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Good Every Day 明天我们好好过 Episode 6 Recap

Zhang Meng failed to walk the show and sat in the backstage for a long time. He did not leave and go home until the staff member came to give him an apology. After hearing Jiajia’s words, Shi Tao wanted to help He Daye find a good store to support He Daye’s opening of a store, so he ran home to cook for Shi’s mother, and wanted to rent out the shops they didn’t rent out to He Daye at a low price.

Mother Shi was very happy to see Shi Tao cooking her for the first time, so she immediately understood that Shi Tao had something to ask for, so she asked Shi Tao what she wanted to do while eating. Shi Tao talked about renting a shop. Mother Shi guessed right away that Shi Tao wanted to rent to a woman older than him. Because Shi Tao always liked women who were older than him, she was unwilling to rent this shop.

He Daye chooses clothes at home and wants to take her house back as a studio so that she doesn’t have to rent a shop, so she wants to find a suitable dress to meet the tenant. He Daye was choosing clothes while discussing with Liu Dan about opening a store. At this time, Luo Chang bought a dog courier and gave it to He Daye. He Daye knew that Luo Chang bought it, so he called Luo Chang. Ask clearly on the phone.

After He Daye made the phone call, Liu Dan asked He Daye about his ex-husband. She felt that He Daye’s ex-husband had been sending things to He Daye. There must be a big leaf in her heart to let He Daye remarry with her ex-husband. . He Daye told Liu Dan that it was impossible for them to remarry, which made Liu Dan very incomprehensible, because she knew the divorced Luo Chang and missed her ex-wife. She felt that He Daye’s ex-husband might also be the same. Introduce Luo Chang to He Daye, but He Daye refused.

After Luo Chang had finished the phone call with He Daye, he called Liu Dan and asked Liu Dan to visit the original store. Liu Dan asked to go home and change his clothes, asking Luo Chang to wait for her. When Luo Chang waited for Liu Dan, he waited until he fell asleep, so Liu Dan took his ugly photo and shouted robbery, which scared Luo Chang awake. After Luo Chang woke up, he sent Liu Dan back to change his clothes. After waiting for a long time, he finally went out with Liu Dan and went to the original store. He didn’t expect Liu Dan to go shopping endlessly and he was half tired.

For Zhang Meng’s robbed life again, Jiajia deliberately went to Zhang Meng, and gave Zhang Meng the compensation she had returned from the manufacturer. Jiajia took great care of Zhang Meng, and Zhang Meng had always felt guilty. He was embarrassed to accept the money Jiajia asked for him, but he was really tight, so he had to accept it first. Jiajia was afraid that Zhang Meng was too honest and didn’t ask the person who vomited the suit to get the money back, so she asked Zhang Meng specifically, only then did she know that the other party had lost a new one, and she was relieved to leave.

After He Daye was ready, when he was about to go to his house to negotiate with the tenant, he met Zhang Meng at the door of the house and sent Jiajia out. Hearing that they were talking about money, he mistakenly thought that Zhang Meng really relied on women for food. Even more unfavorable. He Daye knocked on the door and found that the tenant was Zhang Meng. In addition to the feast with Zhang Meng before, talking to Zhang Meng was particularly rude. She didn’t know that her rental contract was with Zhang Meng until she took out the contract to take back the house. They are all cheated by the intermediary.

He Daye went to the intermediary to inquire about it. She didn’t expect the intermediary to be closed. She wanted to call Luo Chang because the person who did the matter was Luo Chang, but Luo Chang didn’t answer the phone, which made her helpless. Can go back to discuss with Zhang Meng. Luo Chang agreed to Liu Dan to visit the original shop. He didn’t want to miss the appointment, nor did he want to keep pestering He Daye to make her feel uncomfortable, so he decided not to answer the phone and not go back. He Daye wanted to return Zhang Meng’s rent for one year, and was willing to make up for another four months’ rent. He only asked Zhang Meng to move out, but Zhang Meng couldn’t use the current rent after moving away. Such a good house, so I insisted not to move.

Zhang Meng refused to move, so He Daye wanted to stay at home, so Zhang Meng used the alarm to scare He Daye, which forced He Daye to wait at the door. Zhang Meng locked the door to pick up Zhang Yangyang regardless of He Daye, but didn’t want to face He Daye, so after coming back, he always wanted to take Zhang Yangyang to another place, but Zhang Yangyang refused to agree. He could only honestly confess that there was something at the door of the house. An aunt’s matter. Zhang Yangyang thought it was Zhang Meng’s new girlfriend, but Zhang Meng didn’t admit it. He could only listen and ask. When He Daye saw Zhang Yangyang, he asked Zhang Yangyang to tell her sister not to call her aunt.

When Luo Chang visited the original store, he saw a big red coat that He Daye wanted to buy for the wedding but didn’t buy it, so he wanted to buy it and give it to He Daye. The owner of the red coat saw that Luo Chang was particularly fond of him, and offered Luo Chang a price of two thousand six. Liu Dan was very familiar with the shops in this area. She directly bargained for six hundred, and the boss would take Luo Chang away if she didn’t agree. Luo Chang bought the dress.

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