang’s opinion. She was worried that Li Feifei was being bullied by others because she was honestly bullied. I hope that Teacher Zhang will bother. Teacher Zhang told Shen Xiaoyan not to worry too much. It was all fun among children.

Wake up to the kindergarten and saw that Xi Wang’s writing was not bad. Xi Wang said that Li Feihua taught him. Su Wang was surprised when he saw Li Feihua’s handwriting. He thought that such a small child could write so well. Xi Wang hopes to wake up and take Li Feifei to dinner, and the four of them come to eat the food stalls.

Li Feifei gave the lipstick to Shen Xiaoyan, and Shen Xiaoyan liked it very much. Su Xing mentioned her aunt again, and Shen Xiaoyan remembered that there was an aunt who was very suitable for her. This aunt was an elementary school teacher, and her children were all famous universities, and she could cook and pick up the children. I am very excited when I wake up, and now I want to meet my aunt,

Zi Ning returned home and heard that Jiang Bo was teaching Siyuan, Zi Ning was a little angry, thinking that He Jinghua’s way of education was wrong. He Jinghua asked Zi Ning to help take Siyuan out for a day.

Wake up and Xi Bin rock paper scissors, whoever loses will go to sleep with Xi Bin. Was very happy to wake up, and quickly told Xi Bin about this aunt. Xi Bin was worried that the price would be 8,000 yuan, so he had to shop around and find one.

Lin Yunyun also saw this aunt on her mobile phone and wanted to call her over to take care of New Moon. She hurriedly told Gu Jiawei to see that they made a delicious meal and delivered it to his company. Gu Jiawei saw through Lin Yunyun’s purpose.

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