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Good Every Day 明天我们好好过 Episode 5 Recap

He Daye’s parents attending a banquet with relatives were originally a happy event. Unexpectedly, his daughter suddenly called and reminded him of resignation. This made He’s mother a thunderbolt and then a cloudy day. How could mother He, who has always been good-looking, let others have the opportunity to make irresponsible remarks, so she performed a self-questioning and self-answering performance in front of everyone, and continued to maintain her daughter’s excellent image.

After drinking the wedding wine and returning home, Mrs. He couldn’t sit still. At first, he saw that He Daye had a successful career. She temporarily condoned her not to get married. But now she has no family and lost her job. Both are bleak. No matter what else, just outsiders. The gossip saliva is enough to squirt through his old face.

Mother He was worried that her daughter would not be able to marry until her forties, and it would be difficult to have children in the future, so she immediately called and urged her to find a man. Facing He’s mother’s aggressiveness, He Daye really didn’t know how to respond. Just as she was wondering how to calm her mother’s anger, she didn’t expect the other party to make a request first. Because of his mother’s words, He Daye, who was desperate, decided to start a company and plan to plan well.

Zhang Meng’s income is unstable and sometimes absent. Excluding daily expenses and utilities, he has little left. Although Zhang Meng refused to accept the money returned by Shu Ying, his life was so cruel that he had to use the money. By the way, he added He Daye’s WeChat and planned to transfer the two thousand dollars to He Daye.

It happened that He Daye was looking at the phone and passed Zhang Meng’s friend authentication. At this time, Luo Chang woke up in the room arguing about drinking. She put down the phone and went into the room to get sober soup. Before what happened, Luo Chang suddenly hugged He Daye in his arms, claiming that he had regretted it, making He Daye sad. Early the next morning, Luo Chang left a note and apologized for what he was drunk last night.

He Daye mentioned to Liu Dan and Shi Tao that he wanted to start a company, so they got their support. After repeated discussions, He Daye decided to open a wedding company and choose a good name. Since starting a company requires a large amount of money, He Daye decided to sell the previous wedding house. Liu Dan immediately expressed his opposition, so he took out 300,000 yuan to invest in He Daye’s company.

Although Liu Dan did it out of good intentions, there are risks in starting a company after all. He Daye does not want to hurt his girlfriends and simply refuses the other party to invest in shares. Shi Tao was worried about Daye Ventures’ lack of money, so he went to talk to Jiajia about it and asked her what she thought. Jiajia used her own experience as a lesson for the past and reminded Shi Tao not to lend money to He Daye to start a company, because in the early stage of the business, he would pay for any loss, which was a waste of water.

Seeing Shi Tao caring about He Daye so much, Jiajia couldn’t help gossip about the relationship between the two. Shi Tao talked about the first time He Daye met, thus explaining why he was so obsessed with each other. At the same time, Zhang Meng called and asked Jiajia about the cost of the show, but Jiajia advised him not to help. After all, the society is now different from before. Just talking about loyalty is useless, and I’m afraid it will be used by others.

Zhang Meng obeyed Jiajia’s advice and didn’t ask much. As a result, he turned around and saw Huang Dafang and others arguing, and even started on the spot. Originally, Zhang Meng wanted to help persuade him in the past, but he didn’t expect the organizer to dismiss him directly. This made Zhang Meng’s life difficult, which is equivalent to worsening the situation.

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